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Headscratchers / Moshi Monsters

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The Game

  • In "Lost in Hong Bong", how did Captain Buck's ship end up in the bottle anyways?
  • In "Gust Busters", how come Sly Chance, Ratty and the Marketplace owners were not affected by the evil clouds?
  • In "Close Encounters of the Zoshi Kind", how did Captain Buck end up frozen and floating aimlessly in space?
  • Why did that Zommer hug Dr Strangeglove during the Twistmas song?
  • Why did Simon Growl kidnap himself and then lie about where the Super Weapon is? Why can't he just plain lie without the kidnapping part?

The Movie

  • Why is he referred to as a "Blue Jeepers"? Jeepers is that particular Moshling's name and his species is Snuggly Tiger Cub, so wouldn't the blue ones be called "blue Snuggly Tiger Cubs"?



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