The Scrappy / Tales Series

  • Tales of Destiny: Rutee in the original game. She's a Jerk with a Heart of Gold Tsundere Only in It for the Money with too much emphasis on the jerk part, too much story sympathy, and violent interactions with characters who don't deserve it. Added with the Die for Our Ship from Stahn/Leon fans, she's not well-liked at all, though her Jerkass tendencies were toned down in the remake, much like Leon's, and she shows remorse for some of her actions, like insulting Philia.
  • Many Tales of Vesperia fans look down on Karol and Estelle, claiming that they're a textbook idiotic Kid Hero and a textbook Naïve Everygirl with less than stellar AI, respectively. They receive more character focus than some of the other characters in the party as well (Rita, Judith, and Raven), emphasizing their Scrappyness for their haters.
  • Marta from Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World doesn't get a lot of love due to coming off as overly fangirl-y and a bit whiny.
  • Tales of Legendia's Walter Delques is another example. He's posed to be The Rival or sorts for the main story, serving the lesser evil faction (compared to Vaclav and Solon) and incredibly aloof... for the wrong reasons. Simply put, Walter ends up more like a condescending jackass that belittles the party at every time possible, the highest degree of racist amongst the Ferines that sometimes go beyond reasons (such as preferring to let the world get doomed instead of even working with Orerines), and eventually reveals that there's an additional reason he does that. Is it a sympathetic reason? NOPE! He's just jealous at Senel. All in all, while The Rival characters tend to be cool and sometimes a jerk can have their own charm in this series, Walter has none and instead comes off extremely annoying that he might not get a lot of Love to Hate treatment compared to some other villains there.
  • As for Tales of the Abyss, Anise gets scrappy points for her involvment in Ion's death and being forced to be a mole by Mohs. Did I mention Anise was clearly in love with Ion? Also, she gets additional scrappy points for being too Easily Forgiven for her transgressions compared to what Luke goes through after his screwup.
  • It's very hard to find fans of Reala, from Tales of Destiny 2. Her status as a Spotlight-Stealing Squad is undeniable (Though like with Shirley's example, there's a bit more to it than that), and she's also accused of other sins (Sue tendencies, bad AI, creepy design, overall blandness). It really says something when the characters chosen to represent the game alongside Kyle in Tales of VS. were Nanaly and Harold instead of her (since she's pretty much the co-protagonist). Although she does make an appearance of a bonus boss in Tales of Graces.
    • Nanaly is also a Tier-Induced Scrappy in her original game, because her arrows are utterly useless and hard to hit with compared to fast melee and hard-hitting magic, and without abusing a glitch in the PS2 version she only has one hi-ougi whereas other characters have four or five each. It's very rare to see her used after Harold, the most powerful spellcaster in the game, joins the party. Odd, as in terms of characterization she's an Ensemble Darkhorse, and if you take account her other appearances like in Tales of the World or Tales of Versus, she's an absolute beast when the game engine from her home series did not bog her down.
  • Rose from Tales of Zestiria. She's hated for many reasons, including replacing Alisha, a character advertised as the games heroine, coming across a Purity Sue due to being a "pure hearted assassin" in a world filled with Gray and Gray Morality, gaining the power of armatization with a very weak justification as to why, and how the writers shill her even more than Milla Maxwell. In the Alisha DLC she Took a Level in Jerkass and is a huge Spotlight-Stealing Squad, getting more focus than the princess does in Alisha's own DLC. All of these issues combined caused her to be hated even more in Japan then she is in the states due to the Alisha controversy.