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Roleplay / Wild Pokemon In The Big City

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A Play-by-Post Game started by the Librarian that you can follow here.

The story starts with four wild Pokemon living in a big city — Jet the Buizel, Fingers the Aipom, Sparks the Pichu, and Kori the Sneasel — meeting to escape from a gang of Poochyenas. Along the way, they meet a couple of creepy street merchants (Paul the Psyduck and Archie the Sableye), several gang leaders (Flint the Tepig, who later evolves into Pignite, Sluggard the Slowbro, and Laars the Larvitar), a paranoid Sandile (Croc), and an Arcanine with a mysterious gift for Flint (Eltenios). Then Jet, Fingers, Sparks, Kori, Croc, Archie, and Flint's gang get in a fight with a different gang made up of felines. Kori gets kidnapped by the Claw Gang, and everyone else tries to get her back, doing such things as finding an underground nightclub and entering a tournament to get information from a Porygon Z. Then the gang splits up, either joining gangs or going off to pursue new plot points. The Big Bad(s) have also been introduced, in the form of a group of Dragon-type Pokemon that want to conquer the city, led by a Dragonite.


At the risk of running into Loads and Loads of Characters, the signup is now CLOSED unless spots open up.

The following tropes are present in this roleplay:

  • Ascended Extra — Absol.
  • Break the Cutie: Kori's Mind Rape via Liepard.
  • Cats Are Mean — who are the "Claw Gang"? A Persian and a Liepard, among others.
  • Cross Counter — happens a sane amount of times, but still a lot. That most Pokémon in those fights have compatible body shapes (humanlike bipedal mostly) helps things.
    • Double Knockout — Intended to have happened to Sluggard and Lickitung, off-screen. Also happens between Striker and Hamlet at the end of their fight.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: Croc vs Makuhita, Jet vs Breloom for most of the fight, Sparks and Flint vs Lickitung, Absol vs Lickitung, Jet vs Absol.
  • Cuteness Proximity — Jet goes all the way with this when Plug first appears to him.
  • Failed Attempt at Drama: Gallade has done this twice now.
  • In-Series Nickname + Red Baron— Lickitung is "The Tongue of Arceus".
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  • Knowledge Broker — Paul the Psyduck trades on any sort of stuff, such as bad memories.
  • Loads and Loads of Characters: In addition to characters that only appear for a short time, there's a number of characters that haven't appeared in the story yet in the signups. Time will tell if they actually come into the story or not.
  • Make Me Wanna Shout — Absol uses Roar to finish Jet.
  • Mind Rape: Liepard does this to Kori.
  • New Powers as the Plot Demands — Deliberately invoked: Razor tells Liepard to use Dream Eater on Kori, which would normally not affect her due to her typing. We decide to let it happen anyway.
    • Liepard also has more than four moves, which is limit for all the other characters.
    • A few moves are used differently than they would be in the games, such as Absol using Roar as an attacking move
  • Psycho for Hire — Liepard.
  • Razor Wind — prominently used by Jet.
  • Running Gageveryone knows the location of "Casa del Jet", Jet's secret place.
    • During the Tournament Arc, random people being hit with Lickitung's tongue.
    • Every time Eltenios gets knocked unconscious, he thinks of bubble wrap.
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  • Smoke Shield — the outcome of Jet and Breloom's final attacks.
  • Tournament Arc — so that the characters can collect an important piece of information.
  • This Is Gonna Suck — pretty much everyone when Lickitung starts fighting outside the match cage.
  • The Chick—Sparks.


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