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Both versions

  • Erik gets one at the start, when he sneaks up on Hanna gutting a deer and declares her dead. You really appreciate this later, as Hanna's badassitude starts to shine through.
  • Hanna is a glorious example of Little Miss Badass, as demonstrated by her escape from the underground facility in both versions. As badass as it is effortless. In the film version, the music by The Chemical Brothers only makes it better.

2011 Film
The knife-wielding skinhead is the least dangerous person in this shot.

  • The chase scene in the Container Maze. Includes:
    • Hanna freeing herself from the grip of Titch and Razor (the skinhead mooks) and Isaacs, and hopping between containers to ambush the mooks. For a moment, the hunters become the hunted.
    • Hanna's hand-to-hand fight with Titch She kicks his ass through and through and parries the few blows he tries to land. Had Razor not attracted Hanna's attention by threatening Sophie, Titch would be dead.
    • Hanna saving Sophie from Razor by parrying his knife attacks and turning the knife against him.
    • Hanna's long jump to get out of the Container Maze, putting a good distance between her and Isaacs.
  • Hanna being on guard all the time, even when fast asleep.
  • The Oner following Erik in a street of Berlin then in a deserted subway and concluding with him wiping the floor with about five trained opponents sent by Marissa. The music by The Chemical Brothers only heightens the awesome.
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  • Erik taking down Isaacs and Titch in spectacular fashion.
  • Hanna's improvised bow, especially the way she fires it at Marissa Wiegler, then the Coup de Grâce she delivers on Marissa with Marissa's own gun.

2019-20 Series

  • Hanna escaping from Jacobs and his gang in the French railroad station.
  • Erik escaping from the torture chamber in Berlin—while handcuffed.
  • Marissa gets one when she escapes from the two Mooks Sawyer detailed to execute her.
  • Hanna coming to Erik's rescue at the motel.
  • The climactic fight in the Utrax shooting range at the end of Season 1.
  • Hanna gets several in Season 2: blasting her way out of the pharmaceutical lab, infiltrating that same lab again the following morning, her performance in the tactical exercise at The Meadows, fighting off the ambush on the London Underground, and the hotel shootout.
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  • Marissa's Indy Ploy rescue of Hanna at the Belgian restaurant.
  • Clara ambushing Leo from the ceiling and following it up by tackling him into the pool. When Carmichael tries to shoot her, Clara uses Leo as a Human Shield. This is followed by Hanna shooting Grant through the head and Carmichael in the shoulder from the roof of the villa.


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