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Headscratchers / Mortal Kombat: Legacy

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  • How did the people who run the Bedlam House not notice that Raiden has blue blood?
    • Or freaking LIGHTING coruscating inside his eyes? Or hell how did they keep him there, they legally don't have the power to kidnap bums and then give them expensive drugs, food, and treatment without telling someone in the government and all Raiden woud have to said is "let me out of here" and legally they would have to. They can't hold onto him unless he was legally declared a ward of the state, and then the STATE would be paying for his treatment, but do we see /1/ govt agent?
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    • Maybe its secretly run by Shao Kahn.
      • Then the psychiatrist must be Shang Tsung (and killed the real psychiatrist)?
    • Maybe the psychiatrist is just Too Dumb to Live.
  • About Scorpion and Sub-Zero...why are they in feudal Japan? Don't get me wrong, it was cool, but if everyone else is from the present day, and they're all supposed to be in the same tournament, how would they get there?
    • Well, okay, Scorpion's undead via Quan Chi's magic, so that's an easy explanation for how he'd live to the present day. As for would that work? I know he's a Legacy Character and all, but Scorpion specifically calls him Bi-Han. Do present Bi-Han and his ancestor just happen to have the same name?
    • The world is most likely a giant Anarchronism Stew just like how the games are
    • It's also possible that Bi-Han's relationship with Kuai-Liang has been changed from brother to ancestor, especially since the opening narration for Hanzo's story is framed around a member of the Lin Kuei telling a story to his child.
    • The second season states that the flashbacks of Kenshi and Sub Zero happened in feudal Japan. How they lived to reach the modern era has so far been ignored.
      • Bi-Han and Kuai Liang's ability to control ice comes from the fact that they're at the least one half cryomancer, an Outworld species, and all Outworld (and the other realms, really) inhabitants live for ridiculously long amounts of time (Shao Kahn, for example, is in the 100,000's range, if not millions, yet looks like he's 40 at most). Kenshi's could be explained by his encounter with Ermac.
      • Given that Kung Lao's outfit was changed whenever he was teleported to the island, who's to say that Bi-Han and Kenshi didn't have their attire upgraded to modern standards? It's not improbable to suggest that Raiden has been recruiting across time.
      • What if Kenshi and Bi-Han both are previous Mortal Kombat tournament champions and were never killed when they lost their champion title/position? I mean, what do we know about former champions of Mortal Kombat who lose their title and aren't killed? What if they don't lose that nifty little clause that keeps an champion from aging until the next tournament? It'd give the former champions opportunities to reclaim their title. Of course, that idea could be nixed, considering that Kenshi was surprised when He found out that He could telekinetically manipulate things. Although in Bi-Han's case, He took to using his freezing powers quickly, as if He's used them before.
  • Is it me, or does MK Legacy II take place 20 Minutes into the Future? From what I've gathered, it's taking place ten years after the first season. If MK Legacy takes place in 2011-2012, that would put Legacy II in 2021-2022. It would explain why Johnny Cage is older(aside from the fact that they got a different actor), and having spiraled down the ladder even further. His declining mental state could be due to Shang Tsung cursing him for rejecting his offer to fight for him in the previous Mortal Kombat, as seen in the first season. It doesn't seem like it's been just weeks or months since Johnny said no to Shang Tsung. We also don't see enough elements in the Earth Realm to indicate that 2021-2022 is more advanced than now. I mean, the relatively lightweight looking tactical responder vest that Stryker wears could be handwaved as something high-tech. It doesn't look like someone on a SWAT Entry Team would wear without something bulkier underneath. Maybe the vest he's wearing is some next-gen Kevlar successor or spin-off that provides the same protection as an duty vest or assault vest.
    • There's nothing indicating that there's a ten year gap between the two seasons.

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