Tropers / Torquey

One of those tropers who focuses on the more... technical parts of the wiki. Such as grammar and formatting.

May have a broad understanding of what the internet thinks is right and wrong, but knows a damn lot otherwise.

Before you ask, I do frequently lurk the Something Awful forums (the TV Tropes thread in particular), as well as some other miscellaneous forums. Yes, I would prefer if more people focused more on classic literature rather than Sonic the Hedgehog and That Guy with the Glasses and all that generic weeaboo anime (if only because I'm not that good at adding trope examples myself), but I won't make a big deal about it. Just don't act like the classic "I'm a super special Deadpan Snarker snowflake who has a Badass Longcoat and a fedora and I know Krav Maga and I like lolicon anime so don't make fun of my Asperger's Syndrome" troper and we'll get along fine. Also, I deal negative criticism when it is needed. Deal with it.