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"Whoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor."
He has proven himself as such.
  • Asgardians vs. Frost Giants in Norway. Frost Giants enter, freezing over a whole town. Then suddenly, the Asgardians beam down on Bifröst, and the two massive armies size each other up. Then they charge.
  • The fight sequence on Jotunheim:
    • Everyone has their own weapons: Thor has his famous hammer, Loki has daggers, Sif has a bladed staff, Fandral has a rapier, Hogun has a spiked mace and Volstagg has an axe.
    • Loki stands between a Frost Giant and a long fall. Loki has a scared look on his face as the giant charges towards him... only to pass right through him and fall to his death. Loki pokes his head out from behind a pillar, and turns off his illusion with a smirk.
    • Loki throwing his daggers with magical boosters so they fly very fast and with deadly accuracy.
    • Thor summoning a big lightning bolt and bringing it down on Jotunheim's ground, shattering it.
    • Thor hitting the enormous frost monster in the mouth and exiting through its skull is a moment that deserves a special mention.
    • Odin arriving on his eight-legged horse Sleipnir in the last nick of time to save his sons and their friends. Despite everything, the Jotuns have so much respect of him and Asgard that they immediately stop attacking when they see the Bifrost opening.
  • It's a quick moment, but take note of Heimdall's sword that opens the Bifrost; Heimdall needs to hoist it with both hands to place it in the lock. Upon everyone's return from Jotunheim, Odin only needs one hand to remove the sword and tosses it back to Heimdall like it's merely a twig.
  • Tearjerker it may have been, but Thor's banishment from Asgard was one of the most badass scenes in the entire first half. The fact that Thor, whose badass cred we've just witnessed firsthand, is utterly helpless before Anthony Hopkins as Odin lets you know just why we call him "Allfather."
  • Thor rampaging his way through the S.H.I.E.L.D. crash site to get to Mjölnir is awesome in and of itself. He goes through the fence, beats up some guys and steals a jacket. Then he goes inside and just beats the crap out of anyone who gets in his way and makes it to Mjölnir. Okay, one guy just beat the ever-loving crap out of a full squad of S.H.I.E.L.D. operatives. That's awesome, but he did it without killing anyone. Thor is a Blood Knight and a Boisterous Bruiser, but he's still The Hero. He just has a lesson to learn.
    Coulson: You made my men, some of the most highly trained professionals in the world, look like a bunch of minimum wage mall cops. That’s hurtful.
    • Some recognition to the large S.H.I.E.L.D. agent giving the millennia-old alien warrior prince his first real fight. During a cloudburst. In the mud.
  • Volstagg gets one in a deleted scene. After scenting food from at least a block away, he tracks it to two S.H.I.E.L.D. agents who are spying on Thor and the others, sneaks up behind them, knocks them out and steals the food in question as he goes. Pretty stealthy for a guy his size.
  • Sif and the Destroyer have a combined one. First, Sif jumps down and impales the Destroyer through its open face plate just as it's about to fry Volstagg. This is cool enough... but then, the Destroyer reverses its entire body so that it can pull itself up off the spear and take on Sif immediately. It literally rotates around the various grooves on its body.
    • Doubles as a CMOA for the digital artists working on that scene. Figuring out that kind of puzzle-box animation, and making it look badass, couldn't have been easy.
  • Thor, despite not having his powers and being unaware that he needs to prove himself worthy of holding Mjölnir once again, refuses to leave Sif & the Warriors Three to fight the Destroyer to their deaths whilst he flees with Jane. Hell, he even walks up to the damn thing to try and talk Loki down.
    • Also a Tearjerker with his speech to Loki. Thor's just so hurt and confused that his brother is doing this, and he seems to think that it's his fault.
    • At the same time; Jane, Selvig & Darcy's lack of hesitation in deciding that if Thor's staying, so are they.
    • Finally, when Thor proves himself worthy by practically sacrificing his life trying to protect the innocent from the Destroyer, Mjölnir suddenly launches from its embedding as you see it arc through the air to return to him, leaving both the Destroyer and his friends to behold in breathless wonder, the restoration of The God of Thunder, Mighty Thor!
    • And he absolutely curb-stomps the Destroyer.
    • This video sums it up quite nicely.
  • Heimdall breaking free from the ice and killing the two Frost Giants ready and waiting for him to break through the ice in half a second flat, while he has hypothermia that can only be dreamt about.
    Moviebob: And to everyone who pitched a fit about Idris Elba playing Heimdall every scene he's in may as well be subtitled "THAT'S WHY!"
    • Everyone is terrified of Heimdall's wrath. Loki freezes him. Heimdall got an inch away from Loki's neck, but Loki stopped him. Yes, he and Thor were both born to be kings.
  • Loki's best moment in the film: "And your death came by the son of Odin." His other schemes get pretty messed up, but luring the frost giant king into Asgard just to get him into a place where he can be killed is a truly magnificent use of his trickster skills, and you get the sense that's a genuinely sincere moment where he's trying to prove he's fighting for Asgard and his adopted family despite having just found out his heritage.
    • Realizing that Loki's "There's nothing you can do without defying Father" was not at all a slip of the tongue.
    • Loki freezes Heimdall, not even flinching as his sword inches closer to his neck.
  • Thor neutralizing Loki by putting the hammer on his chest. And then destroying the Bifröst.
  • Loki's final scene. He survived being flung into the depths of the universe and drifting through the closing remnants of the Bifröst, to land someplace and begin to investigate the Tesseract.
  • The ends credits sequence, which reveals the path from Earth to Asgard through Yggdrasil while Awesome Music plays.
    • When it comes to Visual Effects of Awesome and Scenery Porn department, how about the moment when we see Asgard for the first time? Absolutely breathtaking view of a highly advanced, shining city that's stationed not on a planet, but a freaking island floating in space!!
  • Frigga slicing The Dragon of Laufey, in half when they enter her husband's bedchamber.
  • Erik finally realizes he's dealing with a god. When Mjöllnir comes flying in, he knows what's going to happen, so he rushes in to get Jane to safety, because when gods are in play, mortals are cannon fodder.