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aka: Dune 2020

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  • The sheer scale and visuals of the film - massive docking ports on Arrakis when House Atreides arrives on the planet, massed armies of soldiers in perfect formation, and Shai-Hulud in all of its immense glory. They definitely got the grandeur of the setting down pat.
  • The visual design of the Holtzman shields, coupled with the intensity of high speed close quarters short blade combat.
  • Doubles as Nightmare Fuel, but the Harkonnen army demolishing the Atreides forces with the Sardaukar is pretty damn badass.
    • The battle itself shows why the Harkonnens needed the Sardaukar's help, as the Atreides soldiers are shown to be more than capable of outmatching the Harkonnens in one-on-one combat, with small groups of Atreides household troops making mincemeat of larger groups of Harkonnens until outmatched in turn by the Imperial troops.
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    • When Harkonnen dropships begin disembarking troops on the airfield, the Atreides troops charge right at them, with the score changing to the Atreides' bagpipe-heavy theme.
  • Leto's death is also adapted in a more dramatic way: in the books, the Baron escaped from the poison gas unscathed, but in the movie, the Baron is trapped in the room and exposed to the poison, and ends the movie healing in a bizarre oil-bath. Leto's dying words are also of note: he says, "Here I am, here I remain", the declaration he made in the novel upon planting his flag on Arrakis, showing that even when facing certain death, he remains courageous and resolute.
  • Duncan (having been stabbed through the heart by the Sardaukar) manages to pull the sword out of his chest and slaughter a few more enemy soldiers before finally going down, buying Paul, Jessica and Liet-Kynesthe time needed to survive. Likewise, Liet-Kynes' death is changed to a dramatic Taking You with Me moment—even though she is mortally wounded, she still strikes the ground to create vibrations and attract a sandworm, which swallows her and the nearby Harkonnens/Sardaukar, a reminder of how Arrakis is ultimately the most powerful foe in this conflict.
    Kynes: I only serve one master. His name is Shai-Hulud.
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  • Paul's response to flying through a dust storm powerful enough to shred metal is an ingenious one: instead of fighting the storm, he allows the craft to be buffeted by the wind until it's carried to a higher dust-free zone, showing that he is beginning to adapt to the desert power of Arrakis.
  • After making their way into the desert, Jessica and Paul get surrounded by a group of Fremen warriors. Stilgar says that Paul is young enough to learn their ways, but Jessica is too old, so she has to die. Jessica whips his ass and afterwards the only Fremen who dares to even say anything bad about her is Jamis, a man with very poor impulsive control.
  • Paul sees visions where he loses to a Fremen warrior. Eventually he faces this warrior in combat, with Chani and Stilgar comforting him with the assurance of a swift, honorable and painless death. Paul proceeds to hand the warrior his ass three times, even while hesitating because he had no experience killing someone before.
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  • Right when the film ends, when he walks along with the Fremen and his mother after being accepted among them, Paul sees a Fremen riding a smaller worm. Then Chani tells him "It's just the beginning."

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