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  • Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers: All of the Galaxy Rangers are to some extent or another. Zachary is more of a By-the-Book Cop in comparison to the other three (though he has his moments), while Gooseman is a Clint Eastwood Expy with all that implies (and can get away with in an animated series).
  • Detective Harvey Bullock of Batman: The Animated Series. He admits to frequently bending the rules, tends to rough suspects up during interrogations, and was once seen reading a crook his rights as follows:
    You have the right to remain silent. If you give up that right, you'll probably bore me to tears - so shut your trap, dog-breath.
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  • Parodied on Clone High, when Gandhi and George Washington Carver collaborate on a Salt and Pepper Buddy Cop Movie called Black And Tan. The gag is that Carver (a black guy) plays the role typically associated with the white cop, while Gandhi plays:
    Tandoori Jones, a typical East Indian cop who plays by his own rules... NONE!
  • C.O.P.S.: Sundown, aka Walker Calhoun.
  • Loose Cannon Cop that doesn't play by the rules, from The Fairly OddParents.
  • Fillmore!, the title character. In middle school.
  • Agent X in the Men in Black animated series.
  • The Simpsons
    • McGarnagle, the Show Within a Show is the perfect embodiment of this trope.
      Chief: You're off the case, McGarnagle!
      Mc Garnagle: You're off your case, Chief!
      Chief: What does that mean, exactly?
      Homer: (watching at home): It means he gets results, you stupid chief!
      Lisa: Dad, sit down.
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    • McBain is another one, when he isn't being either James Bond or a straight Arnold Schwarzenegger Expy.
      • Various clips of McBain on The Simpsons has been edited together to make one linear narrative here.
  • Mercilessly lampooned (of course) in South Park:
    Chief: One UPS vehicle valued at twenty-five thousand dollars, one civilian vehicle valued at sixteen thousand, the second floor of the post office AND a coffee shop valued at sixteen thousand! The mayor's gonna have my ass!
    Stan: Uh, sir, we just kinda got blind-sided by the-
    Chief: You got careless! Now, I don't know how they do things down at that dog-and-pony show they call the Fourth Grade, but here we have rules! Jesus, we don't have guys to question now, because you killed them all!


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