Awesome Music: Tales Series

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     Tales of Phantasia 

     Tales of Destiny 

     Tales of Eternia 

     Tales Of Destiny 2 

     Tales of Symphonia 

     Tales of Rebirth 

     Tales of Legendia 

     Tales of the Abyss 

     Tales of the Tempest 

     Tales of Innocence 

     Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World 

     Tales of Vesperia 

     Tales of Graces 
  • The amazing Windol-region battle theme, (Sword) Drawing! Grind!, and the adorably-awesome kid's version, Grasp it with All Your Might, which is played during the prologue.
  • Mamoritai ~White Wishes~ gets a special mention for not only being beautiful, but for being one of the few Tales games where the lyrics really suit the theme of the game, and not just pure promotion's sake. It gets a depressing remix titled, Unspoken Feelings, which plays at some of the most touching moments of the game.
  • Sophie's Leitmotif titled, erm, Sophie, captures the protagonist's mysterious yet innocent atmosphere perfectly.
  • Refreshing Atmosphere is pretty much the Graces version of Vesperia's "Serenade of the Morning Star", in terms of beauty and tranquility.
  • Mad Dance The theme that plays when you fight Emeraude.
  • Defender Of Life is the beautiful and mysterious theme of Arcadia Forest.
  • Risk Everything is a solid,blood-pumping theme that plays for the battles in the final dungeon of the Future Arc.
  • The Final Boss theme, Life's Cry, is not only kick-ass, but really haunting, which the haunting holy music in the background.
  • Royal Capital ~Majestic Grandeur~ is pretty awesome for a town theme. That opening fanfare, man...

     Tales of Xillia/Tales of Xillia 2 

     Radiant Mythology 

     Tales of Zestiria 
  • White Light by Superfly certainly qualifies.
  • Anything composed by Go Shiina, really, but of special note are Competing with the Honor of the Land, Existence to be Feared, and New Power Awakens.
  • All four of the trial themes are really, really good and more than worth an individual mention. Brilliantly, the game knows it, and replaces the battle themes in each trial with the normal dungeon music, allowing Go Shiina's music to really shine.
  • The incredible battle theme Rising Up deserves a mention.
  • And speaking of battle themes, here are the game's three battle themes. What makes this batch of themes unique is that they all share the same melody and tune but are different in tempo. Compare the first theme, which plays when Sorey first starts his adventure light-heartedly, to the third theme, which plays when Sorey is near the end of his adventure and the stakes couldn't have been higher.
  • Alisha gets her own battle theme for her DLC scenario.
  • Zaveid's own Leitmotif, Zaveid the Exile, because a badass hellion hunter deserves a badass theme.
  • The Cameo Battle theme, Finale Where Melodies and Flashing Fists Intersect. It combines "The Arrow Was Shot" and "Never Surrender" from "Tales of the Abyss" and "Risk Everything" and "Sword-Drawing! Grind!" from "Tales of Graces" to form a song fit for fighting against Jade and Sophie of Abyss and Graces, respectively.


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