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09:28:43 PM Jun 14th 2016
How about this for the main image?:
First all "ice". Then, all "sugar".
04:22:01 AM Jun 15th 2016
You should start a new thread in the Image Pickin' forum if you want to add an image as it says in the source for this page
11:32:29 AM Aug 25th 2013
Does Soi Fon from Bleach count? She's cold and guarded - unless Yoruichi is concerned. (I might have the kuu- part described with the wrong words, but... Meh.)
04:26:23 PM Mar 13th 2013
I still think "Sugar and Ice" doesn't fit well the character type. It think it would be better something like "Icy/Sugary Personality". After all the Icy side it's the first to show.
01:32:50 PM Jul 9th 2012
What about this quote from Criminal Minds as the page quote?

Hotch: Prentiss, this is the job, and I need to know that you can be objective.
Prentiss: And I need to know that I can be human.
03:09:13 PM Aug 10th 2012
I don't think that's a very good quote; it doesn't really seem to connect to the trope at all.
04:47:39 AM Oct 15th 2011
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10:43:29 AM Sep 18th 2011
edited by moonytheloony
I love the new name for Kuudere. Who thought of it?
01:05:34 PM Sep 18th 2011
Someone in this thread. I don't remember who off the top of my head.
09:55:54 PM Oct 9th 2011
edited by raxies94
I actually really liked the old name. Shame to see it go.
12:57:37 AM Oct 13th 2011
It's not really gone. Kuudere is still a fanspeak page.
03:50:31 PM Nov 1st 2011
Doesn't stop people from changing Kuudere to this term. -_- Seriously, if you said a very scary guy had a sugar and ice personality, that would sound very awkward.
01:57:38 AM Dec 20th 2012
If you said a very scary guy had a kuudere personality, it would either sound like a pormanteau of kudu and deer, or it would sound like a fanspeak term primarily used for categorizing anime high school girls.

Pick your poison.
11:31:38 PM Sep 16th 2011
edited by Nocturna
The examples below need expansion or clarification. If you're familiar with the show in question, please expand the example and put it on the main page.


Anime and Manga

Comic Books


Live Action TV

Video Games

Web Comics

Western Animation
  • Zhalia Moon of Huntik acts as one of these to the party for much of the first season; she thaws out a lot after she stops spying for the villains.
  • Gwen from Total Drama Island was a mix of this and Tsundere towards Trent in the first season.
  • Huey Freeman from The Boondocks.
  • Tom on The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan coldly controls his emotions to the point where in episode 3, the following exchange takes place:
    Tom: My emotions have reached a state which makes it difficult for me to cogitate calmly.
    Suzie: In other words...
    Alan: He's mad!
  • Tenzin and Lin from The Legend of Korra.

Does this even belong here, if she's a Defrosting Ice Queen?

Does this belong? Shy and awkward =/= cold personality.
  • Sable Able from Animal Crossing starts out acting sort of shy and awkward the first time you talk to her, but eventually warms up after you've visited her shop enough times.
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