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The cast of Four Walking Disasters is wide and varied, with many OC's, as well as some in-game characters receiving personality overhauls. SPOILER WARNING: The majority of spoilers will be left unmarked (anything inside the first five story arcs, and some key plot points.)

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The Disasters

    Hjarnagredda (A.K.A Hjar) 
A Breton woman looking for her family in Markarth. Things quickly turn chaotic when that 'family' turns out to be the Forsworn.

  • Armor Is Useless: Hjar suffers from this to an extent. Because of her ability to transform into a werewolf, any clothes she wears usually get shredded. Xander eventually enchants some for her that manage to stay in one piece after her transformations.

  • Blessed with Suck: Initially Hjar's werewolf affliction is a major hinderance. She has to transform every week and has limited control over the form itself. Averted later, as after some soul searching and receiving Hircine's ring, Hjar finds a new level of understanding with her inner wolf and this isn't a problem any more.

  • Conflicting Loyalty: An understatement. Hjar finds herself going through a full blown identity crisis when the Forsworn she came to find turn out to be far more malicious than she remembered, making loyalty to them difficult. Add that to her growing attraction to Margret, an Imperial spy, and she finds herself struggling on what choice to make in order to be a good person. She partially resolves the problem by killing Madanach, her own grandfather, as well as every other faction leader in Markarth within the span of one night.

  • Deal with the Devil: Hjar prayed to Hircine to fix her broken body so she could hunt better. He gave her lycanthropy. She also later deals with Molag Bal.

  • Glass Cannon: Hjar has Weakmarrow, a condition that causes her bones to break easily. While she is no slouch in a fight, she's liable to break her own bones or cause other injuries with her attacks. Thankfully, her werewolf form heals all the damage she's accumulated, but it won't fix her condition. Subverted later on when Xander teaches her some flesh spells to increase her durability.


An Orc from the camp of Mor Khazgur who is on a mission to kill the Jarl of Solitude. Said mission turns out to be more complicated than she expected.

  • Conflicting Loyalty: Dulurza finds herself torn between killing Elisif to complete her mission for her father, and her new found admiration and attraction for Elisif the Fair.

  • The Nicknamer: Gives one to Cassia Meteuse, "squishy", referencing her role as a mage compared to Dulurzas as a martial warrior.

  • Strong and Skilled: Dulurza is a skilled Orc warrior in peak physical condition, able to both outskill and outmuscle her opponents. In a straight up fight, it takes nothing short of a Dark Brotherhood assassin or someone with magical enhancements (Vampirism, a daedric artifact, etc.) to pressure her.

    Alexander Meteuse 

A young Imperial wanting to become a god. To achieve this he enters the College of Winterhold, albeit with the magicka capacity of an Orcish teenager.

  • Badass Normal: Skyrim is a land full of magic and monsters that only the bravest souls dare to venture. Enter Alexander, with stunted magicka reserves, unremarkable strength and barely any combat experience. However, with his bravery and genius mind (and a little help), he continuously takes on powerful foes and triumphs, such as a skeletal dragon in Labyrinthian, as well as Morokei the dragon priest. This later gets taken even further after exposure to the Staff of Magnus drains him of his ability to generate magicka at all, leaving him unable to cast spells under his own power ever again. This doesn't slow him down at all, thanks to the Staff of Magnus, and later, his ability to absorb magicka from his opponents spells, similar to a Breton's Dragonskin power. He can cast spells using absorbed magicka just fine.

  • Deadpan Snarker: Xander is an expert at sarcastic remarks, either directed towards himself or others.

  • Deal with the Devil: Xander's whole deal. He interacts with no less than four separate Daedric Princes (Azura, Meridia, Nocturnal and Sheogorath) throughout the course of the story, negotiating and bartering with them (except Sheogorath, for obvious reasons). He also becomes the Listener of the Night Mother.
    • He eventually becomes a 'conduit', able to channel the consciousness and power of a Daedric prince through himself. Shown off when he lets Azura temporarily take over his body, and the results are spectacular.

  • Heroic BSoD: Twice this happens to Xander.
    • After Ancano connects to the Eye of Magnus and Mirabelle discovers Xanders secret (his magicka reserves), Xander suffers a panic attack and falls out of a window into the Sea of Ghosts. Surviving using a Shout, he breaks down over his fears that all the College knows his secret, that Savos is dead and that he is the only one with the tools to save the world (with stunted magicka reserves and none of his usual equipment). L'laarzen helps snap him out of this.
    • After Julius reveals his plans of destroying Mundus and tries to poison his friends, Xander enters a depressed state after they escape from him. This one takes more time for him to snap out of.

  • Noodle Incident: Every time Alexanders childhood is brought up. "The Chicken Feathers Incident" is a recurring case.

  • The Mentor: Xander turns out to be a rather skilled teacher of magic. Within minutes he helps J'zargo improve his wards and he teaches Hjar entirely new spells within a couple of hours. He eventually takes over as the Arch-Mage of the College of Winterhold, becoming this for the next generation of college students. To his surprise, they all adore his teachings.

  • The Runaway: Xander fled his family manor in the middle of the night and went to Skyrim to try and get out of the shadow of his genius sibilings.

A Khajiit woman and one of the greatest hairdressers in Mundus. She starts plying her trade in Riften, but things quickly take a turn for the interesting.

  • Dark and Troubled Past: L’laarzen seems like an innocent person, one who just wants to live a quiet life as a hairdresser, but the truth is far more sinister. Forced to flee from Elsweyr to Morrowind at a young age, she was eventually recruited by the Morag Tong. She became an extremely skilled assassin, and addicted to killing. After an incident in a bar, she fled to Skyrim to escape her violent past, only for it to catch up to her later.

  • Deal with the Devil: L'laarzen enters into a contract with Nocturnal for the power of the Nightingales and to heal her broken body after Mercer Frey crippled her. However, not wanting to be tricked, L'laarzen had Xander negotiate with Nocturnal first, acting as a lawyer of sorts. As a result, she only needs to fulfil ten years of service in the Evergloam after her death, instead of the usual eternity.

  • O.O.C. Is Serious Business: L'laarzen is an extremely pleasant person, friendly, conversational and always with a smile. But when the smile drops, beware.

  • Third-Person Person: Like most Khajit, L’Laarzen speaks in third person, though she has switched into first on more than one occasion (often when it would make her sentence more dramatic).

The Meteuse Siblings

    Cassia Meteuse 
Alexander's younger sister, and youngest in the family overall. A brilliant, if young and impulsive, mage.
  • No Social Skills: To a lesser extent, given her age. Cassia's idea of introducing herself to the Jarl of Solitude was to shoot her with a spell before even saying hello in an attempt to exorcise the ghost possessing her and appear smug about it. Needless to say, Dulurza was not impressed.

    Octavia Meteuse 
Octavia is Alexanders older sister and a captain of the Penitus Occulatus. A social genius and cunning, if unscrupulous, schemer.

  • Complaining About Rescues They Don't Like: Octavia isn't happy that Dulurza chose to prioritise saving her over stopping the assassins that killed Commander Maro moments earlier. Her guilt over this persists.

    Julius Meteuse 
Julius is Xander's older brother, and is the oldest of the Meteuse siblings, and an Imperial ambassador to the Thalmor.

  • The Ace: And boy is he. Xander praises him as being great at everything he tries. He joined a fencing club to show support for Xander when they were younger and easily became a phenomenal swordsman. In terms of magic, while he is skilled at all the schools, he is primarily an Alteration master, brilliant at using the terrain around him as a weapon and throwing out lightning fast paralysis spells (and those are only a couple of his abilities).

  • Broken Pedestal: Julius Meteuse is charismatic, intelligent, powerful, everything his younger brother Alexander wants to be. But he becomes a broken pedestal for Xander after he reveals his true plans of destroying Mundus, as well as poisoning his friends.

  • Improvised Weapon: As an Alteration user, Julius is a master of this. He can reform the snow around him into icy spears, and he is able to turn a metal rod into an iron sword within seconds.


Other Characters

    The Dragonborn / Siegmund Thalvarth 
The prophecised hero destined to defeat Alduin. In this story, he's another big aspect of the world, but not an actual main character. He's still important though (obviously. He's the dragonborn).

  • The Ace: One of, if not THE most powerful people in Skyrim. After all, he is the Dragonborn and destined to fight the Nordic God of Destruction.

  • The Dreaded: For good reason. He's killed so many dragons that the remainder of the Dov fear he means to destroy them all for the sake of it. Odahviing even implies that he could destroy the world in a way similar to Alduin. Thankfully, DB proves them all wrong.