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Characters / The Bleeder

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All the characters in the Bleeder series. Expect Death Tropes, Gun tropes and badass tropes

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    Main Characters 

Jake Steel

The main star of this series. He is a former thief under the apprenticeship of Mongomtry, living a life

Black Crow


He is not the Grim Reaper. He is the Grim Reaper. A being that existed since the dawn of human civilization, Death has been there from the beginning. He is the embodiment of death itself, ruling and governing over the lives of the mortals living on Earth before guiding them to the Afterlife where they will go to Heaven or Hell. As time progress and the human civilization expanded, just one reaper will not do, so he manage to keep in charge of controlling multiple clones to deal with the millions of people dying everyday while the original


    Main Antagonists 

Chief Gordon Polenski

    Angels & Demons 

    Support/Other Characters 



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