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  • Danger Zone One has Madison Wynter, a bona fide loose cannon cop at the Pallad City Police Department. Her notoriety has earned her the nickname, "Maniac" Madison, along with the title of "Ice Queen of the PCPD." But, despite her reckless tactics, the Chief is hesitant to rein her in, due to her impressive track record and the undeniable results she achieves.
  • DOUBLE K parodies the trope to a ridiculous degree.
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  • Full Frontal Nerdity featured a tabletop RPG based on crime procedural shows where being able to act like this without having a case thrown out of court was a character feat.
  • McGillicutty in Machall hits pretty much every single Cowboy Cop trope in his three featured strips. Intentionally so; one of Ian's sketches of him had the filename "Clint".
  • Inverted in the Happy Jar strip The Scotsdale Case, which is about Good Cop, who respects Da Chief's judgement.
  • Nobody Scores! - Subverted here. Complete with a real horse. And a Turn in Your Badge.
  • PvP referred to this trope when Brent had a run-in with a bike cop.
  • In The Order of the Stick, in an act of desperation to get his story to go at least somewhat the way he wanted, Tarquin offers to hire a legion of adventurers that Roy could command, with Elan being the leader of his own squad. That way, Elan could still be a leader while being subordinate to Roy. Then Roy could say how Elan is a loose cannon who doesn't play by the rules before sending him off on his quests where the story would be about Elan from then on. Kind of a fantasy adventurer equivalent.
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  • Deconstructed in Sidekick Girl with Rhys Griffin/Shiver. He is a dangerous loose cannon with a laundry list of excessive force charges, and there have been accidental (and "Accidental") deaths connected to him. Making matters worse, he doesn't use these methods against the really dangerous villains- just mundane criminals. While paired with Val, he nearly kills the petty thief Harvey by totally freezing him over (had Val not broken the ice over his mouth, Harvey would have suffocated), although he could have easily stopped him just by freezing his hands and/or feet.
  • Visseria has Alchione: Has bad habits involving going off on her own to 'investigate' potential criminals, browbeating lesser scum to get any info she wants. Apparently this in of itself wouldn't be too much of a problem with the higher-ups, but she tends to use self-defense as an excuse to murder suspects. Ironically she gets the Da Chief treatment not from her actual chief, but from a higher-ranking bureaucrat.


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