That One Boss / Tales Series

This page is about bosses in the Tales Series that give away grief like it's candy.

NOTE: Final Boss and Wake-Up Call Boss can't be added unless they are overpowerful by their standards. Bonus Boss is completely banned: it's optional and they are supposed to be overpowerful in the first place.

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Tales of Phantasia
  • Fang Wolf. He uses repeated combo attacks that can instantly floor even the toughest opponent.
  • Undine. She wouldn't have been so challenging if it wasn't for her wave attack. Her wave attack would run from right to left across the screen and would hit every one of your party members and had a very small charge time. The wave would hit for somewhere in between 600 and 700 damage to your entire party when, at that point in the game, you'll be lucky if anyone other than Cless has over 1300 HP. What really seals the deal for being absurd is that Undine is capable of spamming her wave attack. If she starts spamming it, then there's nothing you can do to survive. It also doesn't help that she usually casts Delay on Cless so it becomes even harder for you to interrupt her.

Tales of Destiny
  • Any time you have to fight Barbatos after the first time in Tales of Destiny 2. He's very fast, hits hard, poisons you, and will instantly cast spells (while invincible) specifically to counter your characters' healing spells or items. He also has a tendency to go into overlimit a lot more than you ever will, sometimes up to 4 times in a single battle.
    • Elraine is also quite nasty, because she spams status effects, is very hard to stun, and has a 100% deflect ability. Like Barbatos, you have to fight her twice, and both times are brutal.

Tales of Eternia
  • Many summons are like this, but Undine and Celsius stick out in particular. Undine casts "Spear of Baptism", a move that pierces across the entire battlefield. It has to charge for a couple of seconds, which would be great—except that Undine is also untouchable while charging, which neatly nixes any attack chain you have going. Celsius, meanwhile, is extremely agile, can inflict Freeze with a touch, likes to sidestep physical attacks, and will cast Blizzard, one of the most powerful Ice spells in the game, twice in rapid succession, which can easily kill an otherwise appropriately leveled party with no room for argument. Oh and let's not forget Sekundes who can cast Maxwell Extensions. Consecutively.

Tales of Symphonia
  • Most boss battles with multiple strong enemies in Tales of Symphonia are this. Kvar, Sylph, Yuan/Botta, Dragons, Bonus Team Battle in Colosseum...
    • Normally, a Hopeless Boss Fight is, well, a foregone conclusion and therefore not really rage-inducing, but the first fight with Kratos is overtly sadistic about it. You don't get the slightest hint beforehand that you're not meant to win; he's even rather merciful initially, giving a Hope Spot to provoke you into taking it seriously and doubling down. First time through, you're probably blowing your entire wallet's worth of gels and life bottles with nothing to show for it, and Gods save you if you were reflexively resetting...
    • Ktugach, being the first dungeon boss in the game, also doubles as a Wake-Up Call Boss. And like the above examples, it is also a Flunky Boss, so good luck. Its two underlings will be constantly barraging you with Fireball spells, and the big man himself is so massive that it can easily wail on your entire party with one move. And once its HP starts going down, it will retaliate with Eruption, a Fire spell that covers a wide area and is devastating at that point in the game. First-time players will likely be restarting this one more than a couple of times.
    • The fight against Yuan and Botta. Both flit around the battlefield a lot, have attacks that easily break guard or interrupting any caster trying to cast a spell and that includes your healer. You constantly need to switch between them because if you focus on only one, the other will wreck your party. And they target your healer first. The boss fight that comes practically immediately after these two is much easier and feels like a Breather Boss.
    • The fight against the summon spirit Undine. Her strategy is to back the party into a corner, and beam-spam the water spell Spread, which hits every party member in a four-foot radius five times each. She also has a whopping 36,000 HP, and a brutally fast 5 second cooldown after casting spells. Thankfully, all the other summon spirits are pretty easy to deal with, with the one exception being Origin.
  • Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World is generally much better about Wolfpack Bosses than its predecessor (largely thanks to free run), but there are still a couple of these that merit mentioning here:
    • The battle against Alice and Decus near the end of the game. First of all, due to a plot event all of the original Symphonia characters can't help you - it's just Emil, Marta, and your mons, which if you haven't been raising worthwhile mons (which you likely haven't been if this is your first run) effectively means you're two characters short in this battle. But that's just the start of it. Decus will constantly go after Marta with his BFS, making it just about impossible for her to do anything without Emil defending her...except that this means Alice gets her spells off, either healing Decus for ridiculous amounts or dealing ridiculous amounts of damage to your characters. Alice has amazing defense for a spellcaster, and Emil going after Alice means Marta will die in seconds. And both of them have Mystic Artes - which, when used by bosses, are moves that instantly reduce the HP of your entire party to 1, are unblockable, and are impossible to move away from once it starts from completely out of nowhere... very often resulting in this.
      • The real clincher for this fight is the simple fact that Alice's last boss fight was so much earlier in the game than Decus' was. Alice's rapier whip was a pain, but Decus was - and still is - an enemy that (a) has a Mystic Arte, (b) can go into a state of Overlimit on command, and (c) was actually expected to be won. This fight tells you that Alice also qualifies for all three of those.
    • There's also the Lookins. The fact that their role in the story is as packhorses for the Vanguard that you've been beating senseless throughout the whole game does not help. These things have an extremely fast rolling attack - fast enough to cross the entire battlefield in half a second. And they will be all too happy to spam this, as it's the only attack in their arsenal. You can't combo them as they'll wind up rolling toward another party member, and since in this game getting hit while free running is a guaranteed critical, their attacks will be very damaging. And there's FOUR of them.

Tales of Legendia
  • Stingle. Crazy attack power, high HP, really long reach and (get this): he can enter stances that if you attack him, he'll counter-attack. This will hit everyone in range. ONE OF THESE IS AN INSTANT-DEATH SKILL. Which means that if you're not paying attention you can have three quarters of your party dead in an instant and not know why. Luckily the preceding boss drops an anti-One hit KO item, but if you didn't know this beforehand, you're dead.
  • Dark Senel and Dark Shirley deserve a few mentions. The former distracts you while the latter casts her un-dodgeable Blizzard spell, which can kill the entire party.
  • And speaking of dark bosses, Dark Chloe is a nightmare. Not only does she make use of the actual Chloe's skills (and recall that Chloe is this game's sword user, meaning she has a variety of useful skills that cover all sorts of impressive ranges) and hit like a tank on steroids, but she is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to stagger, so she'll often charge right through any attacks you attempt on her and combo whoever the hell she wants to death. On the plus side, she's vulnerable to the Bind status, which temporarily immobilizes the target. The problem? The only way to inflict Bind is through one of Chloe's Compound Eres, which A. You may not have as your current Compound Ere, and B. The computer NEVER EVER USES COMPOUND ERES, so if you're not controlling Chloe yourself (and unlike other Tales games, you can't switch characters mid-battle in Legendia), or unused to using her Compound Eres, which are all counter attacks, you're still good and screwed.
  • The Gigant at the end of the Ruins of Frozen Light is cited as one of the most difficult boss fights in the game. It has ridiculously high health and incredibly high attack strength, so not only does it hit really hard, it'll take a long time to kill. It's significantly harder than anything fought up until that point, and has a well-earned reputation for being one of the most frustrating bosses in the game.

Tales of the Abyss
  • The ostensible Final Boss that resides in the (supposedly) Very Definitely Final Dungeon: "Master" Van. It was a climactic point in the story and was built up to be the final confrontation before the Your Princess Is in Another Castle, yes, but the battle is still far and away the most difficult you've had so far—none of the other bosses up to this point even came close. Over 100,000 HP, throwing out high-level Arcane Artes like breadcrumbs, and only the second boss so far to use a Mystic Arte that can, and will, instantly kill anyone who's caught in the blast radius early enough in the attack.
  • Arietta, when you fight her at Choral Castle, is one of the nastiest bosses in the game. She has two monsters helping her out which are more than capable of killing your party, and that's before you factor in Arietta herself buffing them and casting dangerous attack spells. Want to try and stop her from doing so? You'll need an ally to help you attack her, otherwise she'll just shrug off your attacks and cast the spell anyway, and good luck actually getting your computer-controlled allies to not be idiots and attack her. This is assuming she doesn't go into Overlimit, which prevents hitstun even if you do get an ally to join you. If you're facing her with New Game+ benefits on a higher difficulty, she gains Mystic Artes too. And this is the second boss of the game.
  • The first battle against Legretta in Deo Pass. Unlike Arietta before her, she fights alone, leading many to believe this will be an easy fight...until they realize exactly why her title is "Legretta the Quick". Not only will she run circles around your entire party, but she fires bullets so fast that she will utterly annihilate your entire party within seconds if you let her. And she only gets tougher as the battle wears on, unleashing some truly devastating arcane artes and Light fonic artes.
  • Sync, whenever you fight him by himself, can also be a real doozy. He is similar to Legretta in that he is also extremely fast and has access to ridiculously strong physical and fonic artes, so he can easily destroy your party if you're not careful. He also shares the same habit of reserving his deadlier artes for until after he's taken enough of a beating—the second battle against him is a good example of a boss that starts out easy but can becomes ridiculously hard about halfway through.

Tales of the Tempest
  • The final boss, King Aurella, actually puts up a fight: he hits hard, teleports around the battlefield, and attacks with several status ailments. This can take some players by surprise, because up until that point, every single battle could be easily won by mashing the A button. He's still not quite tough enough to be considered hard (especially because by the time you get there, you should have a lot of healing items), but compared to the rest of the game it's a huge difficulty spike.

Tales of Innocence
  • Cerberus. He's got several attacks that almost always miss, but he also frequently does a diving kick that chains into Grave/Stalagmite, which is very, very hard to dodge if it's aimed at you. However, he comes with a pair of dogs that, while they don't have any techniques at all, are very fast, have combos that will always interrupt your attacks and send you flying on a low enough trajectory to make it very, very unlikely that you'll pull off an aerial recovery, and have only slightly less HP than Dog Boy himself. Oh, and it's almost impossible to stagger them, in a game that pretty much requires staggering to pull off any kind of damaging combo and/or stop your enemies from wiping the floor with you. The only good thing to come out of this fight is that your last party member joins right after it, and their fighting style is pretty much exactly the same as Cerberus', albeit with the expected basic-techniques-only moveset.
  • The Gigantess Omega. Its kicks, dashes and shots deal insane damage to the party, but to make things worse, its tornado is pretty much guaranteed to KO anyone near him who weren't quick enough to guard or move out of the way. Oh, but that's not even it's trump card: it has an energy surge attack that knocks down and away anyone near it (i.e:the melee fighters, who are the #1 powerhouses) while dealing nigh-OHKO damage at the same time. And it uses it without any warning. Did we mention that it's constantly on the move, rarely touches the ground and never stays in one spot for more than a few seconds?
  • Ange and Albert in Tenos. A Dual Boss where one is a fast and powerful melee fighter who can also heal, and the other is a ranged attacker who's constantly interrupting your team and can cause Standard Status Effects. And as an added bonus, you're short the party member who was probably your main healer.

Tales of Vesperia
  • Gattuso in the Ehmead Hills. Unlike the previous bosses, Gattuso is much higher level, has much more HP, more attack power, is much faster, and can poison you with its melee attacks. To rub it in your face, immediately afterwards the party talks about how easy the fight was (or at least Karol does), and the next boss is a freaking cakewalk. While it's not necessarily the hardest boss fight in the game, it just comes way too early for most players and gives them the real first taste of the boss brutality to come. Hence his nickname, "the Noob Killer".
    • Interestingly, it's rumored that he's only this difficult due to a programming oversight; The developers intended for him to be this difficult for the demo (so as to entice players to buy the full game and grind properly to have a better chance), but forgot to nerf him for the actual release.
  • Captain Schwann. Your party is missing its two primary healers: Estelle (who's being held captive by Alexei) and Raven (who is the boss you're fighting), and he will take full advantage of that with devastating strike artes and a hard-hitting Mystic Arte that's likely following the killer combo he just pulled on your party since he was in Over Limit.
  • Khroma has an incredibly damaging tail attack she just pulls out of nowhere, and can fly around the battlefield, forcing you to chase her down. The worst part about Khroma is definitely that attack when she sends multiple homing fireballs at you. It's nigh unavoidable and sometimes causes Sealed Artes.
  • Alexei, because aside from being really strong, he'll spam his Brilliant Cataclysm Mystic Arte which he can literally pull out of ANYWHERE. In the middle of comboing him? Bam, Brilliant Cataclysm. He can even use it when he's not in Hypermode (which is the requirement for Mystic Arte usage) and the move is completely undodgeable and hits like a truck.
  • Clint has an amazing Mystic Arte which is a Fatal Strike. That's it. He Fatal Strikes anyone who has the symbol on them. Whole party has it? Gameover.
  • In the PS3 version, to some extent, Duke's second form and his third form. Unlike the Xbox 360 version, Big Bang can kill, instead of leaving everyone with 1 HP. Since it deals thousands of damage on all difficulties, you're basically looking at an easy one-hit KO on everyone. Better pack Rebirth Dolls and have that Ressurect skill ready.

Tales of Hearts
  • Kornerupine the mad scientist and Incarose-ILL. All that needs be said about Cornelpin is that, until names began catching on, he was known on virtually all message boards, videos, and other American fan works as "that fat bastard with the spin attack". The latter is a retread of a previous Hopeless Boss Fight with more defense, more combos, bigger spells, a Hi-Ougi, and in general roughly as much power relative to the player owing to sheer annoyingness. And you're supposed to win.

Tales of Graces
  • The Slime Queen. The queen itself is not that hard, but the slime enemies she summons can poison your characters and easily gang up on you if you're not prepared. Since a lot of the boss fights in this game are Flunky Bosses that can inflict Standard Status Effects, the Slime Queen also serves as a Wake-Up Call Boss.
  • Richard's first fight. He is the first boss to possess a Nova aura and you're down several party members for the fight. To make matters worse, he goes after your healer first.
  • Kurt. Oh Kurt, you have tens of thousands of health and constantly summon more mooks, It doesn't help that Kurt has a VERY large range of attack and will go right for Cheria and Sophie (unless Malik is in the fight, in which Kurt will focus on him). And let's not forget that he can guard so quickly that your attacks will almost never deal full damage, while he throws around guard-breaking attacks like it's going out of style.
  • In Tales Of Graces F (the PS3 port) there is a boss that you fight in the events of the game's story after the ending of the Wii version. This boss is Little Queen. Or rather, it's your party against a total of TWELVE Little Queens. They aren't all out on the screen at once, probably only because the game would experience slow down. Small comfort that is. The problem with this fight and said problem escalates in the second battle against her the boss can do your characters in in one hit(combo in the case of the physical attacking one, there are two other versions, one with nothing but projectiles and another with magic.), two to three if you're lucky and have amazing equips on Evil or Chaos difficulty. God help you if you bought DMG x5 or x10 in the grade shop. The insanity of this fight escalates the second time you fight said boss, because in the previous one, when you kill one, another takes its place until you beat all twelve. The second time? You kill one, TWO appear to take its place. This just leads to the fight being seemingly impossible due to not even being able to attack, because if you do, 2 or 3 of them will just RIP AND TEAR you from the side or behind; and in the second round, they have Blast Calibers too. Also they can seemingly ignore Cheria stopping time — at least their bullets, spells, and Blast Calibers love to. Also, if you're unlucky enough to kill two or three of them at a time... let's just say it won't be pretty.

Tales of Xillia
  • Jiao in the Sapstrath Deepwoods. He's the first boss you encounter after getting a proper healer onto your team and you'll need her. Jiao is very bulky to begin with, with a lot of HP to whittle down and he's difficult to stagger. In turn, he can easily combo you and because he's The Big Guy and uses a hammer he can, and will, cause a lot of damage to you. Elize will have her hands full healing your party. Jiao also likes to call some underlings - Wolves or Birds, which aren't tough in the general sense, but more minor annoyances because they like to trip your party up when you're trying to focus on Jiao. And defeating the underlings first merely results in Jiao calling more. It's not uncommon for first-time players to need to retry this battle at least once.
  • Nameless Anomaly is an immense pain in the ass for a huge numbers of reasons. First of all, it's a flying enemy, and will spend the large majority of the battle well above your party's reach, forcing you to rely on what precious few aerial attacks you have in order to do any sort of damage. Second, the thing is massive, so its attacks have an incredible reach and do lots of damage. Third, but most certainly not least, it loves to spam all sorts of status ailments, using artes that can poison and seal your own artes, as if you didn't already have limited enough options to hit this thing. And its physical attacks? They're so strong that they'll stun you more than half the time. It may be a Wind elemental, and thus weak to Earth, but although you have two characters who can use Rock Trine, it will almost always miss due to it constantly flying around all over the place. Splash is actually a much more effective spell to use as it is more accurate and, since it strikes from above, can also ground it in place and make it easier for you to hit.
  • The Duel Boss fight against Muzét. She can hit you with pretty much every status effect in the game, and you don't have a healer to save your ass in this fight. Equip an Amulet to guard against the status effects? Her Artes can still burn (constant damage over time) and slow you down, on top of dealing a ton of damage... which just means that she can continue spamming her Artes on you to wipe the floor with you. Managed to dodge it? She has a really fast attack that strikes in all directions and knocks you down. Blocking constantly? She has an unblockable attack that can easily take off a third of your total health. Let her get in a hit, and she can hit you with an unescapable combo. She also has high-tier spells of pretty much every single element, has a crapton of HP and has such a high defense stat that you will only deal damage in the 3-digits, even with high-powered Devil's Arms.

Tales of Xillia 2
  • All battles against Chronos could count, but the absolute worst is the first time you encounter him. Problem number one: due to plot events, your party is stuck as Ludger, Jude, Leia and Alvin. While Leia is a Combat Medic and Jude has his own healing arte, neither of them is that amazing and Leia is unlikely to have Resurrection at this point. Problem number two: Chronos starts with a resistances towards Darkness, which the first Custom Order sword for Ludger has as its attacking element and the player likely created and equipped because it's stronger and was actually helpful against the previous boss. And that's just the disadvantage placed on the player to begin with. Chronos himself is fast and hits very hard physically, he will frequently use Chronos Corridor which attacks every member around him and knocks them back. Worse is his Tetra Spell, basically the four first-tier elemental spells at once, which will kill whatever character is hit full-on with it at that point in the game. Oh, and he likes to cast Haste onto himself multiple times, meaning his casting Tetra Spell will be faster and leave you less time to avoid it. Retrying this boss more than once is no shame.
  • The fight against Victor can be downright murderous compared to any of the previous bosses. He essentially takes everything that makes Ludger deadly and turns it against you (Including his Super Mode, which gives him access to an additional Mystic Arte for extra chances at a Total Party Kill). He's extremely quick and aggressive, being capable of tearing through the party in seconds if he's not kept under control, and anyone who does survive one of his combos typically is left with multiple status effects that will either remove the remainder of their HP or render them near useless. He's also smart enough to start spamming guard breaking artes if you try to block him, and has an instantaneous healing arte that restores about 15% of his HP whenever it's used, and he can do it as much as he wants. On top of this, he doesn't have any elemental weaknesses, making the Might Charge 3 ability your only way to get a proper combo started on him outside of a lucky guard break, and as a last bit of icing on the cake, you're forced to use a party formation that lacks any of the characters who could be considered proper healers, which makes staying alive even more difficult.
  • The Bad Ending's Final Boss is a nightmare; under normal circumstances in almost every other Tales Game, and even most role playing games in general, you'll have a full party versus just one, maybe two, strong enemies. In this case? YOU are the one, fighting a full party. And who are your enemies? Why, they are Jude, Milla, Leia, Rowen, Elize, Alvin, and previous Final Bosses Gaius and Muzet. Suffice to say, if you slip up ONCE, you will learn what it feels like to be any normal enemy in the Tales Series as you suffer the full force of a four-on-one onslaught.
  • Of course, the Duel Boss between Ludger and his brother Julius. As with most duel bosses, the player only has one character to use and this game's battle system does not allow a not-linked character to use their Mystic Arte, though Ludger can still use his Myste Arte for his Chromatus. The biggest problem with this duel boss, is that he has, and likes to use, Moonlight Assault. It's a rather hard-hitting attack, can easily keep Ludger in place for a while and, because it's Light elemental, cause Confusion. Confused characters are not controllable and cannot use items, so if Ludger gets hit with it, there's a pretty good chance that he'll be uncontrollable long enough for the boss to kill him. And the Confusion Ward accessory only cuts down the potential of Confusion hitting by 50 percent.
  • Exoplasma for the Elite Monster hunting. Talking to NPCs reveals that nothing really hurts it and it can multiply itself as often as it wants. Indeed, Exoplasma has no weaknesses and close to three times the amount of HP that Elite Monsters or Bosses have at that point in the game, coming in at over 500.000 hit points. Its defense is really high, so most attacks won't do much damage, anyway, even with his many strengths. Exoplasma also multiplies itself into 3 or 4 copies. The copies all take a bit of its HP off and only have a 'small' fraction of its HP (around 20.000) themselves, so they could technically be dealt with easily. Except they like to really gang up on you, especially on your medic, and they have the ability to hit far, inflinct some nasty debuffs like Burn or Paralyze onto your party and they can hide in the ground and attack from below, making it difficult to combo a single one of them. Oh, and they can also hide in the ground during Chromatus.

Tales of Zestiria
  • Evil Plantasm. For starters, the boss has insane range and deals high physical damage at what is only a quarter of the way through the game. It has two attacks that are frustrating to deal with; a one-two punch that deals massive damage, and a spinning attack that deals more then one hit and deals massive damage. It also randomly ignores attacks sometimes, meaning it'll likely one-shot a character for no reason. When it's health gets low it gets Zooming Punch which can and will one-shot someone who is guarding. Making this fight worse is the little plant enemies, which are boosted thanks to a brand new, never shown trait that makes enemies of the same type linked together and have increased stats. If you focus on the little ones, you'll have the boss ripping you apart but if you focus on the boss the little plants will swarm your team. It's a pretty unfair boss at this early in the game.
  • Even if you've had little trouble with previous bosses you may have difficulty with Maltran due to her high speed, longer reach and tendency to chain her attacks together, leaving you little room to counter.

Tales of Berseria
  • Medissa, the Snake Queen. She's a Flunky Boss who constantly summons snakes to help her fight. The snakes themselves can Poison you prevent you from healing, and they force you to take your attention away from Medissa herself, who's a real monster. She can Petrify your party members with Gorgon's Eye, which you have no way to prevent or cure outside of single-use Panacea Bottles at the time. And Medissa's Break Soul is so strong, it can easily one-shot your close-range like Velvet and Rokurou. Plus, even for when she's encountered, her HP is almost absurdly high. All of this means spending several seconds recovering, only to be surrounded by snakes and go right back down again, making it very hard to build up any kind of offensive momentum.
  • The game's second-to-last battle, against Artorius and Innominat, primarily due to the latter. So, you know Laphicet's final spell, Insubstantiality? The one that blankets basically the entire battlefield for a ton of damage, balanced somewhat by the rather long casting time? Well, Innominat can cast it too, in about half the time Laphicet needs to get it out, and his passive ability grants him immunity to staggering for up to 15 hits while he's casting, making it almost impossible to knock him out of his chant and cancel the spell (especially if the other opponent is hacking away at your backside while you're trying to hit the first bastard). It's basically worth half your team's HP (or more) with no reliable way to prevent it. And he spams the HELL out of it. Have fun! Oh, and don't forget about Artorius, either! He doesn't hit nearly as hard, but if he catches you and starts comboing you, you'll be a sitting duck for Insubstiality!