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The Mystery Man's Identity
He could be:
  • Half Rodian (no idea how that would work but that's what he looks like to me).
    • It's confirmed that part of his face is Rodian, although it's not clear how it got to be that way.
  • A Private Eye investigating the identity of the pilot who destroyed the Death Star.
  • Max von Sydow's character in The Force Awakens. Alternately, Adam Driver's character.
  • Jossed for all of them. He is Doctor Cylo-IV, who is in charge of searching for Vader's replacements on behalf of the Emperor and apparently spliced his own face with Rodian DNA and cybernetics. And he dies after Triple-Zero's Cold-Blooded Torture.
    • Possibly Un-Jossed, as Issue 5 reveals that Cylo is actually a clone. Cylo-IV dies, and Cylo-V is activated.

Cassio Tagge's eventual fate

We will see Vader kill Watto.
Either by his own hands or (more likely) ordering some storm-troopers to do it. Since he knows Luke is his son, there'd be no continuity problems with him doing it. It'd also serve both a Take That, Scrappy! to Watto and make sense for Vader (wouldn't you want to get back at your slave-owner if you were a vindictive bad guy?).

Luke, C-3PO and R2-D2 together will run into Darth Vader, Triple-Zero and BT-1, together.
C-3PO will not be amused by his sadistic counterpart, and a battle royale will take place.

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