Awesome / Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World

  • During the events of the game, Zelo's sister is kidnapped, then threatened right in front of him. His response?
    Zelos: Seles!
    Seles: Zelos!
    Alice: Hehe, don't you dare take another step. I just love breaking the arms of cute little girls like you.
    Zelos: (furious; in a low tone) Why you little bitch.
  • Emil snapping at Marta for constantly trying to make him something he's not, since up to this point he'd been super timid and scared.
  • Ratatosk Mode Emil in Luin, knocking out those three guards in the span of a second.
    Emil: I'll teach you the true meaning... of divine punishment!
    • After beating Magnar, Emil just beats the ever loving crap out of him.
    Emil: Where's your divine punishment now? Go ahead, SHOW IT TO ME!
  • Emil's Mystic Arte, Devil's Hellfire, followed by Ain Soph Aur.
  • Mix of Awesome and Crowning Momentof Heartwarming, but both Emil and Ratatosk Mode Emil trying to convince Marta that she needs to face her father Brute, who happens to be the leader of the Vanguard so they can get Solum's core whilst they're protecting Mizuho from the Vanguard.
    • Ratatosk!Emil also wasn't kidding when he said they wouldn't enter the village; at first, the second-in-command worries that they may have to give up the village, despite the likes of Presa, Genis and Raine there. Then directly after he says this line, your next fight is on a field instead of the village gate, the implication being that Emil and Marta + assembled monsters are pushing them back, by themselves at that.
  • Towards the end of the game, Emil replacing his Ratatosk mode in battle. His calm and confident attitude is the perfect culmination of his growth from pushover to hero.
    • Followed by Emil fighting Ratatosk in a Battle in the Center of the Mind and finally winning Ratatosk's respect and acceptance. It's double awesome if you use Devil's Hellfire on him.
  • The Dummied Out Shut Up, Hannibal! that each of the Symphonia cast can give and can be accessed through hacking, seen here.
  • Dawn of the New World, if one of the reasons you may not like it is because the original cast seems overshadowed, never fear: (story-wise, at least) they're still as awesome as ever. Lloyd especially proves this when, right before the fight with Brute, who just attempted to offer the party a Sadistic Choice (hand over the Centurion's cores or he kills Regal), repeats one of his most famous lines from the original game, saves Regal's ass, and proves once and for all that he's on Emil's side:
    Brute: "It's obvious that you don't understand. Means and methods are insignificant in the eyes of justice!"
    Lloyd: "Don't even start spewing the word "justice"!"
  • After beating Alice and Decus near the end of the game, the ensuing cutscene sees Marta go over to make sure they're okay. Quite predictably, Alice attacks her. Emil then attacks Alice, and Decus jumps in front of Emil's sword and is fatally wounded. After he dies, Alice admits that she loved Decus too and turns on Emil...and is promptly killed by Marta, who basically says that she doesn't care how much Alice hates her, but attacking Emil is unforgivable.
  • The curse of the iron maiden. That is all.
  • Richter. OK, so in the Temple of Darkness, Ratatosk Mode Emil demonstrates a new attack, a ridiculously massive laser energy ball called Ain Soph Aur. It so happens to be an extension to his Mystic Arte. After hitting Richter with the move once, he tries it again, and Richter's response is to block and counter the mystic arte, reflecting the energy right back into Emil's face. And he does this in-battle if you try Ain Soph Aur. He can block and counter a Super Move Portrait Attack.
  • When Regal is freed from jail, his jailer loses the key to his handcuffs, Regal just flexes and breaks the chain himself. He was apparently only staying in jail to be polite. And then he recommends his company's brand of handcuffs to the jailer, because they're stronger. Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Funny.
  • And once again, we get to see Dirk and his BFH in action (against monsters this time). Dirk rules.