The Scrappy: Tales Series

  • Many Tales of Vesperia fans look down on Karol and Estelle, claiming that they're a textbook idiotic Kid Hero and a textbook Na´ve Everygirl with less than stellar AI, respectively. They receive more character focus than some of the other characters in the party as well (Rita, Judith, and Raven), emphasizing their Scrappyness for their haters.
    • Latter addition Patty has been getting a lot of heat in America for not being in the XBox 360 version, messing up the dynamics of Yuri's True Companions, and her strange battle style. Her seemingly lolicon-pandering alternate costumes don't help matters in the slightest.
    • Sodia. Most of the fandom seriously dislikes her for her holier-than-thou attitude, Clingy Jealous Girl tendencies, and her attempted murder of Yuri.
    • Also, a lot of players were quite unimpressed with the Big Bad, because it turns out to be Duke. This is because his villainy comes out of nowhere and his motivations are poorly explained, which is especially bad in a series famed for its sympathetic treatment of villains.
  • The most hated character in Symphonia is easily Emil from Dawn of the New World... and he's the main character. To be fair, Emil's more of a case of Americans Hate Tingle (he still manages to rank very high in Japan popularity polls) and the fact that his game came out right after Tales of Vesperia which introduced the badass of all badass Tales protagonists. In other words, Emil had a tough act to follow after what Yuri demonstrated in his game and didn't meet the expectations of the American fanbase.
    • Marta doesn't fare a whole lot better, due to coming off as overly fangirl-y and a bit whiny.
    • Colette was also infamously bashed back in the day for constantly apologizing, her occasional Damsel in Distress tendencies, and for the game forcing Lloyd/Colette on the player a little too much (especially for those who ship Lloyd/Sheena). The hate has certainly died down, and more people are voicing a liking to her, but the hate shall never be forgotten.
  • In Tales of Graces, Cheria has been hated for A) showing signs of being a PuritySue B) the only moment she get a spotlight in the game is when she is kidnapped C) getting in the way for Asbel/Sophie and Asbel/Richard shippers D) her annoying tsundere tendencies.
    • As with Colette, though, Cheria actually ended up as the fifteenth highest-scoring character in the latest Tales poll.
  • Tales of Legendia's Shirley Fennes. Fans just hate her for her voice, her Distressed Damsel tendencies, and that one scene where fans take it like "Senel, either you love me, or I'll nuke your world." (Which isn't entirely accurate...) There are quite a few who like her though.
  • As for Tales of the Abyss, Anise gets scrappy points for her involvment in Ion's death and being forced to be a mole by Mohs. Did I mention Anise was clearly in love with Ion? Also, she gets additional scrappy points for being too Easily Forgiven for her transgressions compared to what Luke goes through after his screwup.
    • Also Mohs, for being the main one responsible for Ion's death. Similarly, while he is not forgiven, his detractors argue that his fate was played for more tragedy than he deserved.
    • Luke has a fair amount of hate, whether for being an arrogant Jerk Ass in the first part of the game who ends up getting manipulated into destroying a town and starting a war, or for being Wangsty in the last part of the game, after the Time Skip.
      • This Tumblr post goes to great length to analyze and defend Luke, however.
  • It's very hard to find fans of Reala, from Tales of Destiny 2. Her status as a Spotlight-Stealing Squad is undeniable (Though like with Shirley's example, there's a bit more to it than that), and she's also accused of other sins (Sue tendencies, bad AI, creepy design, overall blandness). It really says something when the characters chosen to represent the game alongside Kyle in Tales of VS. were Nanaly and Harold instead of her (since she's pretty much the co-protagonist). Although she does make an appearance of a bonus boss in Tales of Graces.
    • Nanaly is also a Tier-Induced Scrappy in her original game, because her arrows are utterly useless and hard to hit with compared to fast melee and hard-hitting magic, and without abusing a glitch in the PS2 version she only has one hi-ougi whereas other characters have four or five each. It's very rare to see her used after Harold, the most powerful spellcaster in the game, joins the party. Odd, as in terms of characterization she's an Ensemble Darkhorse.
  • Milla and Jude from Tales of Xillia get this at times for different, albeit related, reasons. Milla gets this for the massive amount of Character Shilling that happens for her in game, both as a result of her role in the plot and occasionally for no explicable reason whatsoever. (Wyverns bend knee to her, she can tolerate pain explicitly stated to be unbearable, almost every NPC is in awe of her etc.) This gets dialed Up to Eleven when she temporarily kicks the bucket and the party reacts like it's the death of the Messiah, going beyond even very serious grief and into a full-blown existential crisis. Jude gets the Scrappy treatment at times...for shilling as hard as possible for Milla.