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Ristelle, as coined by Yuri himself.

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    Tales of Destiny 
  • Stahn and Leon in Tales of Destiny, at least in the remake. Leon starts out as a Jerk Ass who becomes a Defrosting Ice King after spending time around Stahn eventually admitting they are "friends" right before he makes a Heroic Sacrifice for him... well, okay, and the rest of the party. Stahn really loves to say Leon's name, and eventually he marries Leon's sister. Did I mention there's a strong family resemblance?
    • This adds a very interesting piece of subtext to a skit in Tales of Destiny 2 where Loni asks about a possible love triangle between Stahn, Rutee, and Leon. Of course, Leon seems disgusted at the idea, but that's mainly because Loni assumed Rutee was at the center.
  • There's also a case with Leon and Chaltier, as Leon acts like a Clingy Jealous Guy when Chal asks to be loaned out (to repay a debt he feels he has to Johnny for protecting Leon), Leon utterly depends on Chaltier to the point of the sword being a Living Emotional Crutch, and the two are inseparable... Even when Leon takes baths.
    • Chaltier also makes it a point to constantly praise Leon, babbling about how handsome he'd look with glasses or how he's a better swordsman than Stahn or Rutee.

    Tales of Eternia 

    Tales Of Symphonia 
  • Tales of Symphonia has some subtext between Lloyd and Zelos, despite the latter's womanizing.
    • In the Japanese version, Zelos calls Lloyd "hunny," a term he otherwise reserves for females. In the English version, it's changed to "bud" except in two obscure scenes the censorship squad apparently missed. (Yes, his butler also calls Lloyd Sir Hunny.) There was also a world map skit that was apparently too gay for America.
      • Also, one skit in which they missed the "hunny" might not have been such a mistake after all. It's called "Combo! Lloyd and Zelos," and it only occurs if Zelos is your top-rated character by Relationship Values. Perhaps that was intentional...?
      • Oh yeah, and now that the PS3 HD Rerelease has happened, they've translated the theme park date in Altamira and the scene in the deluxe suite afterwards. Zelos not only calls Lloyd "hunny" all the way through both of these events, but also offers to stay up all night teaching Lloyd how to be seductive. To which Lloyd says "I can't remember the last time I was this excited to study." As one amused tumblr comment put it, "I've read enough fanfic to know where this is going."
      • You could also say Zelos is hiding behind a Have I Mentioned I Am Heterosexual Today? facade and Lloyd never shows much interest towards the female sex in THAT way... due to being a Chaste Hero or something else? The game has pretty much given you everything you need to ship it.
      • One good example of a specific scene is when the party is in the sewers trying to sneak their way back into Meltokyo. Just as they're almost through, Regal makes his entrance by taking Zelos hostage. Presea chases Regal off of him and the first thing he does once he's up is to go to hide behind Lloyd, latching onto him from behind. That's not the last time he glomps Lloyd either.
      • It's even more blatant and serious if you make Zelos Lloyd's most important person and get the bonding scenes with him - of course, you get romantic subtext with anyone you decide to pair up with Lloyd, but in Zelos' case Lloyd becomes basically the only reason he bothers keeping alive.
      • Well not exactly, Zelos only commits Suicide by Cop in the path where you re-recruit Kratos, since that's the only path where Lloyd doesn't insist that he still trusts Zelos even after he betrays the party. So this basically holds true even when he's not Lloyd's most important person.
      • And then there's the cutscene where Lloyd finds out that Kratos is his father. Normally it's Collete who delivers the Get A Hold Of Yourself Man speech to Lloyd to snap him out of his Heroic B.S.O.D., but if you manage to get Zelos' Relationship Values high enough before this point in the game Zelos does it instead. He's the only one who can do this other than Collete.
      • Zelos is also the only person, besides Colette and Kratos, but he's a different kind of special case, who will give Lloyd a trinket of some kind after their scene in Flanoir - the trinket that will later save Lloyd's life from a trap. That makes two optional scenes in which Zelos is explicitly set up in parallel with the official love interest, to say nothing of the fact that he's actively Colette's mirror through the rest of the game.
      • Also with Zelos's relationship values maxed out, when entering the coliseum as Lloyd, Zelos will demand you "put on a show that will make me fall in love."
      • To which Lloyd responds not with Squick or snark, but with "Okay!"
    • And more between Kratos and Yuan, the latter of whom winds up cradling the former in his arms at one point.
      • This troper saw more Yuan and Botta.. So, so much Ho Yay.
    • Can't forget Mithos and Genis, either - they even get a sidequest together for bonding.
    • Speaking of Genis, his admiration and more specifically, his comments towards Lloyd can make their friendship seem... like slightly more than just a friendship. "That's why I like you, Lloyd!" "That's why you're special to me!" "I'm still a little angry at you for leaving without so much as a goodbye."
    • And in the sequel, after Emil learns that Regal was forced to kill someone he loved, there's a skit where Emil wonders if he'd be able to fight Richter if the time came. Followed by the fact that he doesn't like Richter "like that". In his own internal monologue.
      • The way Emil babbles on about how much he admires Richter despite the latter declaring himself to be Emil's enemy sure makes it sound like somebody has a man-crush. Not to mention, they're practically pitch-perfect for the seme and uke roles.
      • Emil also has slightly less blatant but still noticeable moments with Regal and Lloyd. Also he thinks Zelos worships Lloyd, and if you get Genis' conversation with Lloyd in Flanoir you'll see he still hasn't got over Mithos.
      • On top of Emil's obvious man-crush on Richter, even Richter and Aster have prime shipping opportunities as well. Man, Namco. So much Ho Yay, so little time. They certainly know how to please the fans.
      • In Flanoir where you first meet Decus, with his whole "You must have a crush on me too!" thing. He basically called dibs on Emil if things didn't work out with Alice...
    • Some people have started shipping Kratos and Lloyd only to find out Kratos is Lloyd's daddy.

    Tales of Rebirth 
  • Tales of Rebirth: Whenever Veigue's upset about something (usually Claire), it's always Tytree who comes to cheer him up or comfort him. Veigue's in general a more reserved character unless his Berserk Button is pushed, but he gradually admits he finds Tytree to be a good friend of his.
    • When Veigue starts really angsting about Claire, Tytree gets fed up and gets into a fistfight with him in a scene famous in the fandom for its Belligerent Sexual Tension to force him to resolve his issues. And it actually works. In the end, before the final battle, the pair talk about what awesome friends they are, they both admit to being afraid they'd dislike each other, and they resolve to stay friends forever.
    • After the punching scene, in an optional skit Tytree is almost crying tears of joy at having finally gotten Veigue to open up to him and brags about how close they now are. Right...

    Tales of Legendia 
  • Tales of Legendia has, on the Ho Yay side, Jay and Moses, who eventually become quite close - Jay (who's generally emotionally distant) even hugs Moses in the end. It also has quite a bit of Les Yay, especially between Grune and Norma; Norma seems to quite enjoy cuddling up against Grune's chest, though she might have been doing that to taunt everyone. Grune, for her part, seems bisexual given that she seems fine doing, that, with anybody.
    • Shirley and Fenimore. Fenimore's death is even the thing that pushes Shirley into a world-destroying rage.
    • And then there's Elsa. At one point, you encounter her walking around town with Chloe, and she insists they're on a date, to Chloe's embarrassment. In a later scene, Elsa falls asleep on Chloe's lap and repeatedly says her name in her sleep, then, upon waking, proclaims Chloe to be "the best".
      Norma: It's love! True love!
    • Pick two characters in Legendia. Any two. Oh look, you have found a couple with a lot of subtext!
    • He's not just being sarcastic. Take, for example, the scenes Shirley and Chloe get together following the latter's day in the limelight episode (especially once Norma gets in on the fun, claiming Chloe is "hogging Shirl". The girl even has a segment where she starts fawning over Grune's breast size.) And of course:
    Senel: Moses!
    Moses: All us baby, it's all us!" *faintly homoerotic hand clasp*

    Tales of the Abyss 
Tales of the Abyss does not lack for subtext:
  • Luke learned Sonic Thrust from Guy. At night.
    • Guy is terrified of women, and acknowledged in one sidequest to have basically raised Luke as they were growing up together. As a result, Luke depends on him emotionally to a great degree. Add to that the fact that Guy is Luke's servant and therefore technically has to follow his orders.
    • Luke and Asch have a great deal of aggressive tension between them, plus Luke's struggle to have Asch acknowledge his right to exist, and Asch's Tsundere way of looking after him.
      • Some people are a little put off by the implications of Screw Yourself, because of the whole replica thing. Others say that just makes it hotter.
    • Ion is the first person in the game that Luke is openly nice to, and they have some shared angst over being replicas.
      • Some of their dialogue in the Cheagle Woods (particularly on Ion's side) comes across as shameless flirting.
    • Master Badtouch.
    • Not to mention Jade, Emperor Peony, and Dist.
      • Dist is openly obsessed with Jade, only avoids Camp Gay because his sexuality never actually comes up, and generally acts like a Stalker with a Crush. Meanwhile, Jade tries to ignore him, but they were childhood friends, and the party actually speculates that Jade likes Dist more than he lets on. The interrogation scene with Jade and Dist was particularly...questionable. Dist also hates Peony and basically treats him like a rival love interest, which leads to the next point...
      • Peony refers to Jade as "his", and gives him privileges well above his rank and station purely because they're so close, and since he's the Emperor he can do that sort of thing. While Jade trolls everyone in the game, Peony is the only one who can get Jade back just as well, or even better. Jade is The Stoic, so he doesn't show as much affection as Peony does, but he does undertake dangerous missions as Peony's most trusted adviser, which speaks volumes. And then there's a scene in Tales of Fandom 2 where it looks like Peony has been assassinated, and Jade actually shouts his name. His real name.
      • Jade and Guy also have a bit of a bromance going, at the very least. In one skit when the party complains about how tired, sweaty and gross they are, Guy notices that Jade actually smells really good and compliments his cologne. Jade's got at least a little respect for him, as shown when he tracks Guy down at the Aramis Spring to ask for his help, even after the party has semi-disbanded, thanks to Luke. On a more heartwarming note, when Guy remembers what happened to his sister, it's Jade who's standing with him in the chapel. Oh, and then, of course, there's the skit in which Guy is tickle-tortured, which ends with Jade nibbling on him. note 
      • Jade and Luke have quite a prominent friendship that grows over the course of the story and even has Jade of all people admitting he does care for Luke (and makes Luke give a very happy smile in response). There's an analysis of their progressing friendship here that hits the high points.

    Tales of Innocence 
  • One should not forget Tales of Innocence with Spada and Ruca, which is amped up even further in R.
    • In the original DS version, Spada hugs Luca twice (and attempted the third) in succession after Ruca survived the stab wound from Hasta. In R? Spada hugs Ruca way earlier not long after they meet upon finding out that he is Asura's reincarnation, while saying that he (as Durandal) truly misses Ruca/Asura.
    • Spada being protective of Ruca in general. In the remake, this is taken further to the point his Declaration of Protection becomes one of his victory quotes, which Luca appreciates in return.
    • Again from the remake, Spada and Ruca are now upgraded to Bash Brothers, with several of their victory poses have them cross their swords onto the air together.

    Tales of Vesperia 
  • Tales of Vesperia: If, after some twenty hours at least, you haven't done some serious thinking about how much Rita is concerned about Estelle's well-being, then, friend, you're not paying any attention. Makes one wonder just what it is she finds in Rita's drawer not long after they meet.
    • The PS3 version even adds some new scenes where Rita and Estelle pledge their eternal friendship and raise a baby together.
    • Put these two together in battle and you will hear a lot of "That's amazing Rita! You're so cool!" followed by Rita's sudden loss of words.
    • As soon as you enter the first dungeon with Rita, she is caught by the main character, staring at Estelle with little blush marks. She doesn't continue to stare, but will get very flustered when the other characters tease her for being close to Estelle.
    • Adding to the Les Yay, Judith frequently tells the other girls "you look cute when you're X."
    • To say nothing of Yuri and Flynn's could-be-interpreted-either-way friendship since childhood.
      • Actually, let's say something about that. It would really not be going far to say that Yuri's kind of obsessed with Flynn. The second line out of his mouth in the game is about Flynn. Before you find him in Capua Nor, Yuri will bring him up out of nowhere, like after curing Halure's tree, or when everyone sees the ocean from Ehmead Hill. He really does give off the impression that Flynn is all he thinks about, and that's before he offers his life for Flynn's during the sequence with Barbos trying to start a war in Dahngrest. And on Flynn's side, well, there's the Taking the Bullet moment in Zaude, the fact that he scoured the entire ocean to search for Yuri after his supposed death, and his constant worry that Yuri's not getting the credit he deserves for his heroic acts. Their admittedly tense relationship culminates in their Duel Boss fight - preceded by the line "everything I feel is in this sword," no less - after which they lie side-by-side in the grass for a while. Add to this dozens of extra scenes, sidequests and subtext moments and they start to rival Ristelle.
    • On the Flynn and Yuri thing, in the PS3 version they have a dual Mystic Arte together, which may draw comparisons to previous Official Couple Emil and Marta's team-up attack in Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World and the team-up attack used by later Official Couple Jude and Milla in Tales of Xillia.
      • They're also basically constantly voted as the "Ideal Combination" or "Best Partnership" in the Japanese popularity polls...and the runners-up are usually official couples like Jude and Milla above, or Asbel and Cheria from Tales of Graces.
      • And just like Rita and Estelle, this is not lost on the characters in the game itself. Sodia is fully aware that Yuri is her main competition for Flynn's affections, which puts her attempt to kill Yuri on top of Zaude in a whole new light.
      • Yuri is always the first and the last to talk about Flynn, he mentions him at the most unnecessary moments too. When your team reach at the top of Ehmed hill and see the sea for the first time, Estelle says the place is really beautiful (and romantic). What Yuri says? He is just wondering (for no reason) if Flynn saw it too.
      • For a quick moment, Yuri has to wear the soldier's uniform, Estelle and Judith say he looks handsome and he blushes. Oh, he didn't blush because of the compliment, he just got embarrassed because Flynn used to say that "he looked silly with his uniform" and ends the conversation with a "That's why i hate that uniform!"
      • You can also get an optional soldier costume for Yuri later in the game. If you wear it and talk to Flynn, he'll Wolf Whistle.
      • Also worth pointing out is Yuri's explanation for why he doesn't turn Sodia in for her crimes. He seems more angry that she's abandoned Flynn than about the whole attempted murder thing. Then he says he agrees with her about something, which turns out to be...well...this: Yuri: I'm a criminal. I could be killed any time. Flynn is the perfect knight. A perfect leader. He doesn't need a criminal by his side.
      • In the PS3 Updated Re Release Patty immediately treats Flynn as a rival as soon as she hears about him. Yeah. She hasn't met him yet and already sees him as a rival to her quest for Yuri's heart just from how people talk about him in relation to Yuri.
      • When you head to rescue Flynn and his group from a horde of monsters after gathering the four great spirits, Flynn and Yuri have a very long Held Gaze moment. Flynn in particular just can't seem to keep his eyes off of Yuri. Sure it might be because Yuri was presumed dead after his fall from Zaude but Flynn kinda looks like he wants to kiss Yuri. And then they race off together (plus Repede) to save everyone from the monsters cheerfully fighting their way together and almost coming across as a Battle Couple...even better in the Updated Re Release since Flynn is beefed up from the 360 version and thus they are evenly matched in fighting skills.
      • In fact, everyone seems to ship them to some degree, just like Ristelle above. There are just too many comments that pop up both during the main storyline and in sidequests that shows the whole group realizes that Flynn and Yuri's relationship is...special.
      • The fact that come Project X Zone, Xiaomu, ships the two of them and even asks Flynn on what their relationship is with Flynn saying nothing more than just childhood friends.
    • Don't forget Zagi's violent obsession with Yuri.
      • Hell, every time you fight him, he is screaming stuff like "Yes Yes!" and "You're the only man who ever made me bleed!"
    • Sometimes Karol gives the impression he has a Precocious Crush on Yuri due to how much he looks up to and trusts him.
    • Raven/Yuri has some things going for it. What with Raven having the most Have I Mentioned I Am Heterosexual Today? moments thanks to Yuri, Yuri being the one to convince Raven to turn against Alexei and live his own life, and some of their interactions are just...interesting. Oh and for bonus points, Yuri physically resembles, according to official art Casey/Kyanary aka Raven's lost love very much so.
    • One can't forget Duke and Elucifer. The latter's murder leaves Duke so bitter, he's prepared to sacrifice all of humanity as a means of saving the planet.
      • Given what the other Entelexeia look like, it's safe to say that this one crosses over with Hot Skitty-on-Wailord Action.
      • Not necessarily. We've seen that at least one of them can take on human form.

    Tales of Graces 
  • Tales of Graces...oh boy. Richard's crush on Asbel seems to have started when they were kids, 7 years ago. And not to mention that in the demo for Tales of Graces F, when Asbel jumps for the ship it's Richard that catches him. First scene. Then there's Pascal and Sophie, and Hubert who seems to be some sort of backwards tsundere for his brother. And then Lambda. Lambda is....well, let's just say he spends most of his time residing in either Richard or Asbel and has yandere tendencies.
    • Not to mention, him giving Richard some yandere-ness as well. Just listen to the voice clips of him screaming Asbel's name like a betrayed lover. And then there is the line where he says that Asbel's kindness is what he loves most about him.
    • There is a skit where Pascal says that Sophie's strange behaviour around Richard is due to the 'hanky panky mwah mwah mwah' between him and Asbel and that Sophie is jealous of their relationship. Make of that what you will.
    • The Future arc takes all the Ho Yay to eleven. Before the final dungeon, Asbel gets a chance to talk to each party member separately. Each person makes physical contact with Asbel, somehow, so they also get a chance to talk to Lambda. Most of them are platonic claps on the shoulder. Cheria, the official love interest, gets a pinky swear. Richard touches Asbel's face like he's about to kiss him. And then he tries to tell Lambda something else, and we don't hear what he says. Given the situation, if it's not some variation on "protect Asbel, please," I'll eat my controller. Also, this scene, unlike all the Ho Yay-tastic skits? Utterly mandatory.

    Tales of Xillia 
  • Tales of Xillia subtly combines this with a Precocious Crush. At multiple points, and as a possible post-victory skit, Elize's living doll, Teepo, latches onto Milla and starts motorboating her. It's revealed later in the game that the things Teepo says and does are really Elize's innermost thoughts.
  • And then there's Alvin and Jude. Alvin just loves putting his arm around Jude's shoulder and Jude can say things like "I'd like to think Alvin knows how I feel" right it front of him and his ex-girlfriend (Alvin's even double takes after hearing that). Jude's also always the first to allow Alvin back on the team after his betrayals. He also asks Jude if he swings both ways without much prompting - which Jude doesn't exactly deny.
    • Later on there's a skit where Jude accidentally reveals that he knows what a "pitcher" and a "catcher" are, but then he refuses to admit how exactly he knows that.
  • There's also Rowen and Nachtigal. The two had grown close while in the military together, and Rowen admired the fact that despite being a prince he was down and fighting with the rest of them. Blames himself as the reason Nachital strayed from his path because he was no longer around to give him counsel. Before you had to fight him, Nachitgal had called out to Rowen to join him- that despite the years apart, he still wanted Rowen by his side, and up until that moment Rowen hadn't even known if he could have fought his dear old friend. After the fight, and before Nachtigal died, Rowen and him had nearly patched things up between them. Rowen was going to return to his side to help steer him to the right path again, and that he would share in his crimes (which astonishes Nachtigal) and they would together both bring the country back to peace.
  • After the first boss battle with him and the arrival of Exodus Gaius claims that Jude will survive and come back to serve him. Why he thinks that so early on is...eyebrow raising at the least. He even starts directing his attention to Jude quite a bit afterwards, seeming to be intent to get the measure of him. And, of course, by the end Gaius recognizes him as a Worthy Opponent (something he never did with Wingul) and puts his faith in Jude's research on spyrites to save the world and create a good future.
    • Wingul, meanwhile, seems to be crushing hard on Gaius enough to try to Murder the Hypotenuse in regards to the protagonists. His main target also seems to be Jude...hm.
    • Jude certainly seems to admire and respect Gaius a lot too. The comparisons drawn between him and Jude's canon Love Interest most likely don't help either. For example, after they get their hands on one of Exodus's airships, we have Gaius going over to Milla and Jude, and Jude is just sitting down and smiling happily at Gaius.

    Tales of Xillia 2 
  • Tales of Xillia 2 has it everywhere, mostly because Jude and Ludger are launchers of a thousand ships:
  • Jude, for one, might be canonically bisexual, as alluded to in the last game - one of his alternate universe counterparts has a "tethering" relationship with a Camp Gay spirit, Aska.
  • Jude and Ludger get caught in a "blush-flattery-feedback-loop" when complimenting each other during a skit. Also, when Ludger's brokenhearted after his encounter with Victor, Jude offers him a pep talk that ends with a tender hand on Ludger's shoulder. There's also a skit where he says that he feels a strong connection with Ludger even though they've just met.
  • Jude and Alvin are still going strong, of course - when Alvin makes fun of Jude's tethering with Muzet he comes out with the line "oh, Jude, hold me tight and let's tether all night long." In a post-battle scene he'll lament how lonely he feels when someone breaks a link with him, and when Jude offers to be his link partner he comes up with, "You mean... You'd hook up with a guy like me?"
    • And when Jude withdraws his offer, Alivn's response is "Ah, the familiar cold shoulder."
  • If you select the option for Ludger to tell the group that he's technically naked in his Chromatus form, you get approval points from Gaius and Jude ostensibly because they were happy to be off the subject of Muzet technically being naked.
  • Gaius invites Ludger to his igloo of solitude for some...character building...
  • As your Relationship Values climb, you'll get short skits with each character telling you how much they appreciate Ludger. Alvin, Jude, and even Gaius can get very blushy and affectionate.
    Gaius: Whatever my guise, be it commoner or king, I feel that you're somehow able to bring out the true me.
  • Ludger and Julius, to varying degrees depending on what dialogue choices the player makes. The entire scene before Julius and Ludger fight is rife with it, and then we get the cut-off line where Julius admits that Ludger's stubbornness is what he loves about him.
    • In the bad end Ludger kills the rest of the party and forsakes the entire world to save Julius, even though Julius is close to dying and doesn't have much longer to live. The entire thing is topped off by Julius revealing that maybe this is the world he wanted too.
    Julius: You... You threw away everything for me?

    Tales of Zestiria 
  • Tales of Zestiria is absolutely loaded with this between Sorey and Mikleo. They're childhood friends and rivals, tend to be very touchy-feely with each other, and it becomes quite apparent as the game progresses that they are each other's most important person.
    • Mikleo actually falls into the majority of scenarios that would usually be reserved for the love interest.
    • Mind you before continuing that unlike most Tales series, there isn't a 'set' heroine for Zestiria.
    • The anime special includes a fair bit of shipping fuel as well. When Sorey catches Mikleo after he triggers a pitfall, Mikleo can be seen smiling to himself before asking to be pulled back up. When Sorey and Mikleo are leaving the village, Sorey tells Mikleo that he's glad they'll be together, and Mikleo responds with a Luminescent Blush and some Tsundere line about Sorey being hopeless. Boys...
    • Hell, the two get into an argument early in the game because Mikleo wants to form a pact with Sorey so that he can fuse with him, but Sorey refuses because he doesn't want Mikleo to get hurt. All this does is cement how protective they are of one another, and when they finally make up it's with a tickle fight. The whole thing sounds a lot like something else.
    • There's a skit where Zaveid tries to convince Sorey to peep on the girls in the sauna, by trying to appeal to the beauty of seeing their "hot skin, glistening with sweat". Mikleo enters the scene, sweaty after exerting himself in some manner, and Sorey asks Zaveid if that's what he meant. Looks like Sorey's into a whole other form of beauty...
      • The English version of this skit actually manages to make it even more obvious.
      Zaveid: Sorey... Let's go hunting for babes.
      Mikleo: (entering the scene, sweaty and with his collar undone) Whew, that sure was therapeutic! Why don't you guys step in as well?
      Sorey: You mean like this?
      Zaveid: That's not the kind of babe hunting I'm talking about!
    • Another skit reveals that while Sorey was unconscious after becoming the Shepherd Mikleo did nothing but sit beside him and read for the entire three days, when he could have been out doing better things with his time. He also declined hearing an explanation from Lailah about the requirements of the job, preferring to wait until Sorey woke up so they could hear it together. When asked why (and after Sorey brings up some embarrassing childhood memories), he reacts predictably.
    • Near the end of the game the two share a scene on a balcony (does that sound familiar?) where Mikleo reveals that he knows Sorey will have to disappear for a few hundred years at the end of the game and is quite broken up about it, but says that he'll wait for Sorey to return no matter how long it takes. Sorey for his part, vows to find Mikleo once he's able to.
    • To top things off, in the post-credit epilogue an older Mikleo is exploring some ruins and triggers a pitfall trap. Mirroring a scene from early in the game, someone catches him before he falls. It's heavily implied to be Sorey, and once Mikleo realizes who it is his face softens into a tender smile before he grasps Sorey's hand and the scene cuts to black, followed by the ending card. It could be argued that Mikleo, of all people, is the game's heroine in that regard.
      • It's only seen for a few seconds, but in the epilogue Mikleo is wearing a feather tied around his waist. You get no points for guessing who it's a memento to.
      • Earlier in the game, it's explained that when a human becomes a seraph, they lose all of their memories of their human life except those they consider most important to them. In light of this, the fact that Sorey returns to Mikleo after becoming a seraph makes it crystal clear that he values Mikleo over all else.
    • In the Alisha DLC Mikleo's been spending his time trying to secure the area where Sorey is sleeping to keep him safe. Aww.
    • In the credits picture of the Alisha DLC, Mikleo can be seen with a longing look on his face. What is he looking at ? Sorey in his light form, still asleep with Maotelus. Note that he's the only party member to do that, emphasizing on how deep his relationship with Sorey is.
    • Official art doesn't help.
    • The author of the novelization and the artist of the official manga are both fujoshi. We can probably expect more moments between these two.
      • With the manga Mikleo kisses Sorey on the cheek even though he was a light ball in the last chapter
    • Let's not forget some of Mikleo's titles in the japanese version of the game: "One Heart in Two Bodies", "Like Water to Fish" and "One and Only". They are all talking about his relationship with Sorey.
    • In the first chapter of the novelization of the game Sorey spends a lot of time waxing poetic about how beautiful he finds Mikleo, steals glances at him, stares at him, gets caught staring at him, and then laments the fact that no one else can see Mikleo because he wants them to know how pretty he is.
    • The English version's description of the water armatization is "The armatized bow gives you good piercing capabilities - just the thing for a tight hallway. Weaknesses? ...Well, it can be hard to cope with attacks from behind. But the first step toward dealing with this drawback is acknowledging it." The localization team really had a field day.
    • And then one of the after-battle skits gives us this:
    Zaveid: Women in battle are gorgeous. Ain't that right, Sorey?
    Sorey: Sure!
    Zaveid: C'mon, man!
    Mikleo: Don't expect too much out of Sorey on this.
    • In one of Baba's interviews about a year before the game's release, he introduces Mikleo as Sorey's "irreplaceable presence".
    • In Chris Niosi's (Dezel) podcast with Michael Johnston (Mikleo), Kira Buckland (Edna), and Xander Mobus (Sergei Strelka):
    Chris: Who do you... Who do you think [Mikleo has] a thing for? Sorey?
    Michael: Yeah.
    Chris: Hahahahahaha.
    Xander: Oh, you better buy a bow.
    Michael: I mean, it's obvious.
    Kira: They spend a lot of time together.
    Xander: He is Sergei's!
    Michael: I mean, there's all these like, you know, shoulder touches.
    Chris: Oh yeah. They rib each other a lot. They're bros!
    Michael: Bros?
    Chris: Just bromance. Bromancing.
    • In a sub event to get Mikleo's second mystic art the two are standing on a cliff near Elysia when Sorey asks Mikleo if he had something to tell him. Mikleo then claims he forgot promising him to tell him if he remembers. This ends up making the whole scene sound like an Aborted Declaration of Love while further cementing that Mikleo will wait for Sorey.
    • Thr anime also has its fair share. Sorey looping his hands around Mikleo's waist as they go swinging, Sorey clutching Mikleo tight when the malevolence is hurting him, then switching position to guard Mikleo away from the hellion, Mikleo blushing when Sorey appreciates him tagging along, etc...
  • The Alisha Story DLC offers up some Alisha/Rose Les Yay ship-teasing. The whole DLC heavily focuses on Alisha's growing friendship with Rose. This manifests in a passionate slap-fight that ends with them rolling around on the floor while Lailah and Edna remark on how much they care for each other. Then Alisha wanders through town thinking about how Rose was only mean to spare Alisha's feelings r.e. the truth about Sorey. Then it turns out Rose was following her to make sure she wasn't jumped by hellions. Alisha tries to keep Rose out of the fight, but Rose offers to make Alisha her squire. Many heartwarming and teasing moments ensue as they travel together, with Edna and Lailah acting like a pair of shippers. Towards the end of the DLC, Alisha falls into Rose's arms and just lies there while they talk. The two have another bonding moment, and then finish the boss hellions together.
    • Even before the DLC, Rose and Alisha's first meeting in the game is of Rose staring for quite a long time at Alisha and then being very flattered by her praising her. This is then followed by them bonding quickly, almost seeming rather like how Mikleo and Sorey act.
    • The anime also add more to this by having Alisha ask Rose to help her stop a war. Plus they take on a whole fortress together and Rose Cradling Alisha after she gets stabbed and cursing the people who did so while Alisha tries to assure Rose that's she's fine despite bleeding out all over the place.
  • And of course, there's this non-subtle bit of Rose/Lailah.
    • Also in the pre final battle scene between them Lailah claps Rose's hands and says that she's grateful for the twist of fate that brought them together.


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