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Awesome / Mortal Kombat: Legacy

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  • Jax's No-Holds-Barred Beatdown of Kano in Episode 2. Redefines Eye Scream.
  • The final scene of Episode 6. Nice Hat, Raiden.
    • Hell, just the whole thing of Episode 6.
  • Johnny Cage beating up the network execs for stealing his idea, along with the three burly security men that attempt to bring him down. Seeing the guy crying like a bitch with a broken nose as he threatens to ruin Johnny's career is very satisfying.
    Johnny: (slugs the executive in the face a few times, does a Neck Lift) Does that look fucking fake to you?!
  • Scorpion vs Sub-Zero. ROUND 1. FIGHT!
    • Complete with Scorpion saying "GET OVER HERE!" in Japanese.
    • Hanzo Hasashi's death and rebirth.
    Hanzo Hasashi: Watashi no na wa...Scorpion. (My name is...Scorpion.)
  • Episode 9. All of it!
  • Johnny is the closest thing this series has to a Butt-Monkey, but in Season 2 he repeatedly demonstrates why he's in the tournament.
    • He fights pretty evenly with Mileena, until she administers a Groin Attack and impales him against a tree. Mileena completely forgets about him and starts fighting with Kitana. She's about to kill Kitana, when Johnny pulls a Big Damn Heroes by stabbing Mileena in the foot, leaving her wide open for a fatality.
    • In the Season 2 Finale, Johnny is able to briefly hold his own against Liu Kang, despite being stabbed, having an arm in a sling, and other injuries. Even his opponent admits he's good.
    Liu Kang: You've gotta be kidding me. You were that actor, right?
    Johnny: (Clutching his injured arm) Still am.
    Liu Kang: Heh. Always thought you had a stunt double.
    Johnny: Nope. All me.
    Liu Kang: ...Obviously. Must have skills to be invited here.
    Liu Kang: So modest. You bit off more than you can chew. You should've stuck to the movies.
    Johnny: Would've if I could've. This was my last least, to be useful.
    Liu Kang: Would you like to have a quick death in the dirt or a chance on your feet? (Johnny answers by standing tall and assuming a fighting stance despite his injuries, and then holding his own for a few seconds.) You're good.
    Liu Kang: (Proceeds to curbstomp him) You do make this look easy.
  • Speaking of the above spoilered character, he's been handing out brutal beatings in all his fight scenes. He started the fight with Johnny Cage by throwing out an attack that knocked out Striker despite missing, and all he had between fighting Cage and Striker was a heaping helping of stun gun. Kung Lao arrived in time to stop him from finishing Striker, but the odds still don't look good for the heroes. After all, they're up against Liu Kang, the previous champion of Mortal Kombat.
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  • Kenshi versus Ermac. Short but Awesome.
  • On a more meta level, having Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa reprise his movie role as Shang Tsung. He's so pitch-perfect as the villain it's almost impossible to imagine anyone else in the role.
    • And Tsung proceeds to convert Liu Kang to Outworld. It takes a special sort of evil awesome for a villain to make a former rival their right hand.


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