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Furbet Snufflepeeps is Glob
Glob is said to be a former professor that did a failed experiment on himself. Furbet Snufflepeeps is Buster Bumblechops's great-uncle and he's missing. He's also a professor...
Glumps can be de-glumped if you hit them hard enough
Before turning into Twaddle in "The Great Moshi Beanstalk", Mustachio disappeared for a moment and in Moshling Boshling, the Glumps disappear if they're hit hard enough. There's also Thump-a-Glump occasionally has Moshlings pop up and maybe this aspect is why Super Moshis are so keen on hitting Glumps in the first place.
Fishlips is going to turn back into a Moshling soon
That's why he has a more positive attitude and that's why he found it "liberating" to dress up as a Pluff.
Lady Goo Goo lives in the Underground Disco now
When Lady Goo Goo had to be written off the site, the writers Hand Wave'd it by saying that she retired and left. Maybe she lives in the Underground Disco now. Because in "Pop Goes the Boo Boo", you can hear someone singing The Moshi Dance at the disco. Perhaps she lives with Cry Baby.

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