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Tear Jerker / Hanna

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Both Versions

  • Baby Hanna losing her mother in the flashback scene.
  • If you think about it, the whole story is depressing. It's basically about an innocent little girl who was forced into a life that she didn't want and loses everyone because of the selfishness of the adults in her life.

2011 Film

  • Hanna learning of her origins, branding herself a "freak" and realizing that she never wanted any of this. Even though it was his fault, you can see how remorseful and sad Erik feels.
    "You didn't prepare me for this."
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  • After Marissa shoots Erik, Hanna hears the shot and falls to her knees.
  • There's a quiet moment where Hanna encounters Mr. Grimm's corpse. Everyone in her world is gone.

2019-20 Series

  • Hanna loses her only real friend when Sophie dresses down Hanna for sleeping with Anton and tells her to leave.
  • Erik's death, and Hanna and Clara carrying out his final wish: to be buried next to Johanna.
  • Clara's distress upon reading the letter purportedly written by her birth mother:
    "Why didn't you want me?"
  • The death of Sandy's virtual little sister, and the "funeral" Hanna suggests they hold for her:
    "She's real to me. As real as anyone is to anyone. And now she's gone."
  • A subtle one when Hanna hears about the abuses at an Irish orphanage that Nicola wrote an investigative story about. Up to that moment, Hanna appeared to be embracing her role in Utrax as an assassin; the story reminded her of just how evil Utrax was for separating babies like her from their mothers.


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