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YMMV: Tales of Xillia
  • Americans Hate Tingle: Milla is disliked by the Western audience due to coming across as too much of a Canon Sue and her Dull Surprise performance compared to the Japanese version. In Japan though she's well liked, not too popular in comparison sure, but fairly well liked enough to where the made it into the top twenty in the most recently popularity polls.
  • Anniversary Rushed: The game was rushed for the big anniversary, resulting in many things left out (most of which ending up in the sequel). It's the main reason for the hype backlash in Japan at least. In the states though, not so much.
    • Cosmic Deadline: The plot suddenly starts to move at a rapid pace around the 3/4 point, with many threads either wrapped up quickly or shoved to the side. You can tell that the later part of the game was rushed.
  • Anticlimax Boss: The Real Maxwell in Mila's story, since her version of the fight skips past the two Hopeless Boss Fight segments to the actual winnable part, and due to the boss' huge vulnerability to the Four Great Spirits, which in her story you've had a while to get used to using. It's probably intentional though.
  • Awesome Music: It's a Motoi Sakuraba soundtrack. Shouldn't this have been a Foregone Conclusion?
  • Broken Base: Specifically over the boss battles. Some hate the bosses for being significantly harder than the trash mobs and breaking out of combos, preventing the same kind of combo-lock strategy that tends to work in most other Tales Series games. Others prefer the challenge and are glad that they aren't just Punching Bags.
    • Milla's voice acting in the dub. Several fans and reviewers see it as genuinely poor, while others find it to be an in-character quirk in her speech and a conscientious decision by the voice director (likely, given the actress has no lisp in her speaking voice). And then there are fans who think she started off poorly but got much better as the game continued.
      • And to add onto the above complaints, there are many who didn't like her purely because she didn't do as good of a job as Sawashiro (and in some small but vocal cases, simply because she isn't Sawashiro, as her fanbase can at times border on Undying Loyalty).
    • The dub name changes. Some like the names for sounding more distinct in the English version while many dislike them for not being literal translations.
    • Jude and Milla's relationship. Many dislike it for either Jude ignoring Leia, him and Milla not admitting their feelings and actually being a couple, or the fact that it's implied that Everyone Can See It as well as the Shipteases that doesn't actually happen. Others enjoy a romance that doesn't throw it in your face or make it take up the entire story.
      • In the English version especially, there's apparently a lack of actual chemistry between the voice actors as well as some dialogue that is more romantic and emotional in Japanese than it is in English. Add this to a higher level of disdain for Milla, especially (Jude as well to a certain extent) in the West.
  • Base Breaker: Millia. She's either one of the best female characters in the series and a strong example of a Action Girl in gaming recently done right, or a Mary Sue who hardly developed, has too much Informed Ability, and is shilled so much that its annoying.
    • Alvin too. He's ether a backstabbing traitor who nearly gets to be a Karma Houdini, or a loveable Jerkass Woobie who tires hard to redeem himself.
    • Gaius similarly is split between those who love him and think he's one of the best villains in the series, or that he's a boring and way too much of a Karma Houdini. The differences between the English and Japanese scripts did nothing to help matters.
  • Canon Sue: Milla can seem like one, due to all the praise and adoration that gets lavished on her for qualities the gamer may not agree that she has (seen below). On top of the fact that she's a God in Human Form so she was lead to believe), and the fact that everyone seems to love her or befriend right away. Its little wonder some consider her a scrappy.
  • Character Shilling: Present for Milla, mostly from one city (Nia Khera), where all the villagers worship her mere presence because she's essentially Maxwell in physical form. This becomes misplaced when you find out she's not really Maxwell, just created by the real one, not that anyone knew that.
    • Jude also does this, by sometimes going on about how strong, courageous, and inspirational Milla is. This is partly due to his admiration for her, but it may repeatedly be an Informed Attribute for many, due to alternative interpretations.
    • Rowen and the others do this as well, particularly during the latter half of the game where each of them talks about the various ways she's inspired them and how they feel motivated whenever she's with them. At one point, Leia even confides in Milla that she was trying to be more like her because she was jealous of Jude's attraction to Milla. This point goes completely over Milla's head, which makes Leia wonder if she was worrying for nothing.
    • Even the Bad Guys get in on it! A few of the bad guys praise her at times for little reason, though thankfully these are very rare.
  • Creator's Pet: Milla can come across this way. She's subject to a lot of possible Character Shilling and Informed Attribute, plays a massive role in the story and the sequel, and despite being from one of the most recent Tales of games, she's already appeared in Tales of Innocence as a cameo boss and in Tales of the World: Reve Unitia as the representative which, considering how the game mainly takes Ensemble Darkhorse, it does make it appear that Milla is one.
  • Demonic Spiders: From the Bonus Dungeon, Megistus Mandragoras. Suffer as they proceed to petrify your whole party in the blink of an eye. Easily preventable by equipping everyone in your party with Korona Symbols, which grants immunity to all status ailments, except stun.
  • Disappointing Last Level: Elympios. An interesting case in that it's disappointing because it should have been so much more that just a "last level". See They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot.
  • Evil Is Cool: Gaius, for a certain definition of "evil". Part of the reasons why he's an Ensemble Darkhorse.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Gaius, for obvious reasons. This is the main reason why he's playable in the sequel.
    • The Chimeriad are all well liked, with Agria being more noticeable.
    • Driselle too, many love her sweet and kind personality and her big sister attitude towards Elise and many hoped she would be playable in the sequel.
  • Fake Difficulty: The Final Boss's time stopping, considering there's pretty much nothing you can do to stop it and they can use it whever they feel like it.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: If Pixiv is something to go by, Alvin/Leia is rather popular in Japan.
    • Leia/Jude is also fairly popular due to their Childhood Friends status and the fact that as far as relationships go, it's actually a really well done one. It also helps that Jude/Millia are seen as way too much of a Last Minute Hookup by the majority of fans.
    • Jude/Alvin strongly holds its own against any other pair. (With Jude as the dominant one.)
  • Foe Yay: There is, or perhaps was, quite clearly something between Alvin and Presa. There was. They used to date.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: Ivar's constant failing? Hilarious. Ivar failing in the most epic way possible by activating the Lance of Kresnik? Not funny in the slightest.
    • This victory conversation between Alvin and Rowen
    Alvin: We never miss...
    Rowen: Our targets!
    Alvin: Especially the ladies!
    • becomes one later in the game, when both Rowen and Alvin fall victim to Did Not Get the Girl.
      • Not to mention the fact that Alvin later shoots Leia (a lady).
  • Game Breaker: A first for the series, Elize. After gaining several abilities, she becomes a rare mage who can become a huge threat against everything the game throws at her. Her Pow Hammer stunning ability can stun bosses, for example.
    • Jude after gaining his Shattering Demon Fist, and the skill Grounded Stance/Glory, which prevents staggering while on the ground means he'll make most fights a complete joke. They are somewhat balanced by the fact that they aren't available until post-game, though they can be transferred in subsequent playthroughs. Similarly Jude's Coil and Savage Roar allow him to create combos in a otherwise not-possible game.
    • Rowen's Tidal Wave spell is completely broken and an extremely easy way to farm the Coliseum for gald and exp. It has an extremely long casting time, but once you gain the skill that totally prevents staggering while casting a spell...
    • Jude and Leia's "Tempest Pirouette" Link Arte. It has massive AoE, draws in nearby enemies, hits 14 times, and inflicts a crapload of dmg. Doubly so, if Jude and Leia are armed with elemental weapons that the enemy happens to be weak against or Leia cast the Elemental Impulse spell on both of them beforehand. Once the player has access to it, there's almost no reason to pick anything else. Simply have Jude rush into the center of a group, use "Whirlwind Snap", then link "Tempest Pirouette" and watch as everything dies. Follow up with Jude's "Shattering Demon Fist" to pick off any survivors.
      • Several other Link Artes qualify as well. Milla and Elize's Chaotic Fusion, Elize and Rowen's Azalea Blade, and damn near every Link Arte between Jude and Milla (some stand-outs being Spirit Spiral, Torrent Impact, and Scarlet Fang).
    • In a leveling sense, the Slenderman-esque enemies. After a little practice, most are easy to deal with, and they give ridiculous amounts of experience for each one killed, often five or more times the other enemies in their dungeon.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: Xillia has been remarkably well-received by American audiences, arguably even more than in Japan. So much that Tales of Xillia 2 had its American release announced immediately after the release of Xillia while Tales Of Zestiria was the first game in the series to have a world-wide release. If Tales of Symphonia is the Tales series' answer to Final Fantasy VII, then Xillia is the answer to Final Fantasy X.
  • Ho Yay: Alvin often lays an arm across Jude's shoulders. One of his battle quotes (mockingly) laments Jude giving him said shoulder ["Ouch, the cold shoulder~"]. There is a subverted moment of this with Jude saying he wouldn't care if Maxwell had chosen a male form for himself to which Alvin asks "You swing both ways?" to which Jude only says "That's not what I meant..."
    • On the Les Yay side, there's Teepo repeatedly motorboating Milla. This may not seem that much at first, but it's eventually discovered that Teepo has no mind of his own. He just voices and acts on Elize's innermost thoughts and desires, including the ones she's not consciously aware of. Teepo is also always the most enthusiastic about Mila growing bigger Bazongas...
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: An NPC at Fenmont's medical school says he immagines Maxwell as a wrinkled old man with a beard. At the time, it's funny because that's nowhere near what Mila looks like. Then you find out she isn't really Maxwell, and the real Maxwell really does look like that.
    • The skit where Rowen talks about how annoying cat lovers can be becomes an unintentional Brick Joke in Xillia 2, where you meet Ms Kitty Cat, who acts nealy exactly the way he described.
  • Hype Backlash: This game is getting this as it was touted heavily as an anniversary title, but in reality it was rushed out the door to meet said anniversary. After the hype died down, fans were not pleased. Namco took note and made a sequel addressing many issues (while making some others) Surprisingly enough though, it seems to be averted in the US as the game received very good reviews and the pre-order sales were apparently so massive that it was enough for Namco Bandai to flat out announce the localization for the sequel.
  • Launcher of a Thousand Ships: Alvin has been paired with Leia, Elize, Jude, Milla, and Presa; and that's with the primary cast more or less.
    • Jude. All three of the female party members have romantic feelings for him in canon, but in addition to that, he also gets shipped with Alvin, Gaius, and Musee.
  • Memetic Mutation: Due to that one skit, it seems that the word "BAZONGAS" are now used a lot to refer to Tales of Xillia.
    • "Teach me about Bazongas!!"
  • Moe: Leia, Elize.
    • Many a fangirl would argue that Jude is incredibly adorable as well.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Gilland: He takes a little too much joy in watching innocent people dissolve into mana during his experiments to increase the Lance of Kresnik's efficiency.
    • He crosses it even before then on Milla's path when he has an innocent woman killed while showcasing the hex fields and exploding anklets.
  • Most Annoying Sound: "MUTTON. FRESH MUTTON."
    • Milla's English voice actor has a lisp that some find annoying.
    • You're unlikely to take away Elize from a battle. She is the team's resident main mage that can attack and heal, and she's very good at both. Just prepare yourself to hear this nearly every time (because it's her link ability; Teepo Drain).
    "Go, Teepo!"
    two seconds later
    "Sharing is caring."
    rinse and repeat
    • This becomes much less common as the game goes on and you get a higher max TP, and Teepo himself says his own variation of the line, which isn't as annoying.
    • The fact that each character in a chat if you don't use them in battles for a while will whine and beg you to allow them to fight pretty much every couple minutes can get VERY annoying.
    • They also whine if you don't feed them enough. Geez, I thought this was a Tales game, not The Sims.
  • Narm: Muzet's freak out moments are really over the top at times and can be really funny.
    • Jude's Say My Name towards Mila at Fort Gandala. It's particularly jarring because Jude is usually one of the better voice-acted characters.
    • The "chess game" between Wingul and Rowen can be narmy because it's Serious Business for them. The music itself is really over the top with the characters acting as if they were really fighting.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Upon finding the Professor having his mana drained, his face is gaunt and looks like it's dissolving. Then he does dissolve. Then you meet Agria.
    • Jude's Heroic BSOD to end all Heroic BSODs. He just sits there completely apathetic and dead to the world for god knows how long. And then Alvin, who's completely lost it, bursts into the room, rants for a little bit, and then grabs Jude by his jacket and presses his gun to Jude's forehead, fully intending to splatter his brains all over the wall. And Jude doesn't react at all. Not a word, not a blink, not even a, "Go ahead. Do it." He truly doesn't care anymore. Seeing Jude and Alvin reduced to this is terrifying.
  • Obvious Judas: The game really doesn't try to hide the fact that Alvin is the resident mole of the group.
  • One-Scene Wonder: Tales veteran Soichiro Hoshi as an Asbel expy... whose only real purpose is to make one empowering speech before handing the B-plot off to his younger sister.
    • And in the English version, it feels strange to have Keith Silverstein (who voiced, out of all Tales characters, Lambda, the main antagonist of Asbel's game) voice said expy.
    • And if you're playing Mila's story his death is completley off-screen, and you only really learn about it by talking to random NPCs and visiting areas you have no business going back to.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: Elize was disliked early in the game by many, but by the midpoint, most people swapped opinions and praised her for being one of the few young Tales of characters who actually acts her age.
    • Leia likewise was seen as a generic Genki Girl at first, but the scene where she saves Jude from Alvin after Milla dies really made her stick out.
    • The English dub did this for Jude among a particular subset of fans. It seems that Tsubasa Yonaga's performance as Jude was lost on some western players, who found him whiny and annoying, while Sam Riegel's take on the character is considered a bit more mature.
  • Rewatch Bonus: Knowing that Teepo has no will of his own and is just a voice for Elize's inner thoughts, a lot of his earlier lines make a whole lot more sense.
  • Rooting for the Empire: Some fans of the game side with Gaius over the party and support his actions.
  • The Scrappy: Jude. He becomes a massive dumbass whenever Milla comes up. He does get better in the sequel.
    • Teepo. Sweet mercy, Teepo. If you don't find him annoying, you may hate him after he gets forcibly reset, and can only tell Elize he's "just a machine" right when she needs him the most.
    • Even though she's a minor character, Isla is very disliked by the Tales fans due to being a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing and a hypocrite at the same time. The biggest kicker? she sold Elize into slavery, and SHE'S BEEN POISONING ALVIN'S MOM!
    • Ivar. Big Time. If his troublesome attitude doesn't tick you off, then certainly his ineptitude to activate the Lance of Kresnik through Gilland's letters will do that.
    • Muzet, largely due to her Karma Houdini status. She outright murders most of the villagers in Nia Khera, just because they had heard stories about the schism. Her feelings of being abandoned by Maxwell can come off as Wangst to the player. On top of all this, she's an absurdly cheap boss in Milla's story, one of the hardest in the game.
  • Strangled by the Red String: Some people think Jude and Milla's Official Couple status was poorly handled due in large part to the fact that neither (verbally) admitted their feelings for each other, and the hints themselves are YMMV. Therefore, a few people will claim they were a Last Minute Hookup.
  • Surprise Difficulty: See That One Boss.
    • In general, the game's bosses leap up in difficulty compared to the normal enemies.
    • In terms of non-bosses, if you're playing Mila's story, Fort Gandala comes a a pretty big Difficulty Spike. You go from having a 5-person party to Mila fighting solo, against enemies that clearly were designed to be fought with a full party. This wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the fact that Mila has no healing skills, and that her charged spells are nearly impossible to pull off without someone to cover her.
  • That One Attack: Gilland's Beam Spam move is incredibly powerful and difficult to dodge, especially if he goes into a corner first. You may be able to block it and survive no problem, but it is a matter of luck if the AI controlled allies aren't already in the way. By the time the move is over, you may very well be the only one standing. And that's not even considering the link arte version with Celsius.
    • Every single link arte a boss uses against you counts. Most of them are overpowered and way stronger then you, most cause various status debuffs, and many are nearly unavoidable.
  • That One Boss:Milla's spirit battle versus Muzet, alone. Unless you've overleveled, the enemy's attacks will regularly knock off your health with frustrating ease, and this is without her Mystic Arte. And for those used to particular/favored strategies, you'll need to abandon them in favor of hit-and-run.
    • Nameless Anomaly is the first real boss the player fights and easily is one of the harder ones. It inflicts a ton of status effects, is a flying unit meaning it's difficult to hit with physicals, and it enjoys attacking spell casters. The only easy way to win is to have your spellcasters literally spam spells.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks:
    • Xillia got some hatred because unlike other Tales Series games, you can't just be good at comboing and stun-locking bosses to death in one endless Spam Attack combo. You will have to block and dodge in this game. If you haven't learned from Graces, then it's a good time to learn now.
    • Some are also rather annoyed over the weak SFX direction, with Overlimit lacking the traditional Most Wonderful Sound.
    • The fact you need a link to go into overlimit (and thus mystic arte), possibly a case of Scrappy Mechanic. It should be noted that bosses can have all the perks of the twin system and none of the downsides, and are able to use their mystic artes without being linked.
    • Also, the lack of item synthesis and cooking was not received well by the fans as many felt it took away two of the main mechanic's away that had been in the series since the start.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: Elympios. It starts off with promise, especially with the first city but it's all a waste as it has four allowable locations to visit; and there's hardly a reason to go there after you get the ability to visit both worlds, save for side quests.
    • Fortunately, the world is explored more thoroughly in the sequel.
    • The booster storyline also counts since it sets up a possible backstory for Elize and Wingul but then goes no where.
  • Ugly Cute: Teepo. It's downright creepy but cute.
  • Uncanny Valley: Watch the ending and you'll find that Milla appears to be waaay too skinny at some parts.
    • In general Milla seems to have a frame that's way too small. Alternate costumes can mitigate this, but it doesn't help in the animated scenes.
      • Possibly justified by the fact that she says until the story began, she never actually ate food and used the Spirits for nourishment.
  • The Untwist: Alvin has every aspect of the Sixth Ranger Traitor trope written all over him.
    • That being said, it's his reasons why he is one that is the main twist.
    • A larger example is the twist that Milla isn't really Maxwell. Most people saw this coming or at least had a feeling something like it was going to happen, mainly because the fact that she is supposedly Maxwell at all seems like something that should have been a major twist in its own right, yet was casually revealed not long after the game was announced and discussed heavily in the game itself from the very beginning, alerting Genre Savvy players that there had to be something more to it.
      • It doesn't help that players who've played other games in the series with Maxwell in them will already suspect if not outright know that Milla isn't him.
    • The fact that Karla Outway from the History of Auj-Oule sidequest is Gaius' sister. It's not revealed until the final part of the quest, at the very end of the game, but it's obvious to most players from the first part. And the fact she has the exact same hair and eye colour as him makes it even more obvious.
  • The Woobie: A majority of the party in some form.
    • Rowen, who takes the blame for Nachtigal, his best friend, becoming how he is in the present after leaving his side two years before and then watching him get impaled before possibly doing a Heel-Face Turn, watches his Lord Cline die prior to that, and blames himself for not being able to save his fiance and Nachtigal's sister, Princess Carrie, who was caught in the tsunami at the Fezebel Marsh battle and believed to be dead. But when it turns out Carrie is alive and living in Elympios, she has lost all memory of him and is already happily married.
    • Then there's Leia, who is an Unlucky Childhood Friend, feels like she's dragging the party down at times, attempts to keep it together and take care of Jude while he's in his Heroic BSOD state after Milla's death, and then gets shot by Alvin while trying to protect the former. Not to mention the guilt she feels about Agria's fate.
    • Elize, who was taken to an experiment lab at the age of TWO after the death of her parents by Jiao, lived in a village where a majority of the villagers felt negatively about her, and finds out that her best friend Teepo is just a machine that says her innermost thoughts.
    • Driselle. Even she's a minor NPC, she had to deal with her brother's death, not to mention shoulder a lot of responsibility in his place. She manages to hold up fairly well though.
    • Jerkass Woobie: Alvin may be a jerk with a bad case of Chronic Backstabbing Disorder but he was trapped in Rieze Maxia by the tsunami when he was six, raised as a child soldier who only knows how to betray others, and keeps working for Exodus to get medicine for his ill mother. And in the end, all of his actions were for naught as his mother dies anyway, after being poisoned by the woman who was supposed to take care of her. It doesn't really excuse his actions but man, his life sucks.
  • Woolseyism: In the English translation, Gaius only attempts to destroy all of Elympios' spyrix technology regardless of who suffers from its absence instead of trying to destroy Elympios entirely. It goes a long way toward making him look more sane and less like a Karma Houdini without removing his Well-Intentioned Extremist and Black and White Insanity traits and adds another layer to his Not So Different relationship with Milla.

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