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"I'm hungry again... Let me just indulge a bit!"
Food Type: Dairy Product
Birthplace: Egypt
Birth Year: 2000 BC
Personality: Naive
Height: 157 cm
Type: Magic
Character Voice: Larissa Gallagher (English), Saori Hayami (Japanese)

Enthusiastic and kind, this ancient food soul comes off as very strange. She gets along well with others, often complimenting their own attributes. She often teases others, but is actually very self concious about what others think about her. Pizza is often the target of her teasing, but Cheese will get annoyed when he doesn't seen to fall for her pranks.


     Hawthorne Ball
"You can call me Hawthorn Ball! Oh! Whats that?!"

Food Type: Dessert
Birthplace: China
Birth Year: 12-13th Century
Personality: Naive
Height: 155 cm/5'1"
Type: Strength
Character Voice: Erica Mendez (English), Masumi Asano (Japanese)

One of the Food Souls given to the player at the beginning of the game.

A cute and innocent young girl, she looks at the world with awe and curiosity. She's full of questions for you to answer! Be careful though, once you answer her, she'll never stop asking!

"I love being here with everyone, they are my source of strength."

Food Type: Snacks
Birthplace: Unknown
Birth Year: 19th Century
Personality: Enthusiastic
Height: 147 cm/4'8"
Type: Support
Character Voice: Kat Cressida (English), Aoi Yuuki (Japanese)

A young girl with a lot of heart and vitality. Her sweet and beautiful singing voice can lift the spirits of even the saddest souls. She's also quite popular amongst everyone.

  • Cultural Translation: In the Japanese audio she refers to herself as Jelly despite her English name being Jello. This is probably because Americans think of fruit spreads and not the wobbly dessert when they hear the word "jelly".
  • Fashionable Asymmetry: Her socks. The left one is fully pink while the right one is yellow and green.
  • Idol Singer: She's not actually a celebrity, but her design and personality definitely take inspiration from this trope. Omurice, however, behaves himself like a stereotypical Idol fan for her.
  • Mismatched Eyes: Her left eye is yellow, and her right eye is green.
  • Nice Girl
  • Non-Standard Character Design: Downplayed, but her eyes are drawn in a more generically cutesy style than other characters, to make her cuter and more Idol-like.
  • Token Mini-Moe: Very short compared to almost all other characters and among the shortest and cutest characters in the whole game.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Grilled Corn.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: She has green hair.

"The simplest things are the best."

Food Type: Refreshments
Birthplace: China
Birth Year: 1st-2nd century
Personality: Optimistic
Height: 157 cm/5'2"
Type: Strength
Character Voice: Kira Buckland (English), Atsushi Abe (Japanese)

An optimistic young boy, working at the market all year round has allowed him to develop his own way of handling things. He can do business and get along well with others. He loves food, and except for when he is sleeping, there will always be something he can eat in his hand.

"How did you end up with such a perfect boy like me?"

Food Type: Snacks
Birthplace: North America
Birth Year: Unknown
Personality: Narcissist
Height: 165 cm/5'4"
Type: Magic
Character Voice: Lucien Dodge (English), Ryohei Kimura (Japanese)

An extreme narcissist, but he likes to keep a warm and educated appearance in front of girls. He doesn't like other guys, but likes to spend lots of time at the movie theater, though he often goes alone.

"Nuance and pragmatism are the only professional skills a broker needs."

Food Type: Desserts
Birthplace: England
Birth Year: 16th Century
Personality: Strict
Height: 167 cm/5'5"
Type: Magic
Character Voice: Max Reid (English), Chiharu Sawashiro (Japanese)

A solemn and suited-up young man. He is somewhat inflexible and likes to everything to be in order. He is rather cold to those around him, though is extremely attentive to Jello. He will always walk by her side, acting as her escort.

  • Cool Big Bro: Though a very serious one, he behaved this way towards the children at the orphanage and behaves this way still towards the younger Jello.
  • Emotionless Boy: aside from his affection towards children
  • Hidden Depths: Despite an initially cold demeanor, his bio reveals that he is actually quite caring, and has taken care of the children of an orphanage following his Attendants' death.
    • He also mentions to feel no inner life, as in he has never found anything he could passionately dedicate himself to.
  • Lennon Specs: Uses a pair of beige tinted ones.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Peanut Crisps.


Food Type: Staple Food
Birthplace: China
Birth Year: Before 5000 BC
Personality: Docile
Height: 142 cm
Type: Support
Character Voice: Ayana Taketatsu (Japanese)

Rice doesn't have any spirit power. Known as an "empty vessel", even talking is hard for her, so she spends her time in Master Attendant's kitchen doing odd jobs. But her obedient, good-natured personality makes her a favorite among Food Souls, so everyone looks after her.

"A little gambling is never an issue!"

Food Type: Fast Food
Birthplace: England
Birth Year: 18th Century
Personality: Bold
Height: 164 cm/5'4"
Type: Magic
Character Voice: Kat Cressida (English), Seira Ryū (Japanese)

One of the Food Souls given to the player at the beginning of the game.

Aside from playing cards, he doesn't care much about anything else. His most important items are his playing cards.

"You need to look for something inside yourself before you demand it from others, do you understand?"

Food Type: Refreshments
Birthplace: 1980s
Birth Year: 12-13th Century
Personality: Tenderhearted
Height: 176 cm/5'8"
Type: Strength
Character Voice: Cindy Robinson (English), Seira Ryū (Japanese)

Both inside and outside, the temperature is very hot. This is a woman who is never polite to anyone. Even though she has an impressive stature, she becomes angry if she is praised for it.

  • Bare Your Midriff
  • Color Motif: A bright red color, to showcase her fiery personality.
  • Improbable Weapon User: She uses skewers as weapons, and her 5 star skin also implies she fights with big peppers.
  • Jerkass: Openly unpleasant to the player. She complains at almost everything done by you.
  • Megane: Uses round glasses, which are hardly noticeable in her normal skin, but visible in her 5 Star skin.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Onion Fried Rice.

     Strawberry Daifuku
"Cherish what is good!"

Food Type: Desserts
Birthplace: Japan
Birth Year: Unknown
Personality: Naive
Height: 133 cm/4'4"
Type: Support
Character Voice: Stephanie Komure (English), Yuki Takada (Japanese)

A naive young girl with pure thoughts. It is as if she just came into this world, she’s excited about everything.

"Health is more important than money."
Food Type: Snacks
Birthplace: France
Birth Year: 15th Century
Personality: Mature
Height: 188 cm/6'2"
Type: Defense
Character Voice: Edward Bosco (English), Tomoaki Maeno (Japanese)

Toast is full of maturity and has a very high tolerance for others. People feel comfortable and safe around him. Often chased around by Sandwich asking to lend him some money. A very reliable person.



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