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  • Vader's sheer badassery in Vader Down is simply staggering. Vader is left to believe that Luke is in a planet called Vrogas Vas. While it's technically true, the informant deliberatedly omitted that a huge rebel army is stationed there for the time being. So when Vader comes out from hyperspace, he finds dozens of X-Wings. What does Vader do? Run away? No, fight them. And completely wrecks them.
  • How they managed to take Vader down? Luke crashes his own X-Wing against him (which could pretty much be a CMOA for Luke). Then, when Vader is alone on Vrogas Vas, completely isolated from any Imperial forces, and with no way to ask for reinforcements, he's surrounded by literally hundreds of rebel soldiers and tanks, and is told to surrender due to being ridiculously outnumbered. Vader's response?
    Rebel Soldier: Lay down your weapons, you're surrounded!
    Darth Vader: All I am surrounded by is fear. And dead men.
    • Behold in all its glory. Might be the single most badass Vader moment to date.
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    • Seconds after saying that, Vader uses the Force to detonate the grenades of the rebel soldiers facing him. After that comes the part where he deflects tank blasts and generally turns things into a full blown Mook Horror Show for the rebel soldiers. They never had a chance.
  • Chewbacca ripping Triple Zero's right arm off and bludgeoning him with it.
    • Followed by Artoo getting back at his counterpart by blinding him, and casually rolling away while BT-1 fires wildly to no effect.
  • Later, when Luke, Han, Chewbacca and the droids get back to the Millennium Falcon, Aphra manages to corner them with micro-mines, and it looks like she finally has them on the ropes. Then Leia casually sneaks up on her and knocks her out with one punch.

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