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Larian Studios is a Belgian video game developer based in Ghent, founded in 1996 by game designer Swen Vincke. It is best known for the Divinity series of Western RPGs. Larian have also developed educational games, such as KetnetKick for Ketnet in 2004.

The developer started out working on a game titled The Lady, The Mage and The Knight but couldn't find a publisher to back the project. Larian would then instead develop LED Wars, a strategy game, in the span of five months. The Lady, The Mage and The Knight would later become a collaboration with Attic Entertainment Software, but the game was ultimately canceled due to various issues between the teams.

In 2002, Larian would release Divine Divinity, an isometric Action RPG, kicking off the studio's biggest franchise. A sequel, Beyond Divinity, was released in 2004. Larian later began working on Divinity II: Ego Draconis, a completely 3D Action RPG, releasing in January 2010. An expansion, Flames of Vengeance, would follow a year later. In 2012, a Developer's Cut edition of the game was released, containing enhanced version of the game and its expansion along with a Developer's Mode akin to console commands.

The studio changed things up a bit with Divinity: Dragon Commander, a Genre-Busting Real-Time Strategy, released in 2013 and praised for its novel take on the genre. Larian would then turn to Kickstarter to partially fund their return to the RPG genre, Divinity: Original Sin, released in 2014 to positive reviews, with an enhanced edition a year later. A sequel following a similar process, Divinity: Original Sin II, would release in 2017 to even greater fanfare.

In 2019, Larian made history by convincing Wizards of the Coast to let them produce a new installment of the legendary Baldur's Gate series — almost two decades after its last mainline entry. To understand the significance of this, recall that since BioWare had wrapped up the Bhaalspawn saga, at least three developers have attempted to continue the seriesBlack Isle, Obsidian, and Beamdog — all of whom have either been involved with the original games, or are descended from studios that had. The fact that Wizards chose Larian, a formerly-obscure European dev, to carry on the legacy of the series that had defined the Silver Age of Western RPGs is a massive vote of confidence for the studio that they have had to earn.

For more information on Larian's troubled history, see GameSpot's report on how the Divinity series almost never happened.

Games developed under the Larian Studios logo:

Games developed under the Larian Education Games logo:

  • KetnetKick (2004)
  • Adventure Rock (2008)
  • KetnetKick2 (2008)
  • GulliLand (2009)