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  • The World of Moshi, as it's called, is the game's main setting. It is a small planet which orbits a Weird Sun with a face and compass symbols surrounding it. It has one moon, which also has a face, and three small asteroids orbit said moon.
    • Monstro City, a small town and the game's main-main setting. It is a relatively green area but not rural, and has several areas. It mainly has dirt roads.
      • Main Street, a street that has four shops on it: the Gross-ery store, a food shop run by Snozzle Wobbleson, Yukea, a furniture store run by Moe Yukky, a cart selling moshling seeds (seeds that attract moshlings) and Bizarre Bazar, a nic-nac store run by Bushy Fandango. Also on the street are En-Gen, Monstro City's source of electricity, the Daily Growl building, where newspapers are made, Flutter-by Field, a field populated by butterfly-like creatures, a statue of Elder Furi, and a picnic area.
      • Sludge Street, a street off Main Street to the north. There is a lake near it. On the street is a nailed-up apartment building with vines growing on it, a wheel with hieroglyphics on it in one of the rooms, and a "For Rent" sign on it, the Marketplace, which is a mall that has in it the six clothing shops Furi Fashion, Zommer's Drop-Dead Threads, Diavlo's Duds, Luvli's Looks, Poppet's Closet and Katsuma Klothes, Horrods, a posh shop run by Mizz Snoots, the D.I.Y. shop, run by the messy Dewey, the Games Star-cade, a video game store run by Raarghly, and the Dodgy Dealz store, a trade shop run by Sly Chance where you can trade items for a varied number of Rox.
      • Ooh La Lane, a rather lavish street, on which is a booth that takes the player to the Help page, two stores (the Moshi Store and the Print Workshop) that redirect the player to real-life areas, an ice cream store called Ice Scream, run by Giuseppe Gelato, a renovation shop, a spa run by Tyra Fangs and the Googenheim, an art gallery.
      • The Port, also known as Port Street, is a street by a small ferry port that features Babs' Boutique (a shop that sells random items), a seed shop Super Seeds, the Colorama, a place where monsters can get their fur coloured and a pet supplies shop called Paws 'n' Claws, run by Gilbert Finister. Growing at the port are several Rox Trees.
      • The Underground Tunnels, a building under Monstro City where the Underground Disco is located. Nearby the disco are Ecto's cave and a river of green slime. There are (or were) two C.L.O.N.C. bases next to the disco, accessible only by secret passages.
      • The Candy Cane Caves, a cave made out of candy, where Monstro City's candy is "mined" from, with the exception of chocolate, which comes from a "refinery".
      • The Puzzle Palace, a palace where the players have access to the puzzles.
      • The Party Palace, a disco where dress-up contests are held.
      • The Volcano, a volcano that is perpetually erupting harmless lava, guarded by the Gatekeeper. Inside the volcano is a building that is the Super Moshis' HQ, which has in it several computers and a downstairs room in which there's a large Rox Stone that makes Rox.
      • The Fiery Castle, a castle guarded by the Gatekeeper's mean cousin the Hatekeeper, where C.L.O.N.C. used to live. It is surrounded by a barren, rocky area and a lake of lava.
      • Mount Sillimanjaro, a large snowy mountain located next to the Volcano. It has a cable car line and Elder Furi's cabin is located on top of it.
      • Goosebump Manor, a large haunted mansion located in a mushroom swamp.
      • The Great Moshi Beanstalk, an enormous beanstalk next to Goosebump Manor that has a giant at the top of it. The sap from the Beanstalk is the favourite food of Waddling Floffles.
      • Bleurgh Beach, a beach. It has three shops in the form of fish run by ghost pirates: Boot-eek (which is a clothes shop run by Squint), Kate's Deck 'n' Sails (which is a toy shop run by Dedward) and McDolphins (which is a food store run by Lorenzo). Captain Buck's cousin Baz Barnacle also resides there where he eats the sand and sells some of Buck's stolen treasure at a shop called Baz Barnacle's.
    • Music Island, an island that would be two islands, but they're joined together by a bridge that's in the form of a piano and works like one.
      • Jollywood, a fertile but arid island that is a parody of both Bolliwood and Hollywood. It has a large sign with the word "JOLLYWOOD" written on it on one of the hills. Located in Jollywood are the Yoga Retreat, property of Bobbi Singsong, the TV Studio where movies and TV are made and shown, Trembly Stadium, a stadium where concerts are shown and three shops (a music shop run by Spewey, a food shop run by Auntie Wobbleson and a candy stall) are present, with the former two being sentient creatures that use their mouths as the shops, and the Market, an area where Moe Pukka (who sells spices) and Snozzani Wobblesing (who sells musical instruments) are located. Jollywood's national anthem is "Welcome to Jollywood" by Bobbi Singsong.
      • The Gombala Gombala Jungle, a jungle where Woolly Hoodoos live. There are several tribes of Hoodoos: the Blue ones, who live in a clearing called Hoodoo Hideaway led by Big Chief Bill, the Orange ones who live in a wetlands called Snaggletooth Swamp, the Green ones, who live by the Walla Walla Watering Hole, the Twistmas ones who live in Twistmas Town and celebrate Twistmas every day and the Ice Scream ones, who have a religion based on ice cream. There's also the Giant's Cave, the garden, and the Unknown Zone, an area where the Zoshlings crash-landed. Nearby the Gombala Gombala Jungle are the Cirque du Moshi, a circus, and the Sandy Drain Hotel, run by Simon Growl. There's also a volcano in the jungle called Mount Krakka Blowa.
      • Pinkish Peak, a pink mountain, where the Ice Scream Hoodoos and the rest of their tribe (the Pinkish Pink Tribe) live.
    • There are also several locations which are not accessible in-game and we do not know where they are exactly. These include...
      • Brashcan Alley, where Zack Binspin and his band live, Zack himself living in a trash can. Apparently, Glumps frequent this area.
      • Hipsta Hills, a hilly area north of a place called Ka'Ching, where it's always sunny (but somehow always fertile). It's seen briefly in the song "Diggin' Ya Lingo" where a necklace and a sign similar to the Hollywood sign are seen on two of the respective hills.
      • Funny Face Fjord, an area with a funny face visited by Captain Buck.
      • Hong Bong, an island where Captain Buck got shrank to. This location is technically accessible but only in the mission "Lost in Hong Bong". Snozzle Wobbleson's cousin Wobblesan works there in a merchandise shop.
      • Long-Gone Lagoon, a place where Buck visited, where sailors get transported back in time.
      • Stinky Hollow, a place where a tackle shop is.
      • Moshi Picchu, a citadel that used to be legendary until discovered recently. It is located in the mountains.
      • Growl Mansion, a manor house where Simon Growl and Baby Rox live.
      • Umba Thunk, an ancient tomb where the first Super Moshis fell asleep until being rescued.
      • The Gulf of New Gizmo, a place that Captain Buck visited but didn't like.
      • Mount Eggiecrest, a volcano that erupts custard and caused the Great Custard Flood of 99999.5.
      • Humongous Haven, a place where people randomly shrink and turn into giants.
      • Moshimo City, an urban place where Missy Kix is from.
      • Growliwood, where the Groanas Brothers live.
      • The New Sea Mall, a place under the sea where a cafe called Starfishbucks Coffee is.
      • Bubble Bath Bay, a place visited by Captain Buck where he got bathtime-themed objects from.
      • Super Moshiversity, an academy where Super Moshis go to train.
      • Bumblechops Manor, a large mansion where Buster Bumblechops lives that features a Moshling sanctuary, an incubation station and a museum.
      • Antique Isle, a place with many antique shops that Captain Buck visited.
      • Art Archipelago, a place that sells artworks that are parodies of real life artworks.
      • Bleurghmuda Triangle, a place that was mentioned by Captain Buck but never described.
      • Breakfast Bayou, a location visited by Captain Buck made of breakfast foods.
      • Candy Shoals, a beach near Candy Cane Caves.
      • Colossal Cape Cuddly, a place where Captain Buck brought back giant Cuddly Humans.
      • Cookhouse Quay, a kitchen-themed place and the first place visited by Captain Buck.
      • Crabby Cove, a beach populated by crabs that featured in "The Great Googenheist".
      • Doodle Island, an island that appears to be drawn with crayons.
      • Lake Inferior, a lake. Under it is situated the ruins of a town named Fluttertown that was populated by birds in the Glunge Age.
      • Futuristic Falls, a floating, futuristic visited by Captain Buck that is at the bottom of a waterfall.
      • Halloween Island, a Halloween-themed island shaped like a pumpkin.
      • Hatlantis, also known as the City of the Lost Hats, a place where everyone who visits it must keep it secret.
      • Isle of Plight, an island with many volcanoes on.
      • Loch Mess, a messy lake where the Loch Mess Monster lives.
      • Mount Moshmore, a giant rock face with several monster faces carved into it.
      • Pirate Paradise, a pirate-y place north of Monstro City and south of Futuristic Falls, which has several places within it, including Flag Falls, the Golden Swamp, Sunken Treasure, a Shipwreck, Golden Gull-ch, Paradise Lagoon, Barnacle Bay, Plank Peak, Soprano Sahara and Blockhead Butte.
      • Pizza Paradise, a place where buildings are made of pizza.
      • Potion Ocean Hideout, a shipwreck hidden somewhere under the sea.
      • Rockstar Reef, a place that sells many musical instruments.
      • Safari Sandbar, possibly the home of the Glammoth.
      • Syd's Knee, a place where there are sports such as "bogey jumping" and "scare-o-sailing".
      • Tiki Tropic, a small island visited by Captain Buck.
      • Mount Char Char: A volcano.
    • Gift Island: Where the ferry from Monstro City goes to and from. It's a noisy island where presents are packaged and sent.
  • The Cloud Kingdom, where there's a cloud castle. A kingdom made entirely out of clouds that is situated at the top of the Great Moshi Beanstalk.
  • The Swooniverse is the alternate universe which the planet is said to be in. It was said to have started with an event known as the Big Boom. Other celestial bodies in the Swooniverse include...
    • The planet Symphonia, home of the Zoshlings. Little is known about this planet but Magic Music seems to play a significant part in Symphonia's culture, with its residents being able to sing "Cosmic Harmonies" which can break specific objects at will and the Zoshlings being able to get out of a trance with music (in addition to being tickled with feathers and smelling food). They also seem to have at least part of an ability to communicate with the World of Moshi, as evidenced by the fact that the Zoshlings had "Moptop Tweenybop" as their favourite song.
    • The Filthy Way, a large nebula with several food scraps floating around in it. It is unknown how they got there. Tamara Tesla notes that she can "smell it from [her observatory]", whether that was true or an exaggeration is left unclear.
    • An unnamed, distant galaxy. Tamara joked that it "seemed a bit fishy to her" as it was shaped like a jelly fish with several fish surrounding it.
    • Several constellations, shaped like Moshlings.
    • The planet Space Glenn, home of the Hoddles, which is in itself a sentient being that does not respire but requires small meteors shaped like stars with faces to eat. It does not like normal-shaped meteors.
    • The Great Green Cube, a celestial object near the World of Moshi, which is, according to Tamara, edible as she calls it "delicious".
     How the Natural World Works in Their World 
  • Under the ground is dirt and rocks, just like Earth, however, unlike Earth, there's also candy under the ground and custard. How it got there is a mystery.
  • Rox, which look like gems, are the Moshi Monsters currency. They come from stones and also grow on trees.
  • Some plants which grow in Moshi World are Oobla-Doobla (fruit-like things that grow on vines), Eggplants (that actually have eggs), purple bananas and several musical instrument-type plants such as Bongoniums and Sax Oaks.
  • All creatures have the ability to teleport (kerfuffle) by closing their eyes and visualising the place they want to "kerfuffle" to. They cannot kerfuffle without choosing to kerfuffle, but if they get distracted they could wind up teleporting to the wrong place.
  • Three magical gems are the Minime Stone (which turns monsters into babies), the Morph Stone (which, when combined with an item that belongs to the person the monster wants to shape-shift into, like a hair or an article of clothing, will shape-shift a monster into someone else for a limited period of time) and the Sonic Sapphire, which will either hypnotise monsters or make them go insane when combined with music.
  • Seeds of plants that attract Moshlings are called "Moshling Seeds".
     Analysis on the Animals that Live There 
  • Moshlings are animals that monsters keep as pets. The study of them is Moshlingology. Like real species are grouped into families, Moshlings are grouped into "sets" such as Foodies and Secrets. They have the same level intelligence as monsters, but often chase each other around and do other animal-like things. All of them seem to like plants and music.
  • Several Earth-like animals exist there too, such as crabs and bats.
  • Insects, which some of the monsters eat, include Sillipedes (which are like millipedes), Flutter-bies (which are like butterflies) and firebugs.
  • The playable species are Katsumas (rabbit-like creatures with cat-liked tails, a diamond shaped patch on their foreheads, a round patch on their bellies and fangs), Poppets (hamster-like creatures with little tails), Furis (yeti-like creatures), Luvlis (cherry-like creatures with stars on the end of their stalks and birdlike wings), Diavlos (just imagine small, living volcanos with devils' tails that can fly) and Zommers (creatures like Frankenstein's monster).
  • Then there's those unknown species like Roary Scrawl and Snuffy Hookums. Their species names are unknown.
  • Luvlis have telekinesis, but it's a bit unreliable and they never know when it's going to work.
  • All Moshlings lay eggs, with a few exceptions:
    • Psycho Gingerboys and Sweet Ringy Thingies are made.
    • Naughty Nutters grow from regular coconuts if Pilfering Toucans peck them off the trees.
These eggs need to be kept warm to hatch, but if they are not kept warm, the Moshlings inside do not die, but after a significant amount of time, to hatch one, you have to either be a Moshlingologist or use three items: microwaveable Oobla-Doobla, tears from a Blue Jeepers and a frosted rainbow rox. If a Moshling has been in its egg for that amount of time, it can be transformed into a very large Glump. Some Moshlings hatch with clothes on.
  • Glumps are a species that are shaped like balls. As a rule, they are evil and unintelligent, they salivate a lot and too many snacks make them sleepy. They cannot be bred, due to being a One-Gender Race, all male, so they must be transformed from Moshlings. To turn a Moshling into a Glump is to "Glump" the Moshling, which can be done by throwing it into a machine called the Glump-a-tron 6000 or by feeding it a potion that consists of a fire bug, a beanstalk bloom, some beanstalk sap, a tiki feather and a toadstool. However, hopefully, you readers are more interested in turning Glumps back into Moshlings (i.e. deglumping them)? In that case, you can either rewire the Glump-a-tron, feed them the potion minus the fire bug, or hit them several times in a row. All Glumps produce a viscous green liquid known as "goo" or "Glump goo" that smells like rotten fish. It is harmless when most species touch it, but if a Tiddlycopter touches it, they become dizzy and unable to fly and to get them back to normal, they must be electrified. If ingested, this goo has negative affects: in monsters, they become hungrier and sadder, and in Moshlings, they develop nausea, a cough, a slouch, confusion and fatigue. If a Glump gets eaten, the eater will turn green and get numb-tongue. This goes away for as long as they have something in their mouths, and can be cured completely by eating a green apple.
  • Diavlos' volcano heads erupt when they're angry, however, non-angry Diavlos can choose to erupt at will.
  • Some species of Zoshlings secrete a green, thick liquid known as "cosmic gloop" or "cosmic goo". Once harvested, Cosmic Gloop can make things grow larger and, if ingested, makes the ingester sing in tune. If they lose all of it at once, they become dizzy, which goes away as they make more.
  • Unlike humans, monsters and other creatures may be naked in public and clothing is generally worn as a fashion statement or for practical uses (such as winter clothes and diapers). Characters who do wear clothes on the regular tend to have a Limited Wardrobe.
  • All monsters have the ability to speak English and each species of creature has its own language: Katsumas speak Katsumanese, Poppets speak Poppetanian, Furis speak Furglish, Luvlis speak Luvling, Diavlos speak Diavlan and Zommers speak Zommeranian. Several of the unknown species (like the Wobblesons) and the Moshlings have their own languages too but it's unnamed. Generally, creatures can talk to one another while speaking different languages, but this seems to be a learned thing, because in the movie, a shopkeeper speaks in gibberish to Katsuma and he doesn't understand.
  • The Woolly Hoodoos have their own traditions. They have five tribes: Blue, Orange, Pinkish Pink, Twistmas and Green. They unite by sharing Hot Hoodoo Stew, a stew made of bugs, purple bananas, fried Oobla-Doobla and coconut shells. "Bill" is a common name among Hoodoos. The Twistmas tribe celebrate Twistmas every day and the Ice Scream Hoodoos (a sub-tribe of the Pinkish Pink Tribe, who are the only tribe not in the jungle) have a religion based on ice cream. The Blue tribe have a language based on whistling and a chant: "Gombala Gombala walla walla hoo-haa!"
  • All Moshi Monsters creatures celebrate Pranksgiving and Twistmas, which appear to be exactly like April Fool's Day and Christmas in all but name (and the fact that Jesus or similar is not mentioned in Twistmas).
  • Monsters will sometimes call workers "Roarkers", say "anymoshi" or "everymoshi" instead of "anyone" or "everyone" and will use the words "gloptastic", "splattastic", "roarsome", "pawsome", "monsterrific", "arrghsome", or "belchtastic" to describe something as very good, sometimes "monsterlicious" or "scrum-dilly-icious" if that something is food.
  • The Glunge Age was an area of time, during which Dr Strangeglove was a sinister minister, people rode on ponies because wheels hadn't been invented, the Worldies existed but had not come to life yet and the birdies lived together in a tree village called Fluttertown (that's now in ruins). Refrigerators existed, but not wheels, unlike our world.
  • The Great Custard Flood of 99999.5 was an event in which Mt. Eggiecrest erupted custard, causing a massive flood which buried the former home of the Wandering Wamples, and it was around the time when the Jabbersauruses either went extinct or disappeared. It was also what destroyed Fluttertown. The custard was, for the most part, cleared up by Titchy Trundlebots.
  • In very ancient history, when monsters had only recently invented lace-up shoes and were learning to grunt, some miners discovered a wobbly rock full of sleeping Super Moshis, who built Super Moshiversity and fought off several villains. They mysteriously disappeared one time (leaving only a note on someone's fridge saying, "Our work here is done"), and that was the beginning of the Glunge Age. They returned at the beginning of the modern era.

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