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Food Souls


     Master Attendant 
Our player character and the protagonist of Food Fantasy. They are a young Master Attendant who had recently opened up a restaurant and eventually made a contract with Rice.
  • Author Avatar: They are the player character, after all.
  • Chef of Iron: Not only are they good at cooking, they also provide support and had a contract with many Food Souls.
  • Featureless Protagonist: They have a characterization of their own but so far, had no physical appearance confirmed. They do have a selection of appearance that the players can choose as their avatar.
  • Magnetic Hero: Regardless of what kind of personality the Food Soul has, they are able to attract the attention of a variety of Food Souls from good ones, flighty ones, and even morally ambiguous ones.

Non-Player Characters

Ichi is a young teenager who has come all the way from Light Kingdom to delve into cooking. He has high hopes and is looking forward to becoming a Master Attendant one day! However, he sees things in black and white and can be very outspoken at times.
Affiliation: Skeleton Guild of Chefs, Squad 601
    Mithra Lachesis 
Granddaughter of Zoroastrian, the dean of Nevras Academy, she is deeply in love with science. Perhaps all her time spent studying has resulted in her inability to express emotions. That isn't to say she has no emotions; it's just... well.. she's terrible at expressing them.
Affiliation: Skeleton Guild of Chefs, Squad 601

    Hill Royce 
Hill is an individual that likes to be left alone. He lives in seclusion in the forest and rarely has contact with others. Preferring to keep to himself, he's rather unfriendly when it comes to encounters. Judging by his appearance, he seems to belong to the elves.
Affiliation: Skeleton Guild of Chefs, Squad 601; Elves

    Olivia Theodore 
Olivia belongs to the Skeleton Guild of Chefs. Those who know her well will say she is like an older sister with mesmerizing charm caring after people. However, to people she doesn’t like, she can be quite cold.
Olivia's personal Food Soul is Tiramisu. She's described as being always by her side, gentle and considerate in addition to being a good worker.
Affiliation: Skeleton Guild of Chefs, Squad 601

Patty is a mysterious and moody girl who lives in Palata. She doesn’t show much respect to others. You'll really have to try hard to earn her respect.


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