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Unmarked spoilers below.

  • In a flashback, Leonidas is the last Spartan left alive at Thermopylae, filled with arrows and fallen to his knees. A Persian warrior comes over to finish him off with a sword to the gut. After and despite being ran through, he musters up one last defiant ounce of strength, stands back up... and shanks the Persian warrior in the flank with his broken-off Spear. Spartans Do Not Go Gentle.
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  • The Back-to-Back Badasses cutscene with Brasides in the Monger's warehouse, especially as the doors have been closed, they're surrounded by goons, and the whole place is burning down. The way the two of them fight effortlessly and gracefully together despite having just met is impressive, and it's all topped with them casually strolling out side-by-side to meet the reinforcements.
  • Just as in Black Flag, the Eagle Bearer can jump off their ship, swim over to an enemy ship, infiltrate it, and kill everyone on board instead of going over a lengthy naval battle. And since the game doesn't desynchronize after doing so, it is highly likely that the Eagle Bearer did this at some point.
  • Some of the abilities the Eagle Bearer can perform are outstanding; the 'Hero Strike' lets you use the Spear of Leonidas in combat for a Critical Strike using Assassin Damage, The 'Spartan Kick' which can be used in conjunction with gravity to instakill opponents (by kicking them off of high cliff edges and ledges), and most impressively the 'Overpower Shot' which is less an arrow and more a rocket!
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  • Combined with Heartwarming, convincing Roxana not to duel you to the death in the Battle of 100 Hands. The two of you proceed to go Back-to-Back Badasses on the cult, and she can even join you on your ship for further adventures. Furthermore, she reappears in a later cutscene, should you ask Barnabas to go easy on his nephew Neleus while at Thasos. The Eagle Bearer can opt to have sex again with her at the end.
  • At the game's end, Layla meets the Eagle Bearer in their immortal glory, as the Eagle Bearer gives up their life, content that they did a good job safeguarding Atlantis. It's even better than Ezio meeting Altair's remains, as the Eagle Bearer passes on in their prime.
  • At the climax of chapter two of Legacy of the First Blade, taking on the Tempest's little fleet with the Adrestia. Now with added flamethrower. Extra points for being a weapon the Order had wanted, which the Eagle Bearer steals and installs on their own ship.
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  • At the end of Fate of Atlantis, you finally get a chance to fight Otso Berg as Layla. He's a black-ops operative in Abstergo's top of the line stealth gear. She's an angry woman with an immortality inducing magic spear. Layla kicks his ass.

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