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10:27:45 PM Feb 9th 2013
Seeing as TV Tropes is one of the primary references used, is there someplace I could post my own recommendations list on this site? I read a lot of comments about an uneven level of quality, and since I do a substantial amount of reading and I've kept notes, I figured I should share the list. But I cannot find anywhere to get the word out about it, as it were.


— jagter se maan
01:15:44 AM Feb 10th 2013
Try the forums. In addition, posting your own recs on this page and linking reviews of fics that are already here always helps.

Multiple opinions are good. We like multiple opinions.
03:39:02 AM Feb 10th 2013
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Awesome, thank you Iaculus! I will check out the forums. Feel free to have a look and let me know what you think!

— jagter se maan
11:43:15 AM Feb 10th 2013
I should probably mention that by 'link reviews' I mean 'click on the Add Review button below a rec (or add one if one isn't there already) and type in your opinions on a fic'. The more of those we have, the better.
07:03:54 PM Feb 1st 2013
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I would like to recommend a fic I personally love "The Rise of Uzumaki Naruko" by Dreetji.
08:30:14 PM Feb 1st 2013
Then what's the problem? Do you just not know how?
09:22:56 PM Mar 20th 2013
Yeah mostly because I am pretty much incompetent when it comes to formatting things and would rather not horrendously butcher the process.
02:25:30 AM Dec 22nd 2012
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So I'd Like To Recommended a Story but I'm not sure what Category it should go under.

Said Story Contains a few Characters From One Piece them being little more than Side-Characters and a few things of the One Piece verse (Rokushiki Techniques, Yami Fruit (Dark Fruit) (Powers Not the Fruit) , Yoru (Mihawk's Sword) and Gecko's Shadow Technique, probably should be noted that these powers are only wielded by the Main Character.

That Aside this Story takes place in the Naruto verse in which the One Piece verse are the same just hundreds of years later.

So Should this go under Crossover's on does it need to be more Expansive?

While I'm Here, What would Qualify worth stating as a Pairing, Particularly These Examples below.

Two character's Essentially just having sex for Pleasure with a Minimum (Emotional) relationship or One Sided (Emotional) Affection for one Character and the other Character simply goes Along with it just for the Pleasure.

Sorry If This Is In The Wrong Place.

Actually since the Author didn't put it under the Crossover section that's pretty much my answer.
05:56:13 AM Dec 22nd 2012
One question - What's With all the Random Capitalisation?
10:52:27 AM Dec 22nd 2012
To Place Emphasis on Particular Words, They Look Nicer (IMO) and Force of Habit.
10:03:51 PM Mar 10th 2014
If it's meshing two different Universes together, then it's a Crossover. If it's picking and choosing certain people from universes, then it depends on the case. Por Ejemplo, Naruto in the bleach-verse is a crossover, but Naruto in the Naruto-verse with a smattering of bleach characters introduced, yet not really the driving plot point can be debated. It has to do with who is the antagonist(s), and where the greatest emphasis is placed on which "verse."

Another example is the labeling in fanfiction, on whether to put something as a Naruto/Bleach crossover, or a Bleach/Naruto crossover. Like the whole "Naruto/Sauske" Yaoi Shipping War, there is a distinction.

On the matter of parings, I think you're confusing Parings with Ships. A paring is essentially any two characters in a story/fic that are focused on the most. Parings can be Ships if it gets romantic or steamy. According to your examples, all three can be parings.
07:08:30 PM Dec 21st 2012
I'd like to ask a question. Are there minimal requirements for how many reviews a story should have for it to be able to be recommended here? (e.g a min of 10 reviews per chapter, etc). Thank you in advance.
01:51:46 AM Dec 22nd 2012
Nope; provided it doesn't break the Content Policy and isn't a fanfic you wrote, you can recommend anything you like, whether it has 1 or 10 or 100 reviews.
11:12:21 PM Dec 22nd 2012
Thank you for the answer. That is very reassuring.
02:33:05 AM Oct 31st 2012
Can we make a separate page for Self-Insert Naruto Fanfics. I've seen quite a few good ones out there, and I think they're deserving of recommendation. Not least of all "Dreaming of Sunshine", which seems to be on the "For Want of a Nail" list simply because there's no other place for it. And even besides the authors it's inspired to Follow the Leader (of which there are a few gems), there's more traditional Self-Insert fiction that deserves a credit

Anyone agree with me? If so, how do we make a new page?
08:04:44 PM Feb 20th 2014
I agree with this suggestion, but I'm not sure how to go about implementing it.
10:07:24 PM Mar 10th 2014
Right now, I'd just suggest sticking them all in the General fic, while having "Self-Insert" as one of the tags or in the summary.

You can message a moderator on if this is possible or if they can code a self-insert page. Note, however, that there are more than a million of these self-insert fics, so if Naruto has a page, then likewise, there will have to be a page for each and every single genre of fiction.
12:51:42 PM Feb 24th 2012
Does anybody know why the lists were chagnged from addition order to alphabetic order?
02:33:05 AM Nov 1st 2012
Probably to give them a better sorting, really. It looks better, in a manner of speaking. Less preferential, especially when the lists grow beyond expectations.

For anyone who wants to see if there's new ones, they can always keep tabs on "History", or just go through the list once again.
07:26:23 PM Jul 23rd 2011
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I apologize if this was discussed and I missed it. What happened to the shipping fanfic recs? Don't particularly care to be entirely honest, but I just noticed they were gone from a grand total of... this page. Did flame wars get too bad?
07:09:21 AM Jul 24th 2011
Weirdly enough, I don't think this page ever had a specific shipping section. The shipfics are pretty evenly spread out amongst the other categories.
10:56:49 AM Jun 28th 2011
I'd like to recommend this fic:

[url=]New chance[/url], by [url=]hektols[/url] Recommended by: Onemanfrom Argentina. Synopsis: (from "A 10 years old Naruto meets a man who will change his life and the Ninja Nations, but will it be for good? The Yondaime has returned and he is not happy. Naru Hina later." Comments: Interesting fic but sometimes a bit anvillious about the Authors OTP
09:18:46 PM Apr 30th 2011
Ok, so Imma say that, given that partially kissed hero has its own page, chunin exa day deserves one too. making it now.
12:48:57 PM Mar 18th 2011
Okay, I'd like to ask if the author recommendation for VF Snake can be taken down. This is for numerous reasons, as listed after taking a long perusal of his work:

1. His writing style is okay at best, with not much detail or effort visible to readers besides in the gratuitous lemons. 2. He constantly bashes characters, Sasuke especially, and Obi-Wan for god's sakes! 3. The heroes and villains are two-dimensional at best. 4. There is no real conflict that isn't solved by either fucking or a few actions that hardly constitute a battle. 5. The only really notable thing about him is that all his work is basically either pornography or character bashing. /rant

I understand that he can be a guilty pleasure, but to get an author recommendation is way too much for writing of such poor quality. But I'd like to ask before actually cutting him from the list, so please respond with your own opinions.
11:40:08 AM Mar 19th 2011
Why not just put up your own reviews for his stories in the appropriate sections?
09:27:51 PM Mar 19th 2011
True. It'd offer a nice secondary opinion I guess. And if we can have Chuunin Exam Day in the Recommendations, I suppose leaving it there, but with a review of how Your Mileage May Vary his work is can satiate me. Thank you for the idea.
10:24:38 PM Mar 24th 2011
(moved my post from the main rec page to discussion page) "I enjoy Snake because sometimes, it's just fun to read a totally Boring Invincible Hero story every now and again. Its enjoyable to read a story where you don't have to worry about characterization, and character flaws, and stuff that makes other stories truly excellent in their own rights. Sometimes, it's just fun to read a story where you can laugh, and indulge your own secret desires to be like a fictional character. As for the relationship creepiness, as long as the reader understands its fiction (and obviously not socially acceptable), it can be taken in stride. I didn't recommend Snake because I thought he was an excellent and deeply engaging writer, I rec'ed him because out of all the wish-fulfillment authors I've read stories from, Snake is the most humorous and over-the-top. So, if you're looking for a deeply moving and gripping masterpiece, don't read Snake's stuff. If you're looking for something to read because you're in the middle of raging about how Kishi is ruining the story, sure, have a look."

So, yeah. I definitely acknowledge he's not a great writer, but i figure he deserves a reccomendation for two reasons:

A) As stated, if something like CED can make it in, so can Vf Snake. B) Related to A), IMHO Snake's writing comes across as a more exaggertaed (in a good way) version of Lionheart/Skysaber. Snake himself seems to realize this, he's replied to reviews stating he knows his stuff is "bad writing" but just doesn't care because for him its fun to write a character who in his opinion has gotten short-shafted as overpowered. Personally, I feel that Snake is a superior writer to Lionheart, if only because Snake realizes his stuff isn't going to win any awards at all. Compare Lionheart's epic rants against even constructive criticism.

Tl:dr: Snake's stuff is fun to read assuming you are willing to forget aout seriousness and just roll with the flow. just my opinion, though.
07:19:58 AM Mar 25th 2011
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You could have easily put this on the split page's discussion page by clicking discuss at the top of the page you know that right?
02:20:15 PM Mar 25th 2011
um no, I didn't. I'm new here, so I'll remember that in future. thanks!
11:25:43 AM Feb 20th 2014
I'll be honest, if it were my review section, neither of those entries would be here. I enjoy a good laugh now and then, but the Fanfic Rec page insinuates "decent writing" - the 10 percent worth fighting for. I can tolerate a non-serious story, or even a subpar one, but VF Snake and authors like him seem to write with the pure intention of vitriol. It's not about having a laugh, it's about CHEWING OUT characters they dislike. His writing style is incredibly obnoxious, uninspired, repetitive, and gratuitously obscene.

But it's not my review board. That said, I dislike this author with almost every fiber of my being, and it annoys me that there are some really great stories out there that get 5-10 reviews a month when guys like this can make a name for themselves by writing stories that focus solely on character bashing and wish fulfillment, and have 500 reviews minimum per story. If he even wrote ONE story that wasn't utter vitriol, I could sympathize with you, but I can't. This guy is awful, and he knows it, he relishes in it. He's the fan fiction equivalent of a 'shock jock', but if you read the reviews on his fics you'd think he was a passable, nuanced writer.

He can write better, he has 'some' good ideas, and he doesn't want to.
03:46:28 PM Feb 16th 2011
Character Pages This is just a question. Would it be permissible if i set up a character page for the original characters in these fanfics?
03:58:23 PM Feb 16th 2011
It depends. Are the characters from one fanfic in particular are various fanfics?
04:06:23 PM Feb 16th 2011
It's probably be easier to make a fanfic page of the fanfic in question and then make a character page there. Especially if they're not seen in multiple fanfics that have been recommended.
02:48:45 AM Feb 2nd 2011
Moving wall of text over Naruto: Captured.

The rec page is not a forum. Please keep serious of long rebuttals here.

  • I think the difference between the "Elites" and "Rank and File" ninja is more a case of public face than actual training. "Elites" seem to be the ones who go on more publicized missions and are considered the 'face' of each ninja village, while the "Rank and File" ninja are as stated, rank and file, all those similarly-dressed ninja that make up 90% of Konoha's forces. And it seems that the other difference is that the "Elites" suffer from inflated egos about themselves (as shown by Ino), while "Rank and File" ninja are treated as if they were a soldier in the real life military.
  • EdStargazer himself appears to agree with this viewpoint, early on making the comparison of "Elite" ninja to medieval knights, and "Rank and File" to regular army soldiers. Different styles of training rank-and-file ninja don't make jonin rank as often as Elites, however their more robust training means that, at the lower levels, it's possible for them to beat their Elite counterparts, one on one.
  • That... doesn't make sense. The elite Ninja are recieving personally education by the best/deadliest Ninja in the Village, repertory of unique and well tested abilities and honed in life/death Missions. In Medieval Times a Knight would slaughter easily a rank and file soldier since say, the soldiers where peasants forced to fight, unarmed and untrained while Knights had years of training, experience and the best weapons. And egos... how can a Ninja be "elite" and still be prey of Ego to the point of be so easily duped. Seems to use an Ego (not the same thing as be careless) as a cover Plot Hole. Is like saying a a normal soldier should be able to take down an Sparta because he had massive ego. Not a horrible story but the try to blend normal "military reality" in the Naruto Verse without changing several facts of the Verse (Chakra capacity, strength difference, Blood Line work etc...)itself fall flat and make it too jarring to properly enjoy. Also Seal teaching after dropping out... a little absurd and nonsensical. Also the bashing can get quite immature
  • This troper read it more as Fighter Pilot (the elite) versus special forces infantry. Under the right circumstances, the fighter can either kill, or be killed by, infantry. Both excellent tools, just for different things.
  • This troper would just like to agree with the comment that having the drop-out ninja who are better than the 'elites' is completely nonsensical, plain and simple. The fighter pilot/spec ops and knight/soldier analogies simply do not make sense, because they don't apply here. Pilots and ground troops are two very different military positions, whereas elite ninja and poor ninja are the same position, but separated by their level of competency. A better comparison would be a a Delta Force team and a regular infantry team - both are capable of dying, but the odds are skewed in favour of the former. Likewise, the knight/soldier analogy put forward by the author completely misses the mark, as knights were far better trained and far better equipped than the conscripted soldiers that he was referring to. Soldiers were capable of killing knights, because in Real Life Anyone Can Die. It should also be noted that if an 'elite' ninja's ego can be easily exploited to achieve victory, than they aren't elite at all. Its not just skill, but also professionalism, that determines military competency.
05:10:58 PM Jun 26th 2011
The biggest problem is that the system described in the author's notes is not the same as what appears in the story. We're told "Oh, these guys are solid in the basics, but rarely make the higher ranks" only to have not have the distinction maintained in-story. The end result is that it seems like the author decided "Well, I want to do X, Y and Z" and came up with the setting to justify it afterwards. And it shows.
07:28:33 PM Jan 21st 2011
New Rec

Thought I'd at least put this fic up for discussion, as I've been following it for a while and really like it so far. The Mind is a Delicate Thing by Gallyrat. It follows an OC lead who is assigned to study the konoha rookies' mental health, and is currently in between the second and third stages of the exam.
03:26:18 AM Nov 11th 2010
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In my response to my comment on Naruto: Shattered Eyes, 17th_Immortal added:
  • More like Fridge Horror than a second Super-Powered Evil Side, with maybe some With Great Power Comes Great Insanity thrown in for good measure Bloodline Limits are supposed to be all about genetics and DNA-inherited traits, right? So, in order to copy something like that, Naruto would have to alter his very biochemistry, possibly even down to the cellular structure and beyond, in order to match the Limit he's copying, every single time he uses it. What do you think would happen, if a human brain were to overdose on something like that?!

Look, the drawing deeply on the Kyokagan involves a darker, more violent shift in personality that's directly tied to the silver chakra power-up. That's what a Super-Powered Evil Side is: power-up + evil. I don't care what kind of pseudo-science excuses you want to make for why a quasi-magical power's "drawback" exists in the story. A spade is a spade.

What else could it be called? (Other than a direct rip-off of Claire's partially awakened form in Claymore...)
02:21:16 AM Dec 10th 2010
First, you're using the name of the god of Kobolds as a pen name. Nice.

Second, having yet to read the fic itself I can't argue, but if 17th_Immortal's description of it is accurate, I would argue that Super Powered Evil Side is inaccurate, because it typically represents a stand alone personality. If Naruto acts and behaves VERY different from normal, it's SPES. If not, it's WGPCGI.
02:54:44 AM Feb 2nd 2011
The borderline between SES and WGPCGI is pretty thin at times, but I don't think the distinction between the tropes is about the SES being a "stand alone" personality so much as it being that evil/madness comes when using the power instead of all the time. You power up, you turn evil.

When it comes to fictional MPD, though just how "stand alone" another personality really is is hard to say. Take Ichigo and his Hollow side in Bleach, for example. It's just another part of him.

(Thanks for the complement on the nick.)
03:53:23 PM Jun 15th 2010
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Response to Bored Austrailian's Team 8 Neg Rep:

"Popular and well written grammatically as it is, this troper found the fic to be rather two dimensional and cliche: Naruto is given 'cooler' clothes, undergoes Gai and Lee's Weights & Taijutsu training regime, removes Neji's branch seal without any real knowledge of sealing techniques or their workings, beats Sasuke in the Chunin Preliminaries with a single punch and portrays the village council and Hyuga clan leaders as irritatingly petty and evil. But then again, this troper had read dozens of excellent and completely original For Want Of A Nail fics before Team 8, so my standards might be somewhat critical."

"Cooler" clothes, you complain? Everything is cooler than a freaking road cone orange jumpsuit, Kurenai could've had Naruto running around in a bath robe and it would still be cooler than what he's got. The standard ninja outfit is practical, not cool, which was the whole reason Kurenai ordered the change in the first place.

Taijutsu is the only thing Naruto can really specialize in at first, both ninjutsu and genjutsu rely on chakra control that Naruto doesn't have so putting him through Gai's training program makes perfect sense. Kurenai identified that Naruto was going to be the team's designated front-line fighter and gave him training that would maximize his effectiveness in that role. What exactly is cliche about that?

Naruto didn't need to know anything about seals to undo the branch seal because he didn't undo the seal, he destroyed it with the Kyuubi's chakra. That whole fight — both in the the fic and in canon — was about fate, and Naruto destroying the seal is a demonstration that fate is not absolute.

Sasuke... oh come on, the Uchiha brat is at the same level he was in canon while Naruto's been sparring with Lee on a regular basis and holding his own, how the hell did you think this was going to turn out?

As for the Hyuuga and the village council, I'll admit that that's overdone in most fanfics but here they add a few more layers of conflict for the characters to work through, and having enemies outside and inside the village makes the story more complex than it was in canon. Also, we haven't even scratched the surface of the council's involvement in Kurenai's backstory yet, and I get the feeling that we'll be seeing a lot more of that subplot before the story ends.

So yeah, I take issue with your opinion of this fic and I agree that you're being excessively critical of it. Are you sure you read the actual fic and didn't just browse through the trope page?
08:06:11 PM Jun 22nd 2010
Complaining about people complaining about shows you like is a trope right?

It sure seems to apply here.
11:18:22 AM Jun 23rd 2010
It's not a complaint, it's a rebuttal that would've gone on the main page if I hadn't had so much to say. We ARE still allowed to have conflicting opinions, right?
01:15:00 PM Jun 23rd 2010
@Anonguy: The trope you're thinking of is Complaining about People Not Liking the Show
05:57:27 PM Jun 23rd 2010

Your entire rebuttal is, "Oh yeah? Well I liked it so there!"

That's complaining.

BTW, if we're allowed differing opinions and all, you accusing him of not reading it smacks of The Complainer Is Always Wrong
09:05:09 PM Jun 23rd 2010
My rebuttal is "All your complaints are bogus and taken out of context, here's why." I know the sort of fics Australian is comparing the fic to (got one or two on my favorites list as a matter of fact) and they're on completely opposite ends of the quality scale; in fact if I didn't know otherwise I'd say Team 8 is the fic that all the others are ripping off with all those "cliches" Australian listed. It's a question of being a Cliché Storm or being Troperrific... which, now that I think of it in those terms, isn't such a huge deal after all.

Regardless, that post wasn't supposed to be a conversation starter, just an addendum; either drop the subject or continue talking to yourself, I'm done here.
03:00:06 AM Jun 27th 2010
Man, you so totally mad and I didn't even style on you.

PS. If it wasn't meant to be a conversation started, you shouldn't say it at all.

PPS. Nice job taking the high road when you admit to being butthurt. WTG d00d.
06:02:17 PM Jun 30th 2010
edited by BoredAustralian
So, I just found out that my review sparked Comatemis' rather heated reply. I'm not interested in getting into an argument, so if it's cool with everyone I'm probably just going to make my case for my review and walk away. Firstly, yes, I read the fic. Having an opinion of a story that differs from someone else's does not mean that I haven't read it. It's remarkably conceited to believe that anyone who doesn't share your opinion must be unfamiliar with the subject matter. That said, lets begin...

The typical Naruto fashion makeover is a point I generally find annoying, but seeing as it happens in so many fics it's not a dealbreaker for me. I was merely using it as an example of something off the top of my head I didn't like about the story (I wasn't going to list everything I disagreed with in a review a couple lines long). The reason why is simple: the colour of a Ninja's attire in the Naruto-verse is no big deal as far as staying hidden in the field goes. Ninja can sense each others' Chakra signatures from way off, use a simple transformation jutsu or any number of advanced genjutsu to help hide themselves. Orange clothes are difficult to camoflauge, but so is Naruto's blonde hair, Sakura's pink hair, Sakura's red dress, etc. The Ninja world are quite able to compensate for their fashion choices in combat (to a degree, at least), otherwise people would wear something other than sandals while running around treetops. At the end of the day, if Naruto likes orange clothes (shown by the fact he's still wearing them after the timeskip), he'd keep them, anything else is just the author trying to make him cooler (or worse, forcing their own personality on the canon protagonist so that they can disguise a self-insert fic). I'm tired of reading an author's handwave about the orange jumpsuit being the only thing he can buy.

My complaint about the Gai/Weights/Taijutsu path is that it happens so often. If Naruto currently lacks Chakra control, why doesn't Kurenai give Naruto some training in that area, so that she becomes able to help her student advance on her own without needing to contact another Jounin-sensei who has his own team to worry about? She's supposed to be a teacher, not a guidance counselor, and if Konoha's resident Genjutsu expert is unable to help her student overcome his Chakra control problems no one can.

The explanation 'Kyuubi's demonic Chakra just destroyed the seal' is something I found annoying, plain and simple. It doesn't matter to me how good the author's grammar is or how many fans they have - an Ass Pull is an Ass Pull.

I agree, Naruto would clearly win in such a situation, but one punch? Without at least providing enough detail to make it clear Naruto moved fast and put all of his power into it? I have a hard time believing that the Sharingan, coupled with Sasuke's natural talent would not allow him to deal with an enemy genin's very first attack. Especially considering that by deliberately goading Naruto, Sasuke would have known that he was precipitating a violent response.

I disagree. The Hyuuga clan leaders and village council are portrayed as Stupid Evil, and there is no justification the author has shown in any of the 20 chapters written to-date that changes that for me. No fan, no matter how impassioned, can convince me otherwise.

You're allowed your opinion, but so am I. My review was intended to provide some much needed contrast to the flood of praise, to show that not everyone loved it and that it isn't without errors of its own. I sincerely feel all of my points are legitimate concerns for a reader who is looking for something different. To give a couple examples, I would recommend any interested reader to take a look at Scorpion's Disciple by nobody102, The Ghost and the Darkness by Kirsdarkenvar or Houses of the Holy by Howdyu (though the latter appears to be a dead fic). Note: each of my recommendations have errors of their own and I readily admit that. I have yet to encounter a perfect fic, but I personally enjoyed those three more than I did Team 8. It may be that I am being too critical, I get a lot of that, but the point of any review is to provide an accurate description of your views on the matter. I'm not going to hold my tongue just because there are people who disagree with me.

Edit: Perhaps you might find it easier if I listed a couple things I like about Team 8? For the record, I liked the plot point that Haku survived and was brought back to Konoha despite Naruto having nothing to do with it. I liked that Team 8 didn't end up getting the mission to wave country 'just because', as many other stories have it. I liked Naruto's solution to the Chunin written exam. I liked the verbal clash with the Rock-nin in chapter 7 finishing with Naruto being mistaken for Minato (Though I did find it a pretty glaring plothole that they wouldn't have heard that he's been dead... for 11 years. How old are their damn Bingo books?). And lastly I liked that in Chapter 20, the author wasn't afraid to induce a shocking WHAM episode by killing Kurenai. All the same, I've read many fics I enjoyed more.
01:47:06 PM Aug 2nd 2010
I love team 8. that said, I agree with bored australian about the clothing detail. Naruto likes orange, and he jumpsuit isn't that bad. Naruto's power ups are not insane like they are in many fics.
08:37:10 PM Aug 2nd 2010
I'll admit I really enjoy Team 8. However, the story itself is not flawless, I have to admit.

1. The "cooler clothes" point Australian brings up is valid. Naruto likes orange. That's why he wears it. Not because shopkeepers won't sell him anything else (and even if they didn't, Konoha must have some form of Goodwill. Surely Naruto could've gotten his hands on something else)

2. I understand the Sasuke Naruto fight. I do. Sasuke was exhausted, unable to use his Sharingan, and overconfident. Naruto used Kyuubi chakra. At the same feels...annoying. Almost like a cop out.

3. The council...of DOOM

4. Naruto destroying Neji's seal But I don't quite understand it. The caged bird seal is like a bomb - randomly throwing energy at it is more likely to make it explode than diffuse it. At the very least, we could've seen more of Naruto studying seals in between the 2nd and third tests.
02:14:20 AM Aug 13th 2010
While I like Team 8 and disagree with BoredAustralian on most his points, I have to chime in with a "Hear, hear!" in response to his comment on the orange jumpsuit. It has no negative effect in the canon universe (which is a shonen action hero story, not a seinen realistic ninja drama), and it's usually flashing, klaxon-blaring warning sign #1 that the author is in the process of creating a Posession Sue.

That said, I don't think that's what S'Tar'kan actually did here, but it's a major pet peeve for this reader as well.
06:41:04 PM Aug 22nd 2010
edited by BoredAustralian
It should be noted that I am by no means saying that Team 8 is a bad fic, just one that I didn't enjoy personally. When I read a For Want of a Nail fanfic, I usually want to see the protagonist with a similar personality (or if changes are made, they must be justified and believable) but different abilities or goals. Team 8 is well-written and edited, which is to its credit, but it mainly walks along all-too-familiar ground and seems reluctant to make any changes which might diverge too far from the over-reaching plot of the canon story.

If readers are looking for a story in which Naruto's growth occurs a touch more drastically, and more interestingly (or at least, differently) then I would suggest passing it over. If, however, you're interested in stories which follow the canon of Naruto but with several rearrangements in character relations, by all means I reccommend Team 8.
02:33:24 AM Aug 23rd 2010
That's probably because it is several years old and most of it's plot has become overused know days.
09:55:17 PM Sep 2nd 2010
Honestly, despite being a major fan of Team 8, I have to agree on almost all points. At times it comes off as shallow. I have a number of minor gripes that tend to just be personal pet peeves about the nature of learning jutsu and elemental affinities, and other minor story holes I dislike. I also am extremely put off by the Stupid Evil Hyuuga, but that's just because I saw no evidence to see them as evil, just sort of a harsh asshole to his daughter who, legitimately, was pretty bad. Excuses him? No, but he's not quite a Gendo or worse. Though a Gendo Hiashi would be a particularly interesting set up.

Now, to the point, I think that the major issue is that the author tries to compress time to much and as a result what could be a very deep story often comes off as shallow and forced. I don't see it as better then canon. Not bad, but not better then canon. Is it among the better fics I've read? Of course. But I actually prefer the author's other Naruto story, Out of Darkness, more than Team 8 because of it's unique feel, while many of the tropes and cliches that Team 8 has do seem tired and worn out.

In short, recommend it, but don't give it quite the unlimited rave reviews others do.
09:07:06 PM Sep 8th 2010
Interesting material here, much of which I would recommend to the curious; 'Nin Tech' being the most recent of the batch.
05:49:35 PM Oct 20th 2010
edited by Jomlos
Speaking of which, Magic A Is Magic A violated, REPEATEDLY. Then again, probably this fic has DIFFERENT law in the first place. In canon, Jounins can learn as much as two or three elements during their lifetime career (most genin started their career at 9-12 years). In this fic, That one multiplied with Up to Eleven and Over Nine Thousand, with basic elemental Jutsu can be conquered by practically everyone with several weeks (or days, if you're talented or trying enough), we haven't seen any advanced elemental jutsu training however, so, I assume learning something like Raikiri/Chidori would likely required a long time to do.

All of the arguments above, I totally agree, especially One-Hit KO Sasuke just....Wall Banger-rific. Regarding seal-break, that's one hell of an Ass Pull either. However, nobody is perfect in this story, even Naruto is far from being Marty Stu, and Kurenai, who everyone expect will develop into a Mary Sue (and variants) is NOT, and having Hidden Depths on her own.

Overall, I STILL enjoy the story and waiting for the latest chapter.
04:09:30 AM Oct 26th 2010
edited by Alfric
Now I haven't read the story recently so I may be wrong, but before Narutos' fight with Neji, wasn't he training with Jiraiya? I'm sure you guys know him, the sannin who is really, really good at SEALING jutsus? I'd say that Naruto has been angry at Neji for a while after he hurt Hinata, Jiraiya probably caught wind of it and could have taught Naruto a way to destroy the seal, although it would have been taught off-screen, so I can understand where people see an Ass Pull.

On the One Hit Ko Sasuke part, Sasuke was hampered by having Orochimarus' seal removed, Naruto was just recently pissed off because of what Neji did, Sasuke just pissed him off more, and Naruto probably used a healthy dose of Kyuubi chakra. Sasuke was pretty much at half power, while Naruto was at 100% and had some rage brewing to hit harder.

Just my two cents, make of it what you will.
05:45:05 PM Oct 26th 2010
The elemental chakra point annoys me too, but most of the other points don't. The Hyuuga being evil is due to the as-yet-unrevealed true divergence point, and the Council's evilness was shown in canon when they ordered Itachi to massacre his clan.
10:12:38 PM Nov 8th 2010
Really? Do we need a whole new folder for some guy's crack fan fiction? Is Wreak Fic a valid genre?
05:42:17 AM Nov 9th 2010
It's got a trope, but if it looks better, we'll file it elsewhere and just use the term to describe it. Right now... yeah, it does look sorta odd sitting there by itself. So we either need to slide more in there, or move it and destroy the folder. My lumper side is in charge today, so we'll do the latter.
02:58:11 AM Feb 2nd 2011
There is no "council" in canon, just the advisers, which is not the same thing as the fanon council used in Team 8. Sorry to derail, but that's a major pet peeve of mine in fanfic.
02:01:37 PM Feb 4th 2011
What Alfric said. Plus, in a narrative sense, it was a brilliant move, IMHO. An author sometimes has to reward the expectations of his readers/audience, and sometimes has to play with them in order to catch them by surprise with an unexpected twist... such as in the case of Naruto vs Sasuke. Of course, it doesn't always work, but this isn't such a case as far as I'm concerned.

And about the Council... was the Council of Doom trope present in Naruto fics before Team 8 appeared, or did this fic popularize it among the fandom?
04:56:58 AM Feb 11th 2011
I really enjoyed Team 8, but agree with most (if not all) of the complaints about it, especially the clothing issue and violation of Magic A is Magic A. Another thing that peeves me is that most elements in the story are shining examples of Fanon (Hanabi's attitude, the Council, etc). That said, it has plenty of charm and is highly enjoyable.
07:03:39 PM Jun 5th 2010
Political Alliances By Agent-G Warning: Lots of typos, incolpleted thoughts and confused phrases. Do not offer to help or he will tear you a new one with out even reading the offer to help.
12:12:09 AM May 20th 2010
Some guy named James Tuddrussell recommended his own fic; would someone mind taking a look at it? I'm biased because the author's self aggrandizement irritated me.
11:41:36 PM May 22nd 2010
  • ahem*

Another troper removed the story; Tuddrussell put it back. I'd like to ask that if anyone sees it come back again they remove it.

Or am I being too hard nosed about this?
01:51:39 AM May 27th 2010
edited by Anewbis
I at least agree with you, it's not the whore your fic out page after all.
04:13:44 PM May 27th 2010
Anewbis, the problem's been cleared up.

Tuddrussell posted two fics: his own, Will of the Oath Breaker (which he claims to have been a mistake, and I see no reason to doubt that), and someone else's, Soul of the Seal. Comartemis removed both. Tuddrussell re-added the latter, but not the former, with the stated reason "Was erroneously deleted." Watashiwa removed Soul of the Seal (the one that wasn't his) again, claiming that it was his. Tuddrussell put it back, clarifying the confusion in the "reason:" field.

Any questions?
11:22:22 PM May 28th 2010
edited by tuddrussell
I reccommend linking to toper works on the main page, and/or clarifing further on this line: "Feel free to add a fanfic of your own to the list, but remember to use the template found here."

The only reason I was trying to put my fic in troper works at all, was because I found that page first... But it was really early in the morning, and I had a lot of tabs up at the time. Lost track.
04:48:37 PM Jun 4th 2010
Erk, my bad. Sorry about that. -__-;;

Tuddrussell, I know the page you're talking about, but most Tropers see recommending your own fics as an act of hubris. It isn't against the rules, but it is bad taste. Post your story in your personal profile, and develop a forum presence here. That should get your story read.
01:57:30 AM Mar 22nd 2010
edited by greatpikminfan
Moving sheer Wall of Text discussion about Chuunin Exam Day:

  • Shay Guy: This is what, the third time it's been recced on here? I know I posted it and later removed it, and there was one back in January I removed for being unsigned. Anyway, be warned that there's a reason Perfect Lionheart is known as a "Skysaber tribute band." Be prepared for EPIC Marty Stu-ing, character bashing, mangaka bashing, Fan Wank, and the odd tantrum or two, and expect to facepalm repeatedly. And the Kyuubi joining Naruto's harem.
    • A Skysaber tribute band? Note that my only evidence from saying this is my own hunch after reading the fic in question, but . . . are you sure he's -not- Skysaber? Because he writes -suspiciously- like him. Right down to specific things - like opinions on counterarguments. Seriously, is there anything that doesn't mesh?
    • In Chapter 96 of Partially Kissed Hero, Perfect Lionheart CLAIMS to be Skysaber. Although whether he's actually telling the truth is debatable.
  • Sarah1281: There's bashing and then there's what this story does to Team Seven. It's a groundhog day story so he doesn't remember, but (bolded by topic for ease of reading) Sasuke has had both of his eyes gouged out so Naruto and his harem can steal everyone's techniques (but it's okay when they do it because they take the time to actually learn them after stealing) over and over again. He's been viciously murdered by Itachi and had his mouth stuffed with poo because Naruto starts a rumor about the Uchiha involving poo. He's had Ino go into his mind and discover that he has not a single redeeming feature at all. And then there's Kakashi. While he does, in fact, have maybe one redeeming quality — loyalty to Konoha — he has joined Sasuke in routinely getting his eye gouged out because Naruto and harem (despite having literally all the time in the world) can't be bothered to learn the techniques themselves. He's killed Naruto for embarrassing Sasuke. Jiraiya has no redeeming features either, but at least he's relegated to the sidelines as he isn't seen as evil, just perverted and useless. All the girls around Naruto realize that he's the most amazing being ever and no man could ever compare to him (probably the centuries of time he has on them) and he\'s married to everyone from Ayame to Tsunade. Everyone who isn't either a ninja or in the ramen business has apparently conspired to ruin Naruto's life every chance they get and if things were really even remotely that bad, the Hokage would be forced to do something to prevent Naruto from noticing and killing them all. Which he did in at least one loop — to be fair, that was when Hinata died, but given he knew he was minutes or hours away from looping back and seeing her, was removing the seal from the Kyuubi even remotely necessary? Destroying the entire village for the death of one girl is not very hero-like in my book. Poor Sakura has been so broken down once she joined the loop by realizing that Sasuke is an idiotic sociopath and all the girls hated her for not realizing how amazing Naruto was (although to be fair to her, the author made it quite clear that the village had done such a good job of screwing Naruto over that the Naruto Sakura expected to see was someone to be avoided) that she volunteered to let Naruto abuse her sexually because she wanted some semblance of peace and an escape from the hatred. Asking Naruto to kill the self she was then by releasing her from the loop was what was needed for Naruto to forgive her. Although why SHE needed to be forgiven anything and Naruto recruited the likes of Kin and Tayuya into his harem basically just because they were both girls is beyond me.
  • Shiruvi: I can't fathom why this fic is so popular. Never mind the wasted potential in the story, or the butchering of two of my favourite characters (Sasuke and Neji), the author's attitudes towards Kishimoto and the very concept of constructive criticism is just arrogant. I've read all 70+ chapters and I can honestly say his writing is much, much worse then Kishimoto. Entire arcs are devoted to exposition, including one that was just explaining why monks or samurai or something were so much better then ninjas. I don't know, it all just blurs together after a while. And the above reviewer forgot something; Naruto cheerfully wipes out the entire Hyuuga clan in several resits via their seals. That's right, he pulls an Itachi but with no motivation other then they were mean to Hinata or something. So Yeah, a perfect example of how the number of reviews =/= a good fanfic. Also it's kinda dull.

Great Pikmin Fan: fixed a bizzare problem with the "'"s, there was a slash before all of them, messing up the italics and bold.
05:24:35 AM Apr 18th 2010
A Skysaber tribute band? Note that my only evidence from saying this is my own hunch after reading the fic in question, but . . . are you sure he's -not- Skysaber? Because he writes -suspiciously- like him. Right down to little things - like opinions on counterarguments. Seriously, is there anything that doesn't mesh?
02:33:54 PM Apr 18th 2010
It's been debated pretty heavily on the Drunkard's Walk forums (disclaimer: I haven't been there for a while). The differences are minor — possibly fabricated, yes — but there. Lionheart doesn't yammer on about religion like Skysaber does, and I don't think Skysaber has Lionheart's preoccupation with castration and fecal matter. (The significance of Skysaber not being one of Lionheart's 14 Favorite Authors, but Lionheart being one of Skysaber's four, is left as an exercise for the audience.) I asked him point-blank in a PM once; he didn't respond.
06:39:06 AM Apr 19th 2010
Hmm. What sort of differences? I mean the writing and the gradual evolution of the stories seems to be pretty much on the ball . . . the religion thang I figured would actually be -why- the sockpuppet; a decent chunk of his hatemail comes from his religious craziness. And the castration and fecal matter . . . well, Saber's always been a bit unhinged. I don't think it's out of pattern for him to go down that sort of path in character bashing.

Man, I still remember that guy's rant about how dividing by zero proved that our mathematical system was bunk.

Still, I guess it's sort of pointless frippery, it's not something worth really arguing about and it's sure not worth rereading their fics looking for style parallels. :D But it is interesting . . .
11:28:42 AM Apr 19th 2010
Like I said, possibly fabricated — it is conceivable that he made a new sockpuppet and tried to change a few minor things to deflect suspicion. Skysaber is, however, still posting to his own account. Jury's out, I suppose.

(I've only read a little of his stuff — none of the really juicy rants. :D I've pretty much skimmed past anything that looked like one. You have a link to the division-by-zero thing?)
08:22:22 AM Apr 21st 2010
look as I said it isnt the best work but you really cant ingnore its impact on the naruto fanfiction world. Im not saying its good it really isnt but like a train wreak you really cant ignore it
02:59:45 PM Apr 21st 2010
I think the fic is popular because, once upon a time, it was interesting. Just like Partially Kissed Hero was, at one point in the distant distant past, interesting.

The problem with Lionheart is at some point he seems to have acquired catastrophic brain damage. Or possible swapped his writing ability with Terry Goodkind. His fics have gotten marginally better in the last few chapters, but he spent so long standing on a soap box and ranting about random things that it's just not worth reading, even if you can get through his Hatred of the Authors, despite said hatred stemming almost entirely from stupid fanon stereotypes.
02:44:20 AM Apr 23rd 2010
The juicy rants that predominantly spring to mind were the evolution and the "What is division?"

There was a lot of disagreement (and dare I say, insults) thrown and he deleted his ffnet account. But from -memory- both were in Otaku Reflected somewhere?

Still, interestingly, a brief googling seems to imply that the relevant rants no longer exist on the internet. Heeee. But if you're okay with trying to reconstruct the division rant from an MST, google "make blood vomit from my eye sockets"
04:25:05 PM Apr 23rd 2010
Nitpicking — the author of that spork seems to have confused 10^(-100,000) with 10^-5 (i.e., 1/(100,000). A hundred thousand subtractions of the former number would still only amount to subtracting 10^(-99,995). This, of course, does not change the sporker's point in the slightest.
08:08:25 PM May 5th 2010
Back from digression.

IMHO, this fic is still worth listing because it is, at least initially, pretty interesting. Speculation on the ninja world - about techniques, crafts, how ninja villages work - there are some interesting things to think about if you're interested.

Of course, obscene mutilation of characters (figuratively and otherwise), only decent writing skills, and a lack of any plot focus makes this a really, really terrible story, if you're trying to think of it as a story. Even when trying not to take anything character related seriously, it's hard for me to stomach the frankly disgusting character bashing. (Poo-wielders? Seriously?)

My point: this has the potential to present some interesting discourse on things related to the world, not the characters or plot. Therefore, I believe it should be put on the Rec list with extreme warnings.
01:30:43 AM May 11th 2010
The thing about all of his big stories is that I really love using them for reference material. Interesting reference material, owing to the fact that I can't read non-fiction without getting bored. The material is very, very interesting, and quite well-thought-out. Too bad everything else is a little lacking.

I did enjoy the first half of CED, though — and I'll give you my reasoning. The first few chapters were sadistic and yikes, but somewhere near the start, when Naruto started learning skill after skill after skill, it got pretty good. For me, because it was a combination of the DIY aspect of certain series (like Kildar, cough), Naruto fixing/getting revenge on the people that pissed him off, and...learning skill after skill after skill. It takes a specific taste, I think.

I did enjoy it. It did get worse towards the end, but nowhere /nearly/ as bad as the chapters that Partially Kissed Hero is turning out right now.
09:07:27 AM May 17th 2010
As of the latest chapter, I feel that maybe the guy has gone over the top, even for a Kakashi basher, with what he's done to Kakashi. To summarise, one of the resets has an Obito memory scold Kakashi for what he's done, promting Kakashi to give all his jutsu and summoning scrolls to Naruto. You'd think it would stop there.

Then on the final reset, not only do they bring Kakashi's dad back to the dead who then starts tearing Kakashi down for what he's done, but reveals that on some resets they had brought Obito back (Impure Ressurection style) and done the same thing, and are planning on bringing back the REAL DEAL of both Obito and Rin for this purpose. Is it possible for authors to cross Moral Event Horizons?

He's not as bad with Sarutobi however, while he has pointed out the flaws Naruto has only done so because he thought Sarutobi wouldn't remember, through a reset.
10:46:27 AM Aug 17th 2010
For completness I'm making a post about why some people enjoy this fic. First, it's a lot more enjoyable if you it treat as a Crack Fic. The Willing Suspension of Disbelief does relieve a bunch of problems, like Kazekage Tsunade or grand marriage Naruto or the Squick factor and The Flanderization. Also the infinite resets (for the most part) mean all the torture and pain never stick. So it becomes more a case of Karmic Retribution against a bunch of butt monkeys than repeatedly Raping The Dog and Kicking The Dog). (On a side note, I've sometimes wondered if each reset actually splits off an alternate timeline/dimension.) Then there's the way Perfect Lionheart keeps thinking up something new and interesting, like Naruto taking up painting, or remodeling. Or the new uses for the for the various skills. Also there are so many lines that are Crowning Momentof Funny. Like Hiruzen's suspicion of his paperwork spying on him, Orochimaru's feminine side demanding he kidnap Naruto after a wedding party, or the great dance off. Also, several of the gimmicks are copied from the Groundhog Day movie. L Ike learning the right lines or leanring a new skill. So there is a lot that can be enjoyed in this fic, if you let it.
11:17:15 AM Oct 6th 2010
And I'm posting a counter-argument. Nugar on TFF has much to say about Perfect Lionheart, as well as most of the above "justifications". Behold.
05:03:46 AM Oct 7th 2010
Although that rant raises many solid points, I feel it's only fair to mention that the author in question was high as a kite when he wrote it, and later deeply regretted posting it.
01:37:01 PM Nov 25th 2010
edited by JasonCarter
laculus: The only valid point you made was that the rant raised valid points. What Nugar was doing at the time or what he felt afterward is not logically connected to the actual content. Intent doesn't matter— only content. Just saying.
05:50:20 PM Nov 25th 2010
When even the presenter of an argument has doubts about its validity, though, it's generally time to start scrutinising the content with a keener eye. Distorted thinking (i.e., as a result of being high as the aforementioned recreational, unmanned tethered aircraft) can easily lead to distorted conclusions, even if the result looks outwardly plausible.

My comment wasn't intended to invalidate Nugar's comments, but simply to slap a big 'handle with care' warning on them.
11:20:53 AM Dec 16th 2010
Here's the context of the rant. TL;DR, those quoted comments were made while sober.

Nugar got high as a kite one weekend, thanks to some bad medicine. This had predictable results with regards to his posting. In one of his posts while he was high he said that PL was outright evil.

The next morning, he's come down, finds and deletes most of the posts he made while high. He also notices several people asking about why he thought PL was evil. Thus, the rant. He wrote it up and posted it sober.
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