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2011 Film

  • All of Hanna and Erik's awkward, sweet interactions in the beginning part of the film.
    • The haircut Hanna gives Erik as he prepares to go out into the world.
  • Hanna sobbing into the shoulder of Marissa's Body Double - then abruptly killing everyone in the interrogation room and running out the door in less than a minute. Marissa's stunned reaction is priceless.
  • When Hanna escapes from the facility at the beginning, she runs into a scientist in the locker room. When he sees her and her gun, he casually opens his locker and sits inside.
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  • When Hanna sits down for dinner with Sophie's family, she tells them her mother is dead.
    Sebastian: What did your mother die of, Hanna?
    Hanna: (deadpan) Three bullets.
    Sebastian: (Spit Take)
  • Lots of moments with Sophie.
    • When she first meets Hanna:
    Sophie (to her brother): I found her, she can't speak English, she's from Sri Lanka.
    Hanna: I'm from Germany.
    Sophie: ...oh.
    • Sophie really needs to brush up on her definition of lesbians.
    Sophie: Is "kraut" an ethnic slur? Like "queer" or "lesbo"? I think I'd quite like to be a lesbian, but not one of those fat ones, one of those supermodel-looking ones, but I think we'd only hold hands, and I'd probably marry a man.
    Hanna: What?
    • When Sophie convinces Hanna to go with the Spanish boys.
    Sophie: Wow, you're not hard to convince. Hoe.
    Hanna: Hoe?
    • There's a moment where Hanna and Sophie walk past Sophie's parents having loud, moaning, trailer-shaking sex. Sophie scoffs, commenting that they're "like rabbits", but Hanna, of course, doesn't get it.
  • Hanna tries kissing boys. She doesn't like it very much.
    "Please! Tell your friend! I just wanted a keeess!"
    • Hanna asks Sophie if she should let him go, and she says, "as opposed to what? Yes, you should let him go!"
  • During Sophie and her family's breakfast in the camping, Hanna arrives and puts a pair of freshly skinned rabbits on the table.
    Hanna (proudly): I found breakfast.
    Sophie: That's gross.

2019-20 Series

  • Hanna discovering her favorite food on the ferry from Morocco.
    Hanna: Look how many Snickers bars. It's duty free!
    Sophie: I don't... you still have to pay for those.
  • Her first awkward attempt at kissing.
  • "I'm showing my figure."
  • The scene in the camper van with Sophie, Dan, and Anton singing along to "Shock Out" by Miss Red.
  • Hanna trying to get Cocoa Puffs out of the cereal dispenser in the London hotel.
  • Hanna asks Marissa if she can change the radio stationnote .
    Hanna: Can I change it?
    Marissa: Oh. You don't like it?
    Hanna: Do you?
    Marissa: Maybe it's not meant for you.
    Hanna: Who is it meant for?
    Marissa: Older people.
    Hanna: Like you?
    Marissa: Like me.
    Hanna: I think you look good for your age.
    Marissa: Depends on how old you think I am.
    Hanna: Old enough to look good for your age.
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  • Leo "catches" the girls having an illicit after-curfew drinking party and congratulates Sandy and Jules on their ingenuity in obtaining the booze.
  • Hanna being handed a laser-tag weapon at the tactical training area:
    Instructor: First time on maneuvers? Pull to reload, hold to fire.
    Hanna: I know.
    Instructor: You've used one of these before?
    Hanna: I've used a real one.
  • Sandy running into one of the gaps in her socialization in Barcelona:
    Ray: Did your parents really like Grease or something?
    Sandy: Uh, no. Th-they holiday in Cali every year.
    Kat: Oh, no, no, no, no... he meant the film.
    Sandy: Oh... why?
    Kat: Your name, blonde hair, high pony?


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