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     Pre-Release WM Gs 

The greater choice system is in-universe as well as out
Reflecting the Easter Egg in Origins that stated Layla might be able to change the past using the Animus, the various choices the player makes, from mundane ones like which person got the spear to major changes like the outcome of the Peloponnesian War is Layla working on that tech. It's not a single narrative because Layla is literally rewriting history as she goes.

Artemis and Apollo are Isu
Just as Athena and Hera were the basis for Minerva and Juno, we'd of course find out that Apollo and Artemis were also part of the First Civilization, the Isu, with Artemis going under her Roman name Diana.

The Greek gods will be weekly boss fights
Just like in Origins where it cycles between which gods you fight in the week, it would do the same for this game, and it would require needing to be at maximum level to do it. Considering Poseidon's name gets thrown around, his battle would be done at sea.

The combat tutorial will be the Battle of Thermopylae
Since the main character is a descendant of King Leonidas, it would be fitting if this is how the game teaches you combat.
  • The combat tutorial is you playing as Leonidas in Thermopylae.

There will be shoutouts to 300
As stated above with the Battle of Thermopylae, of course there's likely to be shoutouts to the movie, if not the comics as well.
  • Confirmed. One Warrior tree ability is the Spartan Kick, which is particularly effective when sending foes off boats into the shark-infested sea, or down long, steep drops to the unforgiving ground several stories below.
    • There's probably an achievement for using the Spartan Kick on 300 soldiers.
      • No, there isn't.

There will be Assassins in the game
Tying into the above WMG about history changing, Layla's actions in some possible storylines will lead to the order being established 400 years early.

The Spear of Leonidas will turn out to also be the Spear of Longinus.
It would be a good 400+ years too early for Jesus's time, but it would definitely be one reason everyone from Abstergo and the Assassins are trying to find it, and not just cause it's a Piece of Eden.

The Ancient Greek Assassins' "patron god" is Leto
Similar to how Bayek and the Siwan Assassins were so closely associated with Amun, these new Greek Assassins will be associated with the Titaness Leto. Why? Because one possible etymology for Leto's name is "the hidden one"!

The game will feature Darius killing Xerxes, after inventing the Hidden Blade
Simlarly to how Aya/Amunet was seen killing Caesar alongside Brutus at the end of Origins. Though the game primarily takes place 30 years later, that scene could be the prologue, or could be visited at some point in the middle, similar to the above theory about a Battle of Thermopylae tutorial.

The Player Character is a Templar.
We had Origin for the Assassins, so it stands to reason that we would get a Templar Origin as well. Furthermore, The Protagonist of this game can kill bystanders. In previous games, only Shay Patrick Cormac was allowed to do that, and he was a Templar.
  • Or while not starting as a proto-Templar/initiate of the Cult of Kosmos, given the game's emphasis on player choice and Grey and Grey Morality, they WILL be able to join the Cult instead of hunting them.

Kassandra/Alexios is a genetic chimera.
A genetic chimera is an single organism with multiple distinct genotypes. They can occur when two non-identical twins exchange DNA in the womb, and sometimes, in cases of "vanishing twins", one twin dies early in development and is reabsorbed by their surviving twin, leaving a single baby born with two sets of DNA. The different DNA sequences Leyla finds could belong to one adult individual with two sets of DNA, which the Animus might interpret as two different people living exceptionally similar lives.

Kassandra or Alexios will interact with the Antikythera Mechanism.
A series heavily focused on dealing with ancient Precursor archaeotech would be just about obligated to have an appearance by the most famous piece of actual archaeotech ever. Especially since it was already mentioned in Assassin's Creed IV.

The Cult of Kosmos is a precursor to the Order of the Ancients/Templars
Just like in Origins, this will be something that no matter who Alexios/Kassandra kill, they'll never fully get rid of them and they'll just change their name and face within a couple hundred years.

Xenophon will be involved in the plot.
While he's best known as the author of the autobiographical story, Anabasis, that got adapted into The Warriors, he was also a mercenary. In fact, he fought as a mercenary for Sparta during the same war that Kassandra/Alexios are involving themselves in, and was a student of Socrates, who pre-release materials have already shown.

    Post-Release WM Gs (spoilers) 
It's not a genetic sample that the Animus is reading, but the Spear of Leonidas itself.
The Spear of Leonidas is an Isu artifact, closely linked to the bloodline of Leonidas. In fact, Myrrine, his daughter, uses it at one point to share with her elder child a memory of Leonidas in a heated confrontation with the Cult in Delphi long after he died, long before the Eagle Bearer was born, and where Myrrine was not present. The Animus is not reading anything, the Spear is telling everything.
  • Additionally, it's a melee weapon, and would have the blood (and thus DNA) of far more than just two people on it.

The Eagle Bearer has intervened in the Assassin-Templar war
They've seen the future after the end of the Cult storyline, but only brief flashes. It's likely they jumped sides over the ceturies whenever one side was getting too powerful to keep the balance.

There will be an offical story where Kassandra and Bayek team up
Since Kassandra is the canon protagonist and is immortal for the next few thousand years, they might have teamed up with Bayek to fight against the Order of the Ancients as well as trade stories about the Order and the Cult of Kosmos.

Future Legendary Ship battles will include the Aquila, the Jackdaw, the Morrigan, and Phoxidas' trireme.
Rule of Cool will be in full effect, naturally. Defeating the ships will also require fighting their respective Captains, Ratonhnhaké:ton, and his grandfather Edward Kenway, Shay Patrick Cormac, and Amunet in a boarding action.

The Eagle Bearer continues Pythagoras's superhuman breeding over the centuries, but behind the scenes
Pythagoras sought out the Eagle Bearer's mother Myrrine because of her Isu heritage so she could produce an heir. It's most likely that after they've had their child with Darius's child, they'll make sure their own descendants continue producing children with others with the Isu bloodline, which would likely explain how Desmond's own family tree came about, especially if they're descended from the Eagle Bearer's own bloodline.


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