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You'll be laughing as hard as them.
     The Game 
  • Several of the puns.
    • "That wash amazing" (said after washing things)
    • "Gross-ery Store"
    • "Mount Sillimanjaro"
    • Judder gets frozen
      Tomba: "They put him in ICE-olation"
    • Emergen-Tea Medicine
    • "What did the Furi say to the other monster who was chewing bubblegum? Don't POPPET!"
    • Ooh La Lane.
  • "The Moshi Dance"
    • Lady Goo Goo with spaghetti on her head.
    • "My stroller's pretty and my diapers are silk. I throw my toys out if I don't get my milk".
    • Lady Goo Goo's car, which is a cross between a pram and a limo.
    • "No bedtime story, I'll tell you the truth. You know I haven't even got my first baby tooth. Oh, yes it's true. I cannot chew-chew-chew-chew."
  • The Twistmas Song.
    • The Furi's house looks like an Advent calendar because it's got numbers on it, his door has 25 on it.
    • Two Moshlings sliding on the ice from a frozen fountain.
    • When two Wistful Snowtots see a full-sized snowman and one gets a thought bubble that reads "Mama".
    • When Santa asks the monsters what they want for "Twistmas" and they respond in their language.
      Santa: "And what would you like for Twistmas, Furi?"
      Furi: (points to a magazine advertising a hair dryer) "Daksogrib snigglesnine!"
      Santa: "Zommer?"
      Zommer: (points to a stereo in a shop window) "Kaptabat!"
      Santa: "Any ideas, Katsuma?"
      Katsuma: "Eeeba deeba baba ba!" (rips a piece of paper in half)
      Santa: "I..see. Luvli?"
      Luvli: "Abby T'pol!"
      Santa: "Hmm, didn't quite get that. Poppet?"
      Poppet: (upside-down, at disco) "Optipa"
      Santa: "And finally, what can we get you, Diavlo?"
      Diavlo: "Kappenweb!"
    • The fact that Mustachio is singing. He's usually an antagonist, and his voice is all warbly and he pronounces "fire" as "fwire".
    • Monsters using the fire from a Diavlo's head to roast stuff over.
  • Katsumas are a type of monster with long ears. They say some funny stuff.
    "With these ears, I can always hear about the latest style."
    "I'm telling you, finding hats that work with these ears is a big problem."
    "Don't call me Satsuma!"
  • One of the missions has a part which requires the monster to collect a bucket of lava. If you click the lava without clicking the bucket first, then you get this line.
    Monster: "I can't just carry lava!"
  • The item called "In Case of Emergency", which is a fire hose that spits out some fire. The description reads "In the case of emergency, don't touch this!"
  • The vandalised blueprints from "Super Weapon Showdown"
    • "Rock-hard PVC" = "Jelly filling"
    • "Doom fist" = "Fist of fun"
    • "Navigation system" = "Rubber chicken"
    • "Liquid rox powered core" = "Liquid socks powered core"
    • "Rugged rudder" = "Cardboard rudder"
    • "Turbo rocket booster" = "Unscrew turbo rocket booster".
      • From the same mission, Sprockett and Hubbs' argument when you sabotage the machine.
        Sprockett: "Hubbs! You stupid circuit board, hand me that supa spanner!"
        Hubbs: "NO! Not a supa spanner, you need the DROOL DRILL!"
      • The Super Moshi disguising itself with a cardboard box and a drawn-on face.
        Sprockett: "Plans for the Super Weapon are now complete. Hubbs you better not make any changes."
        Hubbs: "Sprockett, I make changes because I AM A GENIUS! HAHAHA!"
        Sprockett: "If you're such a genius, then you would know why the Glumpatron isn't at full speed, you crazy cog!"
        Hubbs: "I DON'T KNOW because I didn't construct it! That was YOU, you barmey battery! HAHAHA!"
        Sprockett: "Oh yeah...Anyway, I called for a maintenance robot! Where is it?"
        Hubbs: "I am a GENIUS BUT I don't know EVERYTHING! HAHAHA!"
        Sprockett: "Who or what in the name of rickety robots are..."
        Hubbs: "WOO WOO WOO! Bless my circuits! WHO are you?"
        Super Moshi: "Why yes, I'm a Boxomatic 2.5 Deluxe, the very latest model."
        Sprockett: "The very late..."
        Hubbs: "The VERY LATEST MODEL? But you LOOK rubbish! Like a right square. HAHAHA!"
        Sprockett: "Shh, Hubbs, you brainless bubblehead! As I was saying, the latest model? I thought you'd be much...erm, sleeker? And what's with that face?"
        Hubbs: "YES! your FACE, your FACE!"
        Super Moshi: "Oh, you know, last minute design tweaks. My high-tech 'cardboardinium' face was created using CLONC's prototype all-seeing secret ink!"
        Sprockett: "All-seeing secret ink..."
        Hubbs: "Spluttering servos! They don't tell us anything, do they Sprockett? Yes, better make it snappy otherwise Sprockett will blow HIS fuses. HAHAHA!"
        Sprockett: "Silence, Hubbs, you wonky-wheeled widget!"
  • Flumpy's Cloud Cuckoo Lander way of starting a conversation.
    Flumpy: "Hi there. I love kites."
  • "Moptop Tweenybop"
    • When Zack slides through a puddle of mashed potatoes after fighting off Brussels sprouts, he ends up with food in his hair. He then says that he has a funny hairdo, but that's okay 'cause if you run your fingers through it, it's "like a buffet". He then shakes mashed potatoes, a roast turkey, some vegetables and even a candle out of his hair, which Brutha Bubba lights and Zack eats.
    • These lyrics.
      Blingo: "Yo and the chorus goes..."
      Zack: "Moptop Tweenybop, shimmying and shaking. I've lost count of the hearts that I've been breaking. I can't see and my eyeballs they are aching, 'cause my hair's too long."
      Blingo: "His hair's too long! His hair's too long!"
    • Zack is proud of some rather peculiar things.
      Zack: "Check out my lid (of the trash bin he lives in) It's real rusty. Conditioner? No, this is just goo, baby!"
      • And later on "we can snuggle in the grime". Said while holding a teddy bear, which is cute, but in the grime?! No thanks.
    • Blingo's solo rapping verse.
      Blingo: "Yo! I'm hanging with my homies in the crazy world of Moshi, rapping for my buddy even though he's wishy-washy. Slamming down the rhymes like a rusty dustbin lid. Blingo the fox dueting with a kid. Moptop Tweenybop, shimmying and shaking. Sitting on his groove, ya know he ain't faking. Holy guacamole, I just gotta rap more slowly 'cause I'm running out of breath and these tempos kinda throw me."
  • Liberty the Moshling. She's like the Statue of Liberty with an ice cream instead of a torch.
  • This line from Simon Growl.
    Simon: "Three out of three. Not bad."
    • Another line from Simon Growl that would be weird out of context.
      Simon: "My hair is getting restless."
  • During "Super Moshi March", a Diavlo's cape lands in the fire at the top of his head and burns.
  • While the Hatekeeper is a pretty Nightmare Fuel-filled character, he does have this one funny line after the Super Weapon gets thwarted.
    Hatekeeper: "You! You!...curse my foundations! If I had legs...!"
    • And there's also his introduction that basically sums his grumpy attitude up.
      Hatekeeper: "I'm the Hatekeeper, so I'd hate to let you in!"
  • "Head Over Heels"
    • Blingo at the beginning.
      Blingo: "C'mon, Binspin, quit being clingy with that ol' ringy-ding-dingy!"
    • Zack on the phone to Missy Kix.
      Zack: "What? I sound like I'm in a bin? Honey, I am in a bin! I'm Zack Binspin."
    • Zack's ridiculously long phone bill.
    • Gabby, who looks like a phone, can be seen dancing when Zack says "Call me up, let's get connected."
    • Another rapping verse from Blingo, which seems to be mostly about computers.
      Blingo: "Stop. Paws. End of the line. Binspin's done, now it's Blingo time! Cutting you off 'cause the signal stinks. Wanna reconnect and click on all them links? Switch it on and off. Try a full reload. Upper-lowercase on the password code. Okey-dokey, my little artichoke-y, quit while you're ahead 'cause you sound pretty dopey!"
  • When your monster finds the UFO for the first time, they say this.
    Monster: "OMG, it's a UFO!"
  • While "The Doctor Will See You Now" was quite a creepy song, there were some funny parts, including Strangeglove telling Fishlips to "blow harder, you spherical fool!" and the line "even though I wear this glove, I have some helping hands".
  • There's this one Video Gift of some Moshlings with cards spelling out "HASTNK", but then they swap to make "THANKS". Then, Ecto flies over with an exclamation point, bumps into Honey, then adds the exclamation mark at the end.
  • At the beginning of the song "Bongo Colada", a message is visible that reads "Warning—this video may contain nuts".
  • Simon Growl's Dissonant Serenity when he's tied up—he acts like he's just bored, and when you drag the hot sauce onto him...
    Simon: "I do like a bit of hot sauce, but not right now."
  • One of the random awards (E.P.I.C.S.) you need in "Kick Some Asteroid" is won by blowing up a random meteor, to which Wally Warpspeed says, "Watch where you explode those things!".
  • While it's a scary scene with the C.L.O.N.C. boss doing his Evil Gloating about how he will destroy Monstro City, there's a funny moment where the machine takes a long time to load.
    C.L.O.N.C. Boss: "Blast this slow connection!"
     The Movie 
  • This conversation.
    Poppet: "I can't believe you stole my idea!"
    Katsuma: "Hey, take it as a compliment! I only steal from the best."
  • Dr Strangeglove planning to "poach" the Great Moshling Egg from Buster.
  • When Katsuma is sad it's a Tear Jerker but then it leads to this.
    Poppet: "When did your 'get-up-and-go' get up and leave? I never had you down as a pessimist."
    Katsuma: "I'm not. I just think awful things are gonna happen."
  • Dr Strangeglove says "I'm sure you'll find it a 'moving' experience" before moving their cage they are locked in.
  • Luvli pointing out Katsuma's arrogance
    Katsuma: "And when I say 'we', I kinda mean 'me', but I guess you could all tag along to help me carry..."
    Luvli: "Your ego, darling?"
  • When Katsuma asks if he's sure of himself when they're dropped into some soup to be Stewed Alive, he replies with "Oh, sure, they're just, um, having us for dinner.".
    • From the same scene (for a bit of context, Katsuma had just told his friends "Don't worry, I've got this covered", and in the next scene they're being Stewed Alive).
      Luvli: "'Don't worry, I've got this covered'?! Honestly, darling! You've dropped us right in the soup!"
      Furi: "Actually, I think it's more of a stew, though it might be a consumer!"
    • And when they get out of the soup, Luvli asks "Do we leave a tip?" and Furi asks "No dessert?"
  • When Roary Scrawl says that Poppet and Katsuma's friends should come along too, Katsuma says "You mean Furi, Luvli, Diavlo and..." and then Zommer burps, to which Poppet says "Zommer!"
    • From the same scene.
      Diavlo: "If I've told them once, I've told them a gazillion times! I like my sausages singed, scorched and roasted.... 'til they're toasted...INTO OBLIVION!" (He puts the sausages into the volcano crater on his head and cooks them, then eats them) "Mm, carbonised!"
      Roary: "That Diavlo cracks me up!"
      Katsuma: "Sure he's a blast, but he and the others are just...the fries to my burger, the sprinkles to my sundae, the..."
      Furi: "Pickles to my pancakes."
  • This Non Sequitur from Zommer.
    Zommer: "Say what? Eleventy past seven?! Man, I gotta tune up!"
  • When Diavlo says that finding the ingredients will be harder than nailing goo to the wall, Zommer then tries to actually nail goo to the wall.
  • Katsuma to Blinki.
    Katsuma: "Look, I'm not asking you, I'm telling you. Delete that bit where I made a fool of myself! Whaddaya mean 'which one'?"
  • When Poppet and Dr Strangeglove are having the classic Argument of Contradictions over whether the egg or the case should be handed over first, Fishlips says, "Hey! This is like ping-pong!"
  • When Furi says he hopes that Poppet and Katsuma can rescue the egg, then gets distracted and begins to list all the ways to cook an egg.
  • When they think Mr Snoodle died, it's otherwise a Tear Jerker scene, but there's this one funny dialogue.
    Luvli: "Maybe he's in a better place"
    Furi: "A burger joint?"
  • Throughout the film, Strangeglove keeps taunting the protagonists about having to give him the items by Midnight by saying "Tick-tock". Poppet eventually has had enough of it.
    Poppet: "Yes, we know. Tick-tock, tick-tock!"
  • Furi's Non Sequitur maths.
    Furi: "So the square root of a banana multiplied by twelve untangled pretzels is equal to the chemical symbol for boron, minus umm..."
    Poppet: "What does that mean?"
    Furi: "It means I'm really hungry. So we push this, then this, then this, then this."
  • Strangeglove having Fishlips say "Frosted Rainbow Rox served slightly sub-zero" as a tongue-twister.
  • When Strangeglove says, "Do something, anything!", Fishlips says "Sure! You hum it and I'll play it" and takes out a musical comb.
  • When Diavlo finds out that Zommer is missing and all they have of him is his arm. He's flying when he says this.
    Diavlo: "Oh well, he did say he'd give his right arm to be this high!".
    • When Katsuma finds out.
      Katsuma: "At least he's armless"
      • Followed by a little drum-shaped creature note  going "ba-dum pshh".
  • When Luvli takes "Don't sweat it" too literally.
    Katsuma: "And now, as a dramatic twist, two of my brave assistants are missing."
    Luvli: "Two and a half if you count Mr Snoodle."
    Katsuma: "Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah! Don't sweat it! Snoodle'll sniff us out, no problem."
    Luvli: "'Sweat it'?! Darling, please! Zommer sweats, I glow!"
  • When the main group of heroes escape their prison, Dr Strangeglove lets them know that the only way to save all the Moshlings is to whistle a secret tune. This leads to this.
    Fishlips: "Oh, you mean the one that goes—" *starts whistling the tune but is interrupted by Strangeglove hitting him with his cane*
    Dr Strangeglove: "Ignoramus!"
  • When Furi tries to eat a piece of candy he found on the ground.
    Poppet: "Careful, Furi! My book says that this area is extremely dangerous!"
    Furi: (eats the candy) "Not dangerous, delicious!"
    Katsuma: "Yeah, journal-schmournal, it looks pretty sweet to me!"
  • After the two creatures with the Hypno-eyes kidnap the characters, there's this.
    Creature 1: "Didn't he say to leave the orange one?"
    Creature 2: "I don't know. I wasn't listening. Who cares? We're hypnotised!"
    Creature 1: "True."
    • They're seen in the credits too.
      Creature 1: "Hey, is that the end of the film?"
      Creature 2: "Don't ask me. I'm still hypnotised."
  • This scene when Fishlips comes in after having been disguised as a Pluff.
    Strangeglove: "Must you wear that idiotic disguise every time you run errands?! *holds up glasses with fake moustache and nose* I don't see what's wrong with a simple nose-spectacles comedy combo! *throws the glasses at Fishlips*"
    Fishlips: "Sorry, boss, it's just liberating dressing up as a Moshling! I haven't had that much fun since I went shoplifting in Ooh La Lane and..."
    Strangeglove: "Silence, you babbling ball of buffoonery! I don't pay you to have fun."
    Fishlips: "Uh, you don't pay me at all, Doc."
  • At the end, Bobbi Singsong is trying to teach Zommer to play the sitar and says "Close, but no sitar."
  • In one of the magazines, there's an art competition in a comic strip.
    Judge: "Ah, a puddle of water! Amazing! The very wetness and liquidity of it express more than paint on a canvas ever could. Tell me more about the puddle."
    Leo: "Well, it started as an ice sculpture of Elder Furi, but then it melted. It was a pretty good sculpture, though."
  • In a magazine, Blingo is rapping out a list of things he wants for Twistmas, which leads to this.
    Zack: "What are you doing, Blingo?"
    Blingo: "It's Twistmas tomorrow, man. I'm rapping presents!"
  • Despite one guy not finding it funny, Roary's favourite joke ("What's black, white and red all over? A newspaper.") is actually quite funny.
    • There are a number of jokes in the magazines.
      "How many Glumps does it take to screw in a light bulb? None, they'd rather scare you in the dark!"
      "Why did Jeepers lose at cards? Because he was playing with a cheetah!"
      "Guess how well White Fang did his artwork? Paw-fectly!"
      "How do little ghouls cross the road? They hold their mummy's hand!"
      "What is Marcel's favourite game? Snap!" note 
      "What is a dentist's worst enemy? Sweet Tooth!"
      "Why did Dr. Strangeglove cross the road? Because the Super Moshis were right behind him!"
      "What did Zommer say to Dr. Strangeglove? I've got my EYE on you!" note 
      "Why did Zommer quit teaching? Because he only had one pupil!"
      "Why can't Moshi pirates say the alphabet? Because they always get lost at 'c'."
      "Which airline do the Spookies travel with? British Scare-Ways!"
      "What do you call a quiet Snookums? Shush-ums!"
      "How do monsters get to school? In a ghoul bus!"

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