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     Quotes from Playable Monsters 
Any Katsuma: "Don't call me Satsuma! Boy do I hate that!"

"What did the Furi say about the bubblegum? Don't POPPET!"

"I can't just carry lava!"

"The sea breeze is so good for my fur."

"Hi, Tamara. You summoned me?"

"Sorry, I don't speak dot."
     Quotes from Moshlings 
Flumpy: "Hello there. I love kites."

Lady Goo Goo: "My stroller's pretty and my diapers are silk. I throw my toys out if I don't get my milk."

Zack Binspin: "It's all goo, baby."

Blingo: "Stop. Paws. End of the line. Binspin's done, now it's Blingo time! Cutting you off 'cause that signal stinks. Wanna reconnect and click on all them links? Switch it on and off. Try a full reload. Upper-lowercase on the password code. Okey-dokey, my little artichoke-y, quit while you're ahead 'cause you sound pretty dopey!"

Rofl: "I'm a real Rofl-chomper."

Lady Goo Goo: "No bedtime story, I'll tell you the truth. I haven't even got my first baby tooth. Oh, yes, it's true. I cannot chew-chew-chew-chew, oh coochie coo!"

Zack Binspin: "Moptop Tweenybop shimmying and shaking, I've lost count of the hearts that I've been breaking. I can't see and my eyeballs, they are aching 'cause my hair's too long!"

Blingo: "We is out! His hair's too long! His hair's too long!"
     Quotes from Villains 

Dr Strangeglove

"First, we poach the Great Moshling Egg from Bumblechops. See what I did there?"

"Blow harder, you spherical fool!"

"Now don't impede my evil deeds or try to foil my plans. Even though I wear this glove, I have some helping hands, so peek outside your window and check behind the door. Is Dr Strangeglove lurking or has he called before?"

"I assume you think it's sinister to hold an ancient grudge, but understand it cost my hand so don't be quick to judge! A musky husky mangled it and chewed it like a shoe. He thought it was some sausages so now this glove must do."

"Sneaky, sly and shifty, let me introduce myself. I'm the doctor they call Strangeglove, a hazard to your health. I'm hear to wreak some mayhem with my terrifying schemes and Glump your silly Moshlings with my dastardly machines!"


"I'm the Hatekeeper, so I'd hate to let you in."

"You!...You!...Curse my foundations! If I had legs..."

Sweet Tooth

"Ain't life sweet?!"

Big Chief Tiny Head

"Big Chief no like!"


Fishlips: "Frosted rainbow rox served slightly sub-zero! Frosted rainbow rox served slightly sub-zero! Frosted rainbow rox served slightly sub—"

"Strangeglove, Strangeglove, they call him Dr. Strangeglove. Strange glove, Strangeglove, the one to be afraid of. Strange glove, Strangeglove, they call him Dr. Strangeglove. Strange glove, Strangeglove, Strangeglove, strange."
     Quotes from Other Characters 

Tamara Tesla

"I don't know what that is but it gives me the heebie-jeebies!"

"I've never been mooned from space before."

"Ah, the planet Space Glenn! Home of the Hoddles!"

"The Great Green Cube. Bouncy, green and delicious!"

Buster Bumblechops

"What in the name of Snufflepeeps?!"

"If you stand for nothing, you'll fall for anything!"

"You see, it was believed that the egg was lost forever, following the Great Custard Flood of 99999.5, but as you can see, it's here!"


"And when I say we, I kinda mean me."

"Hey, take it as a compliment! I only steal it from the best."

"Now, I'm not saying you're wrong. You're just not as right as I am."

"I'm not asking you, I'm telling you: delete that bit where I made a fool of myself! Whaddaya mean 'which one'?"

"Welcome to Katsuma: the Movie!"

"Quit twisting our gooberries, we've got 'em."

"Maybe we can. Sounds like a plan. I see some silver lining. I feel like hope's thrown us a rope. Maybe we'll turn things round."

"I love hanging out with my pals, but making movies is a whole different barrel of Sploshlings."

"Sure, [Diavlo is] a blast, but he and the others are just the fries to my burger, the sprinkles to my sundae, the—"


"Hey! When did your 'get-up-and-go' get up and leave? I never had you down as a pessimist!"

"When thoughts are little seeds, make sure they're flowers, not weeds."

"'Cause there's Iggy, Fifi, Stanley, Plinky, Cali, Shishi, Burnie and Tiki. Gabby, Peppy, Fumble, Dipsy, Hansel, Honey, Flumpy and Gigi. Wallop, Angel, Wurley, Rocky, McNulty, Humphrey, Oddie and Purdy. Ecto, Chop Chop, Kissy, Shelby, Doris, Gurgle, oh, and Mr Snoodle! You know I've got Moshlings on my mi-ind. Uh-oh!"

"Zommer, are you still on the Wobble-Ade?"


"I just hope Katsuma can grab that egg. Mmm, egg. Poached, scrambled, boiled, fried, devilled..."

"So the square root of a banana multiplied by ten untangled pretzels is equal to the chemical symbol for boron minus, um..."

"Not dangerous, delicious."

Simon Growl

"Three out of three. Not bad."

"My hair's getting restless."


"No, no, dude, it's OK! As long as I don't scratch it or shower!"

"Say what? Eleventy past seven? Man, I gotta tune up!"

"You, granddad! If it's too loud, you're too old!"

"You got me rocking like a Moshi, got me rolling like a Glump, banging my head, you're gonna make me wanna jump!"


"If I've told them once, I've told them a gazillion times! I like my sausages singed, scorched and roasted...til they're toasted...into oblivion!!"


"He wants you to whistle. Come on, darling, pucker up!"

"'Sweat it'?! Darling, please! Zommer sweats, I glow!"

"So, you see, darlings. When I'm good, I'm really good, but when I'm bad, I'm even better!"

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