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  • Vader's reaction to Boba Fett's only info on the Rebel pilot who destroyed the Death Star: Skywalker. The Dark Lord of the Sith's first response is eerie silence that causes the bounty hunter to leave his presence; then he flashes back to the events of Revenge of the Sith, reliving the moment of Padmé announcing her pregnancy and later the news of her death. He clenches his fist in fury as he puts the dots together, which causes the Star Destroyer window he's looking at to crack. Then later he demands an audience with the Emperor to reaffirm his loyalty and dedication to him and the Empire, all while holding back at his newfound anger and hatred for his master's deception as well as his resolve to overthrow him. Afterwards, he declares that he has a son and swears to claim both him and the galaxy for his own. The final shot reveals the window to be at near breaking point with the reflection of several Star Destroyers ready to receive Vader's orders.
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  • Briefly, for Inspector Thanoth, the Imperial officer assigned to watch Vader at the end of issue 8. He performs a Sherlock Scan on Vader, which could possibly lead to getting Vader in trouble with the Emperor, and shows he's not the least bit intimidated by him.
  • Vader strips the blasters from his downed TIE fighter and reassembles them a mile off as a turret gun, blasting the Rebel ship that finds him.
    • Vader Down overall is this for Vader, given the stakes against him in the story and the fact we know he makes it out alive.
  • Vader cuts through the guards of the King of Shu-Torun, survives several assassination attempts, and kills the whole royal family through trickery. He then crowns a new Puppet Queen for the planet and presents her with a chunk of Alderaan to remind her of who she serves.
  • Vader visits Palpatine in his office and dumps the remains of Commander Karbin on his floor.
  • Voidgazer destroys a rebellious ore-baron's facility by using her drones to destroy the cavern ceiling above, flooding it with lava.
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  • Vader, Aiolin, and Morit sink the Lava Leviathan, a warship meant to travel through lava.
  • Give it up for Inspector Thanoth, who provides a master-class example of how to Face Death with Dignity. Thanoth knows that Vader will kill him for knowing too much, but nonetheless tells Vader everything because he feels Vader needs to know that many in the Empire would prefer him over Palpatine as Emperor.
  • Issue 25 is this in the form of how Vader finally took down Cylo. Cylo kept boasting of his immortality, due to his near-infinite supply of clones in his base, which was built out of a cybernetically-augmented Space Whale. Vader uses the oldest Jedi trick in the book to make said space whale fly itself into the sun. With this, Vader forever cemented that the reputation he had in The Empire Strikes Back was earned. With this, we are reminded that Vader is a true Dark Lord of the Sith.


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