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Tear Jerker / Moshi Monsters

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While Moshi Monsters is mostly happy, it does have the ability to make you cry. Thankfully, these moments are few and far between.
If you made the face this Zommer made during these moments, we don't blame you.
     The Game 
  • Lady Goo Goo's not being a Moshling anymore. However, the writers have made it clear that she is not dead, just retired, so that could make it less tearjerking. Kind of like missing a pet that ran away but knowing it's not dead.
  • The fact that Glumps (the ditsy, evil blobs) used to be Moshlings. If anyone owned a Moshling and it got stolen and Glumped, that must be very sad for the poor monster.
  • During the Ice Scream game, if you give the monsters the wrong kind of ice cream or not make it fast enough, they walk (or fly if they're a Diavlo or Luvli) out of the store in a rage. Poor monsters, not getting their ice creams.
  • Whistful Snowtots are always forlorn. Thankfully, they're not actually sad, but still.
  • During the song "Super Moshi March", a Furi is seen crying and looking dejected. Thankfully, he instantly cheers up when a Super Moshi hands him a Skypony.
  • During "Moptop Mischief", Zack Binspin really gets the worst of it. First, he loses his teddy bear which makes him very sad, then Sweet Tooth poisons him, making him ill. Thankfully, the Super Moshis make it better for him.
  • In "Pop Goes the Boo Boo", seeing Baby Rox crying after her voice gets stolen (long story).
  • Seeing Elder Furi lying sick on a bed in "20,000 Leagues Under the Fur".
  • Plinky getting forced to be used to power a machine during one of the missions.
  • Moe Pukka after having eaten something too spicy. Not very tearjerking, but he is frowning. However, players can cheer him up by pouring water on him.
  • When First Officer Ooze gets drained of his Cosmic Gloop in "Sandy Drain Shenanigans". He looks dizzy and he'd been hit multiple times.
  • The "Get Well Soon" card shows Honey in bed with a bandage on her ear.
  • Having to anger Nimbus the talking cloud on purpose in order to get him to make lightning in one of the missions.
  • Wallop being enslaved during "Super Weapon Showdown". He looks so sad.
  • When the Twistmas Hoodoos' decorations stop working. The glowworms are sad and Little Green Bill is sitting down crying. Thankfully, things liven up pretty quick.
  • When robotlike creatures (for example, Blinki, Whirley and Rover) get broken in-game, it acts sort of like sickness, tiredness or sadness and can be pretty tearjerking to see. Thankfully, they can be fixed.
  • One of the "Roarkers" (Ken Tickles) is apparently hard of hearing due to all the drilling he does and is jealous of Bjorn Squish because the former gets noticed more.
    • Another "Roarker" is named Elwood, who is very clumsy and is said to get concussions on the regular. This doubles as Nightmare Fuel.
     The Movie 
  • When they think Mr Snoodle is dead. Poppet's in tears and saying he's gone in a sad, singsongy voice. Thankfully, he comes back.
  • Seeing a Sneezing Panda and an Oochie Poochie get Glumped.
  • Buster Bumblechops breaking his leg. Thankfully, it gets better in the end.
  • The scene in the ice cave with Katsuma crying and Mr Snoodle and Blinki have hypothermia. Thankfully, it gets better when Poppet sings "We Can Do It".
  • One of the magazine comics has some Moshlings mess up the Daily Growl and have to write the paper by hand (or, in Rooby's case, paw). They're all frowning.
  • One magazine comic showed Splatter getting the flu. Poor Splatter.
  • Failing at this game will result in three monsters crying.

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