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The wind is so violent here. I hate it. Sometimes I feel like... it hates me.
Abel, Issue 1

Predictable. Normal. Boring. Most days in Farmington are like any day in any small town in the heartland, but Abel is used to it. He runs his paper route, tries to keep up with schoolwork, and aims to stay on the good side of a volatile single parent. One fateful day, however, Abel's ideas of normalcy, safety, and security are blown away as a storm levels Farmington just as quickly as it appears. What's more, the storm is chasing Abel — and it knows his name.

Middlewest is an adult Fantasy Comic Book series written by Skottie Young, illustrated by Jorge Corona, and published by Image Comics. The series follows Abel, a young boy living in a small town, and his ally, an unnamed fox, as he journeys across the farthest unknown reaches of the Middlewest. After his father infects him with the Heart of a Storm, Abel must seek help from several mystical people and creatures to find answers as to how to remove the Heart of a Storm from his body before it causes damage to those he's grown close to.


Middlewest has produced 16 issues so far, which have been compiled into two collections.

The covers of the first six issues were drawn by Mike Huddleston.

This comic provides examples of:

  • Atomic F-Bomb: In the first issue, eventually shouted by Abel, after Dale tells him that he was the reason his mother left. Made even cooler with the fact that the winds are picking up.
  • Classical Tongue: A language spoken only by Magdalena in issues five and six, and Homji Billo in issue nine. It appears to have a symbol-for-symbol translation.
    Homji Billo: *speaks in strange language*
    Abel: *whispered* Do you know what he's saying?
    Fox: *whispered* I think so. "You will need to ready your mind to see what needs seeing."
  • Elemental Shapeshifter: Anyone with the Heart of a Storm has the power to turn into a very destructive storm. Most of them are fueled by extreme anger or fear.
    Sheriff Fricky: That storm came out of nowhere. You and I have been around our fair share of them in the Middlewest, but this one... it was different. Something much worse than we've ever seen. As if it was, I don't know...
    Dale: ...Angry?
    Sheriff Fricky: Yes! It was the damnedest thing.
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  • Exactly What It Says on the Tin: Farmington, Abel's home town, as explained and lampshaded by Abel himself in issue 2:
    Abel: I've never been outside of Farmington. It's a small town in the center of the land. Lots of farms if you couldn't tell from the name.
  • Fantasy Americana
  • Patchwork Map: The Winter Woods is located through a tree line on the other side of a dead Ethol field. It has a very... obvious border.
  • She Is Not My Girlfriend: In issue six, Abel denies having feelings for Bobby.
    Magdalena: You and Bobby seem to be getting pretty close. You're not, you know, falling in—
    Abel: WHAT?! No! She's a girl friend! I mean I know she's a girl, but she's just my friend. She's a girl and my friend so...
    Magdalena: Ha, ha, ha. Slow down there, Abel. I'm just making sure you don't go breaking your own heart. You're not really her type.
  • The Nameless: Abel's fox companion. Possibly because his mother was just lazy.

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