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Nightmare Fuel / Moshi Monsters

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While Moshi Monsters aren't as scary as some other monsters, the site is not without scary moments.

     The Game 
  • In the "Welcome to Jollywood" mission, when Big Cheif Tiny Head captures your monster, Bobbi Singsong and Dr C Fingz, the ceiling starts to lower while you're still inside. Made even worse by the fact that spikes are on the ceiling. Luckily, Elder Furi shows up and saves the day.
  • C.L.O.N.C. can be pretty creepy. They often kidnap Moshlings and either enslave them or turn them into Glumps, which alters their appearance, intelligence and mindset.
  • This Paranoia Fuel line from "The Doctor Will See You Now"
    Dr Strangeglove: "So peek outside your window and check behind the door. Is Dr Strangeglove lurking or has he called before?"
  • "Super Weapon Showdown" and "Cosmic Countdown" are both pretty creepy. They involve a Doomsday device that's set to destroy the world. They never outright say it but it could kill everybody if it worked. Thankfully, C.L.O.N.C. never wins.
  • The final mission in "Moshis vs Ghosts" features the ghost of Strangeglove's missing hand.
  • The description for Dearly Departed Nibblies say that they eat other Moshlings. Yikes!
    • Speaking of Moshlings being eaten, there's Oddie, who apparently has to spend his life avoiding getting eaten. Also yikes!
    • During the Twistmas song, a Psycho Ginger Boy is seen being shaken upside-down with a bite out of his forehead. He's also frowning.
  • At the end of "Super Weapon Showdown", Elder Furi's fate is left ambiguous as for all the player knows, he was blown up along with the Fiery Castle. Luckily, he shows up in Season Two.
  • The fact that two C.L.O.N.C. labs exist behind the Underground Disco, as evidenced in "Pop Goes the Boo Boo".
  • Some Katsumas will if left unattended, first look to their left and right, then stare straight at the screen in a way that makes their head look bigger, which can be an effective Jump Scare.
  • The Hatekeeper. He's like the Gatekeeper but he looks and sounds even more intimidating and he's evil.
  • The Hoodoo Stew you buy at a store has a skull and bones in it and the description says "No Hoodoos were harmed in the making of this stew—we hope!". Are they implying that a Hoodoo may have fallen into the stew and died?
  • The Foot Chair says "Now made with real feet". Umm, where would you get real feet from?
  • The Fiery Castle. It is an ominous-looking red and black castle situated in an area that has black rocks, no plants, fire popping out at random places, and lacks the sillier aspects of the rest of the world Moshi Monsters is set in. It is also guarded by the Hatekeeper, the Gatekeeper's evil cousin. There's also lava everywhere. It's seeping through several holes in the roof, one of which is pactched up by a sticking plaster. They enslave Moshlings there and you have to be quick to dodge a security camera that's shaped like an eye or else an alarm sounds. Of course, there's lava at The Volcano too but that's ruled by Elder Furi, who's the Big Good and has powerful magic. C.L.O.N.C., however, have no remorse, especially not for Super Moshis...
  • The Gatekeeper's loud, slow, booming voice and his mouth that doesn't move sideways could be scary on first glance. However, there's a bit of Nightmare Retardant in the fact that he's Elder Furi's assistant and actually quite virtuous.
  • That spice from "Welcome to Jollywood". It can turn your skin red if you eat it. Like, completely red. Like a strawberry. That's not natural.
  • Bubba the Bouncer's voice in "Moptop Mischief". It's a slow, gravelly monotone that just repeats "berb" over and over. That combined with his stern personality and frown can make him seem creepy.
  • Frau Nau Brownkau can be quite creepy. She has a stern voice, intimidating muscly looks, never smiles or laughs and she's willing to abuse Moshlings for her own use.
  • While otherwise a silly mission, Candy Catastrophe has the main villain hypnotise the miners against their will into poisoning candy, which manages to get sold and make monsters sick.
  • One of the Jelly Fuzzes on Gift Island is a shovel-worker named Elwood. He is very clumsy, which is normally Played for Laughs, but on his profile, it says that he gets concussed on the regular, which leads to short-term memory loss. Brain injuries on a kids' site! Yikes!
    • Speaking of background characters, there's also Skeeter Rydell, a postie. He is apparently on the lookout for a wife and seven children, but still hasn't found them. Imagine being married and having children and they've been missing for more than a week and you have no idea where they are!
     The Movie 
  • The scene where the monsters are locked in a dungeon and on a Conveyor Belt o' Doom headed towards a furnace. Luckily, they escape.
  • When the Hoodoos throw the Moshlings into the soup. Especially how Katsuma says, "They're having us for dinner", hinting at Sapient Eat Sapient.
  • A minor one, but at one point, Poppet asks Zommer if he's still "on" the Wobble-ade. Does that mean he's The Alcoholic?
  • The scene on Sillimanjaro just before the We Can Do It song is this and Tear Jerker. The nightmare fuel comes from the fact that Blinki and Mr Snoodle sort of have hypothermia (Blinki's frozen and Mr Snoodle has turned blue). While this in itself might not be very scary, Poppet says that Blinki needs defrosting "fast" and Mr Snoodle "might not make it". Jeepers, is she implying they might have died?

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