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Characters / Ouroboros

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    Central Characters 

Ikuo Ryuzaki

The main character and the younger of the Twin Dragons. Ryuzaki elected to join the MPD while Danno joined the Yakuza.

Tatsuya Danno

The older of the Twin Dragons, a no nonsense member of the Yakuza and the duo’s eye in the criminal world.

Miduki Hibino

Ryuzaki’s long time partner in MPD
  • Hollywood Homely: she looks plain at worst, even when work gets in the way of her personal hygiene.
  • Missing Mom: her mother died while she was very young.
  • Parental Neglect: as a child the most she saw of her father was when he’d come home to change his clothes.
  • Smurfette Principle: In-Universe example, one of only three women in the first division of the MPD.
    • She’s also a Deconstruction as she is often looked down upon and suffers through several instances of sexual harassment from her male peers with few exeptions.
  • "Well Done, Daughter!" Girl: it’s been established that one of the reasons she joined the police force in the first place was so her workaholic father would finally, pay attention to her.

Golden Watch

An unidentified police officer who covered up Yuiko-sensei’s murder.
    Shinjuku Second Division 

Kaoru Mishima

Section Chief of the Second Division’s criminal affaires department.
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: on the outside he’s a jovial, laidback officer looking for someone to share a drink with, but he didn’t get to be a section chief on that alone.

Naotarou Kura

Second Division detective partnered with Kandori Kazuma.
    Shinjuku First Division 

Shinichi Chono

  • Hometown Hero: a few chapters focusing on him showed him being treated this way in his neighborhood.
  • Inspector Javert: something of a subversion, while he is determined to figure out the connection between Danno and Ryuzaki, he mostly treats it as a hobby and doesn’t drop everything he’s doing or neglect his other police duties to chase after either of them.
    Other Police 
    Other Criminals 

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