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A little character sheet for Wynter's Dangan Ronpa... parody? sequel? thing. There's actually no story to it, not yet anyway, and this mainly exists because she can't stop making up characters and needs some place to put them SINGLE TEAR

also tropes are helpful for characterization ideas and having this on tvtropes is like a billion times more convenient okok

everything is subject to change because miss creator here can't make up her mind


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     The Students 

Tsubasa Fukui

Super High-School Level Good Luck

Satoshi Aragaki

Super High-School Level Paramedic

Kagura Shirogane

Super High-School Level Bodyguard

Chizuru Yagami

Super High-School Level Veterinarian

Fuyuki Natsume

Super High-School Level Model

Mitsuki Amano

Super High-School Level Astronomer


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