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    The Pinkie Conundrum 

    Game of Stones 
  • Applebloom commenting that she knows about "Back-Shelf Cider".
  • After The Doctor fixes Rarity's clock he finds out he put a Little Red Button on it. He doesn't know what it does, but is smart enough to know he shouldn't push it.
  • The Costume-Test Montage that Rarity puts The Doctor through is full of these.
  • Rarity's commentary on the Sonic Screwdriver.
    Rarity: "What's a screw...? And why would you drive it?"
  • The implication that the Apples have Prench ancestors.
  • The girls finding out that the no nudity taboo no longer applies in Roan. They're understandably embarrassed.
  • Rainbow shouts at the rain, until she realizes that this was before Pegasi learned how to manipulate weather.
  • Twilight's lack of subtlety about her Female Gaze at Leonard.
  • The Doctor and Rainbow disguise themselves as high society types to investigate Graphis. They treat it with about as much dignity as you would think.
  • Leonard's landlady is surprised at Twilight's prescence in Leonard's workshop. She had assumed he was a Colt Cuddler.
  • The Doctor tries to explain what a telephone is to Twilight and Leonard, until he realizes they're both smart enough to build one.
  • The Doctor tries to figure out why ponies are being Taken for Granite scientifically, only for Leonard and Twilight to default to it being a mythical animal.
  • The Doctor requests that Oreo name his daughter Milk Ann. He doesn't get it.
  • Marr doesn't know what money is.
  • The Doctor literally patches Marr up with concrete.
  • The revelation that Leonard is a blank flank. Take that, Diamond Tiara.
  • A statue of Graphis is now forever in the shadow of a statue of Leonard. Quickly crosses into Fridge Horror, though.

     Along Came A Spider 

     A Hearth's Warming Tale 
  • The new CMC trying to sneak around while reciting part of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas.
  • Luna ad libbing "Before the reign of Celestia... and myself" to the traditional Hearth's Warming Tale.
  • Daring asks Luna to tell them a story about Nightmare Moon, before she remembers who she's talking to.
  • The CMC keep interupting Luna's story to ask clarifying questions.
  • After being afflicted by humbugs Mayor Mare closes her office for "Administrative Tanning".
  • The Doctor's running gag of forgetting Scootaloo's name.
    • She tries to do this to him deliberately. Unfortunately his name isn't really "Clockwork".
  • Spike mentions that The Doctor deliberately avoided meeting Twilight's mother. He didn't want to have a repeat of Jackie Tyler.
  • The Doctor's psychic paper lists Gallifrey as Gallopfrey.
  • Gus's private insect collection has a series of scientific names in very fake Latin.
  • Cream's idea of what a plot device is.
  • The Doctor makes a device to detect merriment out of his Timey-Wimey Detector.


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