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Tear Jerker / Mortal Kombat: Legacy

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  • Hanzo Hazashi finding his dead family.
  • Liu Kang watching helplessly as his fiancee is murdered in front of him.
  • Johnny's character arc. Rather than fighting for publicity or proving that he's not a fake, Johnny in this continuity is a washed-up actor that can't find any work. He pitched a Dog the Bounty Hunter-esque reality show, which unfortunately for him got rejected. Despite that, he kept his cool about it. However, a few minutes later, he finds out that the producer he pitched the idea to enthusiastically gives it to a network executive, but gives it a different lead. This ultimately makes Johnny go on a violent rampage at the studio by beating the man and everyone who tries stopping him. Actors and writers struggling for work can probably relate to this.
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  • Seeing into Bi-Han and Hanzo's past as children, and then later as adults. Bi-Han's reaction to the death of Hanzo, his family and their entire clan is more than understandable, because they were in the process of mending bridges and possibly rekindling a friendship. To drive that nail into the coffin, we have Bi-Han trying to convince Hanzo not to attack, confused as to what's going on, before getting into an heated fist fight. And then we have Bi-Han pleading with Hanzo to hear him out and listen to the truth. It all falls on deaf ears when Hanzo gets his revenge, impaling Bi-Han in the back and then ripping out his head and spine in the process.

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