The Scrappy / Mortal Kombat
Undeniably, the most disliked kombatant of the bunch.

Generally, most of Mortal Kombat's scrappies emerged from the post-2D games. Given that many fans could probably count the few popular characters introduced from MK4 all the way to Armageddon on their fingers and still have a few to spare, this was a bit unsurprising.

  • The Elder Gods are widely hated by the fans. They're fully aware of the terrible things going on in the games, and even more so, that these escalating battles could undo reality as we know it. Despite this, they never lift a single finger to help.
    • It makes one appreciates Shinnok's MKX Arcade ending when he summons The One Being to chow down on these douchebags.
  • The original Mortal Kombat 1 had Liu Kang. His high-pitched screeching grated the ears of many and his lackluster fatality came off as an Anvilicious enforcement of his Shaolin lifestyle. The creators took note and made him as violent as everyone else for the rest of the series.
  • MK3 gave us Nightwolf. Ethnic Scrappy? Check. Game Breaker? Check. Thankfully, he was fixed by Deception.
    • Worse still was Stryker prior to MK 9. Word of God is they wanted him to contrast the rest of the roster, but a beer gut and backwards baseball cap was taking things a bit too far. Generally fans felt he was way out of place, being a terrible male counterpart to Sonya Blade and a generic police officer in a game with a mystical storyline. And to some extent, he was a bit of a Tier-Induced Scrappy due to his move pool.
  • Mortal Kombat 4 had a Replacement Scrappy in the form of Jarek given he had no real personality and all his moves were clearly Kano's, including his trademark laser-eye-beam fatality, despite not even having a laser eye. He was swapped in for Kano late in development due to a desire for a new character. He was fixed a bit in Armageddon, giving new moves, and as a result, he's currently a Base Breaker.
  • Hsu Hao (pictured above) from Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance, to the extent that even the creators dislike him. Even to this day, Netherealm Studios alluded to their dislike of his character:
    Fan: (upon seeing Kano's design) Would Hsu Hao be jealous of that chest piece?
    Ed Boon: Yes, and we don't care.
    • Actually Hsu Hao reappears in the MKX comics as well... for about one or two pages, in which he is instantly and brutally killed by Scorpion, who tells him to buzz off.
    • To a lesser extent, Mokap for being a joke character. His concept was ridiculous and scrutinized for being lazy, and even made Screw Attack's "Top Ten Worst Mortal Kombat Characters" list.
    • Drahmin for being difficult to control (he's one of the only playable characters that had no dial-a-combos), not to mention the irritating flies that follow him around.
    • Bo' Rai Cho gets a fair bit of hate. A lot of players felt the weaponized vomiting and farting weren't all that funny.
    • Moloch is also hated for being an incredibly cheap midboss.
  • In Mortal Kombat: Deception most of the newly introduced Deception characters qualify for this, with the exception of Havik and Ashrah.
  • In Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, DC fans seemed to view Baraka and Jax as this. Ironic since you'd think they'd enjoy the opportunity to see Batman and Superman attack Baraka, a violent mutant with Blade Below the Shoulder.
  • Mortal Kombat 9's story has gotten Sindel a lot of hatred, to the point many are labelling her as this. She appears out of nowhere and effortlessly kills many well liked characters in rapid succession.
  • More than a little hate has been directed at Raiden in MK9, due to his many What an Idiot moments bordering on Idiot Plot to some. By contrast, he is usually more liked in his other appearances in the franchise.