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    The Pinkie Conundrum 
  • Pinkie beating The Doctor in a game of chess.
  • Pinkie calling The Doctor out for basing his opinion of Ponyville on a few small things, and not seeing it for all it's worth. When she mentions a few things like Sweet Apple Acres and Rainbow Dash's Cloud House, he is understandably impressed.
  • Which of the Mane 6 is the first to completely agree to travel with The Doctor? Fluttershy, because she knows The Doctor needs someone with him. Doubles as a Heartwarming Moment.

    Game of Stones 

     Along Came A Spider 
  • Applebloom carries Zecora back to Ponyville on her own, saving her from the Roc at first.
  • One goes to the Weather Management, in that Equestria hasn't had a drought in so long that Fluttershy doesn't even know what a drought is.
  • The Doctor defends the Zebra's religious beliefs by poking holes in Twilight's.
  • The Doctor survives enough tranqs to knock out a dragon.
  • The Doctor's utter dismissal of The Prophet and his escape.
  • Twilight is actually able to keep up with The Doctor at this point, very quickly explaining why Fluttershy's plan to leave and come back won't work.
  • Filly!Zecora finishes the cure on her own and becomes the first Zebra to get a cutie mark.
  • Twilight saving The Doctor and Zilaka from being executed a la Demon's Run. Of course, fans of Doctor Who remember that that didn't end well. It doesn't go much better here.
  • Fluttershy overcoming her fear yet again to try and save the others. It didn't pan out, but it's the thought that counts.
  • The Doctor gives The Summation about who Anasi is, how he's going to beat her, and the sprinkles on the awesome sundae is that just before that, there's a link to "I Am The Doctor".
  • Twilight saves everyone by casting a huge amount of magic despite having been gelded.
  • Fluttershy saves Zecora and gets the Roc to turn tail and run via The Stare.
    • Actually, given that the Roc ignores her and flies away once Zecora is no longer on death's door, it's more likely that the Roc simply stopped and left because it wasn't needed anymore. Considering that the Roc is a gigantic bird of prey that drains the life out of anything it touches, it was still damned awesome for Fluttershy to throw herself in its way, though.

     A Hearth's Warming Tale 


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