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Awesome: Tales Series
In General
  • Nearly every Limit Break in the series counts. Especially if used as a Finishing Move. Double points if said move is on a boss.
  • The anime cutscenes, while sparse, are always visually STUNNING. It's not even like the early ones were bad, even: the way Martel's every step, the way she picks up a leaf, and the general wind rustling the tree making noise, while just small touches, works WELL with the animation and is just awesome. That's not to say the early animations were better than the newer ones: have fun with Xillia's opening, or any of the cutscenes that feature Milla and Jude kicking ass. It's a sight to see.

Tales of Phantasia
  • Cless and Arche's aerial battle to save Midgard. Arche rides her broom, and Cless rides Pegasus, lent to him by the Valkyrie.
    • In the first episode of the OVA, Klaus summons Maxwell in this same battle, who proceeds to utterly decimate a large number of the enemy army, and then just stands there laughing as enemy chunks go flying.
  • Speaking of the OVA, they managed to make Dhaos even more awesome. Two of his crowning moments are when he confronts Raisen, and the first time he confronts Cress.
  • And then, there's the theme song. It's one of the game's Crowning Music of Awesome, but it counts as the game's, and indeed the SNES', Crowning Moment Of Awesome overall because it's the first game on the SNES to have a fully-voiced theme song. Prior to that developers thought it can't be done on the SNES due to various factors, among them the available memory of a SNES SPU, and train of thoughts then are that games that have a fully voiced opening theme can only be released on CD media and perhaps required use of co-processors. Team Wolf figured out that by breaking the vocals down to a thousand segments and switching them on the fly as needed, as well as encoding the rest of the song regularly, they could fit the song into a reasonably small footprint (never mind that the game used a 48Mbit cart, the largest cart size available at that time), and they didn't even need a co-processor. Too bad Namco did not appreciate their work.

Tales of Destiny
  • The PS2 Destiny remake gets one when Miktran is finished for good. Stahn delivers a One-Liner and finishes Miktran using a Blast Caliber/Hi Ougi that he has never used, but will be used by his future son.
    Stahn: This is... the blade that will carve the path to our future!! ZAN!! KUU!! TEN!! SHOU!! KEEEEEENNNN!!!
  • And in the second game, after finishing the game twice (just once for the PSP version) and restarting anew... execute Judas' final Hi-Ougi and do something at the end, and then he will break his mask, fight for the rest of the battle unmasked. And his identity? LEON MAGNUS. His monologue build up also helps in making it more awesome.
  • Everytime Barbatos Goetia says this, it pretty much quite sums up how awesome he is...

Tales of Eternia
  • Beating Nereid. When it runs out of HP, it casts its ultimate skill Finality DeadEnd, which kills your party. Instantly, no arguments. Except that, at the moment your party members fall, you are expected to use the button combination for Reid's Limit Break. If you do, rather than getting a game over, Reid glows brightly and casts Infinity Reviver, which ends the game.
  • Better yet, beating Sekundes. Rather, beating him a specific way. If you get him down to half his HP (definitely no easy feat in itself), then somehow pass an Indignation spell, Keele or Meredy will recite the original Indignation spell in its entirety. Sekundes will then take 100000 damage, half his own maximum HP, and die gloriously with his signature This Cannot Be! ("sonna... sonna bakana!") in a perfect reenactment of the opening of Tales of Phantasia.
  • Don't forget when Ras first appears; Verbally owning a Jerkass of a shop clerk and saving Farah in the process. There's also His death scene, in which he saves the party using Aurora Wall. He was indeed Too Cool to Live

Tales of Symphonia
  • Tales of Symphonia has a few.
    • When Regal breaks the party out of a jail cell with a Hadouken.
    • Sheena, in the temple of Volt, after the Summon Spirit goes berserk and ends up killing Corrine, Sheena stands up and screams "For the sake of everyone that risked their lives to protect me, VOLT! I DEMAND YOUR POWER!!" Cue the screen shattering. Cue Fighting of the Spirit. Cue fight.
      • For this troper, the game got even more awesome. The fight was a tough, knock-down drag-out brawl that seemed rather touch-and-go at times...then, Volt whacked Sheena into Overlimit. At which point, Sheena stopped everything, summoned Undine, and proceeded to utterly thrash Volt. Fight over.
      • This troper had a similar experience, turning things around during the fight with Kuchinawa by summoning Origin.
      • This troper now makes it a point to summon Volt during the battle against Kuchinawa.
      • Sheena also has a hadouken moment in the basement of the Tower of Salvation, where she concentrates the energies of Tethe'alla's Summon Spirits into a beam of power from her hands.
      • She gets another awesome moment earlier, when she uses the Tethe'alla spirits to fire the Mana canon. The result is quite badass.
    • When Zelos shows up and reveals that he saved all of the seemingly doomed party members from their deathtraps and then proceeds to kick the crap out of Mithos with Lloyd and the rest of the party.
      • Or alternately, Zelos's final battle before his death where he gets those angel wings is absolutely awesome, even if he did lose. This troper was madly pushing the RESTART button on her Gamecube afterward to make him come back.
    • Kratos gets his when you beat Kvar. Largely because Kvar killed his wife, Kratos, is, needless to say, a bit peeved. So, we get the following: *stabs Kvar* "feel the pain..." *stabs him again* "of those inferior beings..." *stabs him one last time* "as you burn in hell." For this troper, who didn't really like Kratos much, that cemented his role as a pure Badass.
    • Lloyd. "Rise, Giant Kharlan Tree!"
  • The OVA gets some truly awesome moments.
    • When Iselia is being attacked, Dirk joins Lloyd and Genis, and can be seen bashing up Desians with a Big Friggin' Hammer
    • When Sheena attacks the company in an Absurdly Spacious Sewer, she opens up the battle by jumping at Lloyd's face, and slapping a card on his chest. The physical force of her strike sends Lloyd flying, and then the card explodes. This troper had to rewind the video to confirm what he had just seen.
    • Then, Kratos retaliates against Sheena. Diving at her, he jabs her in the stomach with the hilt of his sword, and then turns around and roundhouse kicks her in the stomach. Sheena does a couple ninja-flips backward, and then attempts to cast something (WHAT she was trying to cast is a mystery, at this point in the story). Kratos doesn't wait for her to cast, and instead fries her with a Lightning spell.
    • In the next episode, the Kvar moment is given some new awesomeness. As Kratos ends Kvar, he delivers the same line, but instead of three stabs, it's one stab that impales Kvar and comes out the other side, with plenty of blood. Awesome.
      • Oh, and just a bit later, the whole "we shouldn't be using Expheres" scene happens, and instead of the resolution that the game gives, the OVA shows that Lloyd and Genis went about battling the next Seal Guardian without their expheres. A feat that's flat out said to be impossible in-game.
    • The Fourth Episode is Full of these.
      • Kratos: "Sacred Powers, Cast thy Purifying Light upon these corrupt souls! JUDGMENT!" (Cue lasers from the heavens and countless Dragon riders being erased from existence)
      • The Remiel Fight. It starts with unison attack from Genis and Raine (albeit one that isn't in the game). Then Remiel blasts a hole in the side of the Tower of Salvation with a huge ass laser beam. Lloyd tanks that, then proceeds to fire off a massive Demon Fang of Epic Proportions, that sends Remiel into a tree, which shatters from the impact.
  • Dawn of the New World, if one of the reasons you may not like it is because the original cast seems overshadowed, never fear: (story-wise, at least) they're still as awesome as ever. Lloyd, especially, proves this when, right before the fight with Brute, who just attempted to offer the party a Sadistic Choice (hand over the Centurion's cores or he kills Regal), repeats one of his most famous lines from the original game, saves Regal's ass, and proves once and for all that he's on Emil's side:
    Brute: "It's obvious that you don't understand. Means and methods are insignificant in the eyes of justice!"
    Lloyd: "Don't even start spewing the word "justice"!"
  • Emil going into "Ratatosk Mode" and attacking the Martel Knights surrounding Marta and knocks them out in three hits, then puts a foot on the the Martel Knight's neck that he just knocked out and delivers a glorious Pre Ass Kicking One Liner
    Emil: I'll teach you the true meaning of divine punishment!
Ownage (and one of the most difficult boss fights in the game) ensues.
  • After beating Alice and Decus near the end of the game, the ensuing cutscene sees Marta go over to make sure they're okay. Quite predictably, Alice attacks her. Emil then attacks Alice, and Decus jumps in front of Emil's sword and is fatally wounded. After he dies, Alice admits that she loved Decus too and turns on Emil...and is promptly killed by Marta, who basically says that she doesn't care how much Alice hates her, but attacking Emil is unforgivable.
  • The curse of the iron maiden. That is all.
  • The Big Damn Heroes moment in the Cape Fortress. Alice hits a new low threatening Seles, but the heroes hands seem tied. Then Sheena shows up. And punches Alice out. What Colette and Regal do to Decus afterwards is both awesome and hilarious.
  • Richter. OK, so in the Temple of Darkness, Ratatosk Mode Emil demonstrates a new attack, a ridiculously massive laser energy ball called Ain Soph Aur. It so happens to be an extension to his Mystic Arte. After hitting Richter with the move once, he tries it again, and Richter's response is to block and counter the mystic arte, reflecting the energy right back into Emil's face. And he does this in-battle if you try Ain Soph Aur. He can block and counter a Super Move Portrait Attack.
  • After his jailer loses the key to his handcuffs, Regal just flexes and breaks the chain himself. He was apparently only staying in jail to be polite. And then he recommends his company's brand of handcuffs to the jailer, because they're stronger. Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Funny.
  • And once again, we get to see Dirk and his BFH in action (against monsters this time). Dirk rules.
  • No love for Alice?! How about Alice winning against Hawk in a such a brutal fashion that he's 'terrified' of her!? Or what about how it's implied that she drew it out because she loved the fight? And, as much of a Kick the Son of a Bitch action it is, carving 'Alice's Pet' into his back is a pretty badass thing. Not to mention, had Marta not attack her 'from behind' Alice would have probably singled both Emil and Marta. Let's face it, girl is one of the biggest badasses in the game, and has plenty of awesome.

Tales of Rebirth
  • Tytree inviting Veigue to the beach to deliver Get a Hold of Yourself, Man! through a series of sock-punching straight on the face, and Veigue retaliates the same. Eventually Veigue calms down, and Tytree has just made Bright Noah proud. So awesome that Veigue repeats it on a Viva Tales Of segment, socking on Reid.
  • Beforehand, Tytree had one in form of his heroic "The Reason You Suck" Speech on Saleh:
    "Someone like you who takes pleasure in trampling on the hearts of others will never ever understand! The human heart... the feelings that people have are stronger than anything else!! Remember that!!"
  • Tytree also has one during his Trial, giving an awesome speech against racism. Claire gets one too during a certain famous scene...
  • Hilda, after seeing her mother dying, has an awesome display of power and anger that could make the gruff, sadistic and Capital E Evil Tohma... whimper and run away begging for help. Way to go, Hilda. Way to go.
  • Later on, Veigue gets one during a scene in Pipista whereas he saw a caste system, in which avian Gajuma are considered high class, and Gajuma kids from that playing with furry Gajuma kids is considered foolish and forbidden. This got so bad that one avian Gajuma was driven to despair that she opted to clip down her wings just so she can play with her furry Gajuma friend. What does Veigue, a Huma, considered even lower than furry Gajuma in the town, do? Stop the kid, confront the Gajuma parents, and without considering how the others reacted based on racism, give a scold that sums up to this: "You drove an innocent Gajuma child into utter despair just to preserve this useless caste system!? YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF!!!"

Tales of the Abyss

See Tales of the Abyss.

Tales of Vesperia

See Tales of Vesperia.

Tales of Hearts
  • The game has a lot of nice moments, but the best one goes to Chalcedny towards the end of the game, trying to turn his Soma into an airship. "Peridot's and Byrocks' wishes are here! Strong... high... into the sky... FLYYYYYYYYYYY!" Oh, this is after he takes on The Dragon in triplicate.

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