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Awesome / Assassin's Creed Origins

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  • In the Cinematic Trailer when Bayek is knocked to the ground by a mace-wielding soldier, he kills him by shooting them in the throat with an arrow he fires from his bow using his feet.
  • Killing the Crocodile, after what she's done.
  • Aya laying down the end to the Jackal, and that he's not going to be rewarded for his actions, but have nothing but oblivion awaiting his evil. "Apep devour your fettered Heart!"
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  • Three scenes, all scored to Ezio's Theme that establish the birth of the Assassin Brotherhood, with Bayek and Aya laying down the Creed and pledging to fight for the freedom of the downtrodden. If you've been playing these games for a while, it's quite affecting.

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