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Hey! Jake and Josh is a podcasting network run by Jake Mason and Josh Nichols, two best friends from Austin, Texas. Starting with two core shows The Morphin' Grid and Pokemon World Tour, the duo have since expanded into many a podcast in order showcase a wide variety of their various hobbies and fandoms. The two have cultivated a dedicated fanbase thanks to both their seamless chemistry and their propensity for fan interaction, allowing the listeners to feel just as important to their shows as the hosts themselves.

Shows with their own pages:

Their other shows:

  • The Morphin' Grid: Their first show, a twice-a-week Power Rangers fan-cast where they pause the recording, watch an episode of Power Rangers, then recap and review it along with pointing out the inherent weirdness of the series. Can occasionally devolve into weird tangents and massive giggle-fits. It has its own twitter here.
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  • Pokemon World Tour: A Pokémon fan-cast with every episode focusing on a single city or part of a city in the Pokemon world, replicating the route that most player characters would take. They also feature Pokemon news, a spotlight Pokemon, and a name-rater segment where listeners can send in their Pokemon's nicknames. It has its own twitter here, which it shares with its sister show Pokemon World Tour United.
  • GaScast: Games and Sports: A podcast for Jake and Josh to talk about sports, wrestling, and game shows.
  • Kingdom Smarts: A Kingdom Hearts fan-cast of sorts. Shannon has half an hour every Tuesday to explain as much as she can about the Kingdom Hearts series to Jake, who has zero background knowledge on it at the beginning. It has its own twitter here, and also uses the hashtag #KHFree to keep Jake from seeing tweets that spoil anything about the series before he learns about it.
    • K-Pop Smarts: A spin-off exclusive to donors of the Kingdom Smarts patreon, where Jake and Shannon watch a K-Pop music video and try to figure out the plot and what kind of world it takes place in.

The duo also has a variety of associated acts thanks to their aforementioned fan interaction.


Dedicated listeners can donate to the shows' Patreon. There is a main a twitter here, and both Jake and Josh have their own as well. There is also a YouTube channel where they post character creation videos for their actual-play podcasts and occasional Let's Plays.

These two little idiots and their podcasts provide examples of:

  • Audience Participation: Almost every show has it to some degree.
    • Morphin' Grid, Pokemon World Tour, and Kingdom Smarts all have segments for reading listener emails (though for the latter those are usually saved until the end of each game to manage spoiler potential).
    • Pokemon World Tour also has the name-rater segment with viewer-submitted nicknames.
    • Pokemon World Tour United is the most noteworthy since all trial captains and gym leaders except for Blue are played by Patreon sponsors.
  • Catchphrase: By the end of the Kingdom Hearts II recap, Shannon's became "Stay Tuned!" whenever Jake asked a question that she couldn't answer.
  • Couch Gag:
    • In lieu of a regular sign-off phrase, Kingdom Smarts ends with Shannon saying "we still haven't ____ yet", with the blank spot foreshadowing what they'll get to next week.
    • During Time Force on Morphin' Grid, Jake replaced Apple Podcasts with a different fruit each episode. He ran out pretty quickly and had to resort to either googling, repeating himself, or using pretend fruits. In Wild Force he moved on to naming different types of apples.
  • Crossover: Kingdom Smarts had one with Got It Memorized?, another Kingdom Hearts recap podcast that started around the same time, for their Chain of Memories quiz.
  • Early Installment Weirdness: The first several episodes of Pokemon World Tour feature Jake giving recaps of anime episodes where the locations where featured; these were soon shortened, then made into separate episodes, then removed altogether. They also spent most of Kanto rating any nickname sent to them during Name Rater, before shifting to their current format of taking names for the previous episode's spotlight pokemon.
    • Fans of World Tour United who listen to old World Tour episodes may find it jarring to hear Jake make jokes about eating Pokemon while Josh is uncomfortable. One of the defining traits of their characters Rose and Cobalt is that the former is Poketarian and the latter is constantly trying to give people Tauros jerky.
  • Full-Name Ultimatum: In Kingdom Smarts episode 56, Jake is so thrown by Mickey revealing that Ansem the Wise and Ansem Seeker of Darkness are two different people that he sternly shouts "Michael!" at the mouse in exasperation.
  • Idiosyncratic Episode Naming: Every Turbo episode of The Morphin' Grid is titled "The *blank* Episode".
  • Insistent Terminology: In Kingdom Smarts Shannon refers to Li Shang exclusively as "bisexual icon Li Shang"; the one time she doesn't she backtracks to say it properly.
  • Lost Episode: Several early episodes of Morphin' Grid don't play on some podcast apps due to their age and the roundabout way their hosting was set up when the two began.
  • "Not Making This Up" Disclaimer: Shannon sometimes has to invoke this in Kingdom Smarts such as when villains turn into vehicles or someone being called "chicken-wuss".
  • Running Gag: A few.
    • Referring to the Apple Podcasts app as "Snapple Podcasts", or a different fruit entirely.
    • Pokemon World Tour has "the Kemps Test", in which the quality of a nickname is based on how good it sounds when you yell it at a Pokemon for doing something bad (eg, "Kemps! Get off the sofa!").
    • Jake rattling off the places people can listen to Morphin' Grid which includes Podbaby (a fake site that Jake nonetheless owns the domain for) and another fake site inspired by his and Josh' tangents before the episode. These also usually include a Take That! at the podcast Rabbits.
    • Josh once accidentally called Rocky from "Ticky", and now almost exclusively refers to him as "my boy Ticky". In a similar vein, Turbo is often referred to as Turbp due to a typo.
    • "Mama needs her coffee".
    • "Papa Haim hates kissing!"
    • "Muscle Butt Suit", named for Andros' Battlizer and kept for any and all power-up modes from then on.
  • Self-Deprecation: They refer to themselves as "us two little idiots" in Morphin' Grid. It's even in the show's e-mail.
  • Serious Business: The entire premise of Kingdom Smarts is that Jake doesn't know anything about the series other than what Shannon tells him. As such they don't suffer anyone trying to spoil him about things, with both encouraging the use of the #KHFree hashtag to keep Jake from seeing spoiler tweets and Shannon often screening certain Kingdom Hearts related things that come near them to ensure he remains unsullied.
  • Sign Off Catch Phrase: Several throughout their shows.
    • Morphin' Grid has "May the Power protect you!"
    • Both Pokemon podcasts have "Smell ya later!"
    • "This has been the Cool Kids Table, and you can sit with us."
  • Special Person, Normal Name: Jake and Josh both appreciate this trope, expressing delight in giving Pokemon normal human nicknames. They also give normal nicknames to all the mutants in Time Force instead of using their monster names.
    • Jake loses his mind when he finds out that the original name of Xaldin from Kingdom Hearts is Dilan, and refers to him as that almost exclusively from then on.

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