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For those not in a gang.

Jet the Buizel

Nice Guy with style
Jet is a Pokémon who has been living on his own for quite a while and who gets involved in a myriad of events by virtue of meeting a particular Sneasel.


Known more commonly as the "Tongue of Arceus" and the second strongest Pokemon in the city, after Absol. Fights using Tongue Fu.
  • Lethal Joke Character: You wouldn't think something that fights by using its tongue as an appendage would kick so much ass.

Tatsu (Hydreigon)

Just Plain Awesome
A dragon who patrols the skies of The City. Unlike the others of his kind, Tatsu is a very calm-minded Pokemon and will look before leaping. He is very loyal to his justice and is self-sacrificing when there is injustice done to innocents.

Plug (Joltik)

A Joltik who is very fun-loving and rather innocent. He's 2 months old and is capable of surviving on his own. He is most often seen trying his best at whatever it is he does.

Eltenios the Arcanine♂

A Pokémon who dedicates himself to do errands, moving stuff from here to there, anywhere across The City so long as it means he has to run.

    Flame Gang 
For those characters in the Flame Gang.

    Surf Gang 

The Surf Gang

  • Fantastic Racism: Averted. There are no limits on typing or moveset when joining the Surf Gang.
  • Surfer Dude: The majority of members talk like this, due to the potential application process.
  • Undersea Base: The gang's HQ. Used to be a lab dedicated to various inhumane experiments. Now a giant housing facility/gym with a buffet table open on the weekends.

Sluggard the Slowbro

Double Sunshades? DEAL WITH IT
Leader of the Surf Gang by virtue of being the best surfer, despite not knowing the HM. Maintains the position because he can kick the ass of anyone in the gang and refuses to do so until they get too far out of line.

For those in the Surf Gang.


     Volt Gang 

Lux the Luxray

Leader of the Volt Gang.

Sparks the Pichu

Badass Cute
A rather uppity and happy Pichu, rather laidback about the world around him and curious. This all changes when the Volt gang comes knocking and he gets pulled into the gang, somehow becoming the future leader of the Electric-types.

Em the Emolga

     Fight Gang 


     Ghost Gang/Boo Brigade/Spook Squad 

Other Gangs?


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