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Creator of parodies of Blizzard Entertainment games, active since 2012. Originally just Jonathan Burton making the StarCrafts series while in college, it has expended to a small group of people making cartoons for most Blizzard games. Currently, cartoons are published Saturday mornings 9almost alwys, occasionally a week is skipped or a weekday cartoon comes out).

The style of the parodies is pretty similar: Take a blizzard game, chibi-fy it a bunch, tweak the personalities of various characters and units in it, imagine those same units having their own simple little lives, then throw in a healthy serving of Hilarity Ensues, and you'll get an idea as to what this series is all about. The original series, StarCrafts, ran from 2012 to the end of 2019, parodying starcraft 2 and (for 1 series) Brood War. Later, WowCraft (World of Warcraft, Wowcraft 3 parodies Warcraft 3), Hurtstone (Hearthstone), Underwatched (Overwatch), HeroStorm (Heroes of the Storm), and DiabLoL (Diablo series) were added. Currently (mid 2021) StarCrafts is finished, as is Diablol 1, while Diablol 2, HeroStorm, and WowCraft are still active, while Hurtstone and Underwatched have a few episodes and may get more, but aren't being worked on much. He also occasionally dabbles with non-Blizzard games, such as Black Desert or The Legend of Zelda, and with the recent shifts in the MMORPG community, Final Fantasy XIV .


They have a Youtube page[1], a patreon[2], and a merchandise website[3]

Tropes usually found in their works:

  • Affectionate Parody: The purpose of the animations.
  • Ascended Meme: Various memes for the games in question often make it into the cartoons.
  • Artificial Stupidity: Games with anything AI controlled will see a parody of said control included. HeroStorm even includes a whole episode for the AI controlled lane minions.
  • Attack! Attack... Retreat! Retreat!: When units or characters are rolling over an enemy...than encounter something stronger, or a unit counter if in an RTS game.
  • Butt-Monkey: Many series have one, based partly on gameplay patterns, partly randomly.
    • Genji in Underwatched gets more drawn out deaths than others, trying and failing to stall with deflect.
    • Diablo, Ragnaros, and Illidan in Herostorm
    • The Warrior in Diablol 1, due to having to rely on melee in situations where ranged skills are better suited. The Druid often gets the short end in Diablol 2.
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  • Meaningful Name: Underwatched has by accident become one. There are a lot fewer episodes than the most produced series, so it gets less attention.
  • Signature Style: Beginning his episodes with two car horns ("Honk-honk!")
  • Take That!: Common community opinions on the games come into the cartoons somewhat often.
  • Violation of Common Sense: Taking an occurrence in game, and showing how absurd it would look like if directly experienced, is a common source of humor. Some examples from each series:
    • That mighty protoss ship, the void ray, can rip apart buildings and even destroy a cliff with its powerful beam attack. But one marine can take the damage until the beam runs out, and than shoot the void ray to pieces. This represents an (exaggerated) mix of the void ray's bonus to armored units and an activated ability that temporarily increases attack power on cooldown.
    • To draw cards in Hearthstone, the warlock stabs himself, smashes his fingers with a hammer, and puts a drill into his head, freaking out the priest. This represents the warlock's life tap hero ability, which sacrifices life to draw a card.
    • The respawns of quest enemies in Wowcraft is as strange to the characters in it as it would be if it "really" happened.
    • In HeroStorm, you can survive massive explosions by jumping a few feet in the air. Even better, using parry or deflect mechanics counters absolutely anything, including magic abilities and lava.
    • Monsters can do deadly amounts of damage, can follow you through dungeons, can make the main characters run in fear, but are stopped (shakes fist!) by stairs in the Diablol series. In diablo games, different floors use different maps, so monsters don't follow you from floor to floor.
    • Standing behind a light post protects a Roadhog from D. Va's explosion in Underwatched. This reflects the line of sight damage of that skill, where surprisingly small objects at points offered good protection.
  • Visual Pun: Used occasionally, with a game term shown literally being used/done by the characters.

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