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Jo Walton (born December 1, 1964) is a Welsh fantasy and science fiction writer now living in Canada. Her novels include:

  • The King's Peace and The King's Name: Duology set in a fantasy world resembling Dark Age Britain, and featuring that world's equivalent of King Arthur.
  • The Prize in the Game: Another novel set in the same world.
  • Tooth and Claw: The novel Anthony Trollope might have written if he were a dragon. Winner of the World Fantasy Award in 2004.
  • The Small Change trilogy — Farthing, Ha'penny, Half a Crown: Detective novels set in an alternate history where World War II ended with Hitler still alive and in possession of most of continental Europe.
  • Among Others: 15-year-old Mori has recently lost her twin sister at hands of their mother, a powerful witch. She escapes into fiction and the dullness of her boarding school life, but the world of fairies and dangerous magic is always closer than is comfortable. Won the Nebula Award in 2011 and the Hugo Award in 2012.
  • My Real Children: A woman's life in two Alternate Timelines.

She has also written many short stories and poems.

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