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YMMV: Kamen Rider Fourze
  • Accidental Innuendo: In #13, Gentaro promises to help bring Miura (the Orion Zodiarts) back to school, saying "The best medicine for a hurt heart is friendship, so I'll make sure he gets his daily dose of me morning, noon, and night!" Judging by the reactions of Miura's girlfriend and Yuuki, he's the only one who doesn't realize what he's saying. And he keeps saying stuff like "Drink me" or "I'll be good for him" as he tries to "help" Miura out.
  • Awesome Music: This is Kamen Rider we're talking about. We're bound for entries like this.
    • "TAKE A STEP FORWARD!" Whenever Giant Step starts playing, you know awesomeness will ensue.
      • And now May'n has released a solo version which isn't quite as energetic as the original, but more than makes up for it with her trademark powerful vocals.
    • Endless Play brings the edge to fight scenes, perfectly encapsulated during the finale's Bike Fu sequence.
    • Meteor's theme, Shooting Star, is just lovely. The PV takes it even further by simply being Meteor beating up 100 Dustards.
    • Bounce Back is an awesome tune to represent how Gentaro gets back on track despite taking blows.
    • Cosmic Mind, the theme for Cosmic States, is very befitting of the main Rider's final form. "SHOW ME YOUR COSMIC MIND!" indeed.
    • Blooming is also awesome.
    • The finale of Swan Lake plays over the rematch between Meteor and the Cygnus Zodiarts. You don't get many Rider Kicks to classical music, but damn if it didn't work wonders.
  • Badass Decay: Arguably Shun from #20 onwards, his Powerdizer appearances have been cut back and he's officially the Dogged Nice Guy to Miu now.
  • Big Lipped Alligator Moment: #5. The Natto Incident. That is all.
    • Partial example with Tomoko Nozama in #6, it's implied that she alerted Yuki and Miu to Gentaro's condition - but not after performing last rites for him.
  • Broken Base: Par for course, the suit design has caused a split in the fanbase, through mainly it's his helmet for Base State that people don't like.
    • There's also the split between folks who enjoyed the show's overall focus on goofy fun and others who are complaining that there's not enough grimdark this year.
      • However, the nature of the Zodiarts has generated a lot of Fridge Horror that takes a while for someone to notice. Once then, the implications become pretty scary.
  • Complaining about Shows You Don't Watch: Most early complaints were leveled squarely on the designs, not even caring about the cast or storyline, though that's par for course with any Kamen Rider series before it airs really. Other complaints zero in on the general Lighter and Softer tone, not bothering to watch to see what lies beyond the surface.
  • Complete Monster:
    • Tatsumori Yamada/Aries Zodiarts. He was transferred around the same time Ryusei came to Amanogawa and in that amount of time, he's the undisputed king of Subaruboshi high. He forces the whole school (teachers included) in his little play like world where everyone is graded on their performances. If they did bad jobs, he would them into a permanent sleep. He even makes a Deal with the Devil with Meteor, reviving Jiro if Meteor killed Fourze and he follows up on his deal. Then he decides to do a play called "School War" which has the Kamen Rider Club kill students before deciding to reverse the roles and have the Kamen Rider Club being tied up to poles and killed. Thankfully, Gentaro is revived and kicks his ass so badly that he is sent into a coma.
    • Rem Kannagi, the Big Bad of Movie War Megamax. His goal is to use the power of the Astro Switches and the Core Medals from the future to become an all powerful being known as the Super Galaxy King and will do absolutely anything to accomplish this, and taking a sick glee in rubbing his advantage in the faces of his enemies whenever he gets the chance. He essentially kills Gentaro's girlfriend, Nadeshiko for the SOLU she's composed of, and then rubs that fact in Gentaro's face. He also had no problem killing anyone that gets in his way without an ounce of remorse, or creating clones of all the Greeed and Sonozaki Dopants for his own evil purposes. He gets his in the end though, after being Double Rider Kicked by Fourze Double Rocket States and OOO Super TaToBa Combo, sending him into the path of his own shuttle that runs him over.
  • Crosses the Line Twice: In #28, Kijima subjects the Kamen Rider Club to his "Open Mic from Hell" — IE, make him laugh or he destroys your soul. Obviously a very dark thing, but the way in which it's handled actually manages to make it pretty funny. Highlights include him "snipping" Miu mid-joke and then offhandedly saying "I never liked her anyway", and Kengo challenging him to a funny faces contest (he immediately says "Nope" and "snips" Kengo's soul too).
  • Ear Worm: Like OOO, the henshin sound effect. Fourze's theme from the Kamen Rider OOO movie is also quite catchy.
    • The opening theme, "Switch On" is also very catchy.
    • The MEGAMAX theme, "Samurai Strong Style".
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Tomoko Nozama, with her whole Creepy Goth shtick and Pinkie Pie-level randomness. The wait for her focus ep was agonising. Pre-empting the second part for a week didn't help.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: Tomoko and Ryusei seems to be a pretty popular pairing after their story arc in #23-#24.
    • Gentaro and Nadeshiko are extremely popular as well.
  • Faux Symbolism: #27-28 has Cancer Zodiarts gaining the ability to pull halos out of people. It's implied that all humans have them, and they're vital to one's life, as it's their life essence given solid form.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: Gentaro is noted to do anything in order to help out and befriend fellow students. This comes to really bite him in the ass when he gets killed and willing allows himself to do so so that Ryuusei can be with Jiro again.
    • Movie Wars MegaMax Kamen Rider V3 lost his family, including a younger sister - so they pit him against Claydoll Dopant.
    • All the jokes made about Ryusei trying to protect Gentaro as atonement would sound a little bitter after the events of #43, with Ryusei Jumping on a Grenade to do it.
    • Remember how, in recent years, it's practically tradition for a large number of Riders to line up and then pull off a group Ass Kicking Pose before a major battle ensues. They're doing it in the movie as well, except it's the Horoscopes.
  • Game Breaker: Cosmic States
  • Genius Bonus: Beyond the basics with the common Zodiarts, there are a few more subtle ones. For example, the Altar Zodiart's staff is named "Aradia", which isn't just a play on Altar's constellation Ara, but is also the name of a figure commonly regarded as the Goddess of Pagans.
    • Each of Fourze's Astro Switches is representative of a scientific principle or process, as listed here.
  • Harsher in Hindsight:
    • All those things about the Dopants in Kamen Rider W? Well, they come back here as people who used the switches are suffering from withdrawal.
    • Its hard to look back at Ritsuko's Pet the Dog moment with Sonoda when it's revealed that Sonoda was the Scorpion Zodiart who gave her her Switch and likely never cared for her students.
    • Remember that time Meteor gave the One-Inch Punch to Pegasus Zodiarts? Well, it gets pretty hard to look at when you see him doing that to Kamen Rider Fourze and killing him with it!
      • Made even worse with the death of Shigeru Araki (Kamen Rider Stronger, who Gentaro cosplayed as) occurring on the same day this was aired.
    • An early rumor claimed that the Sagittarius Zodiarts would have a Heel-Face Turn and become the second rider. Come Episode #34, and it turns out the Big Bad is the Sagittarius Zodiarts.
      • And then we did get a Horoscope (maybe two, actually) who weren't inherently evil. What happened to them? Laser-Guided Amnesia.
    • Having Stronger as the only one of the legendary seven fighting alone at the start of Movie Wars Megamax is a little hard to watch when you remember something about him.
    • Back in #9-10, Tomoko claiming she didn't belong in this world and wanted to escape to the moon. As of #40, she's been sent quite a bit further than that...
    • Series example: Early in Kamen Rider Blade much is made of Tachibana/Garren's apparent betrayal of BOARD, almost to the point of Memetic Mutation (though the fault mostly falls on Mondegreen than anything else). Flash forward to Fourze, and the reveal about Tachibana's identity may seem familiar...
    • Another early rumor stated that Kamen Rider Meteor was going to be an alien. He wasn't. But Kengo is.
    • Anna Tsuchiya's MV for "Voyagers" has Kengo and Yuki in a misty area looking for something. Pretty harsh if you consider the misty area like an afterlife that Kengo has been sent thanks to Sagittarius Zodiarts.
    • This show was made to commemorate the 50th anniversary of spaceflight. It feels bad when the finale airs on the same day one of the best known astronauts, First Man On The Moon Neil Armstrong, died. Not to mention that Japan's first man in space Mitsuaki Gamou also does!
    • In #27, Gentaro notes that his parents died in a car crash and encouraged him to make lots of friends. Then we have our next Kamen Rider, whose parents also died in a car crash, and they told him that "he was their hope". Guess which one is the more optimistic and better-going of the two.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • Two years before Fourze appeared Kamen Rider Decade ran a High School AU arc of Kamen Rider Faiz. Now with Fourze's high school setting and more technological motif...
    • Fourze's belt's voice sounds quite a bit like a Dalek.
    • Landick Gosei Great's Victory Charge was described as a drill Rider Kick...
      • In fact, this isn't the first show Kazuki wrote that involved drill attacks.
      • Rider Rocket Drill Mega Space Kick seems to run on Spiral Power, for that matter.
    • The Zodiarts are humans using devices called "Zodiarts Switches" to give them their powers. Why does that sound similar to the monsters of another Kamen Rider?
    • So if Friendship is Hot-Blooded, does that mean Gentaro will love and tolerate the shit out of you?
    • Kengo lost his father in space.
    • All those Daft Punk references have apparently brought about this guy here.
      • Gets even funnier in Movie Wars Ultimatum - while Tachibana's helmet is based on Bangalter, the kidnap victims are masked in helmets based on de Homem-Christo.
    • During the early days of the show, fan art of Fourze as if it looked like Shin Chan was shown. Then it's revealed that the two shows are crossing over.
    • Possibly the shortest-range example yet - Ohsugi yelling "I'M A BUNNY!!" during his first walk on the moon in #30. #31 reveals that Aries Horoscopes was one too.
      • Speaking of Aries Zodiarts, prior to becoming Gentaro, Sota Fukushi was part of a drama called "Shima Shima" (Striped Sheep), which involved men helping people fall asleep. And now he meets the Zodiarts that deals with it.
    • Rem's powers to send out booming vocal attacks is almost too difficult not to think he's going "FUS ROH DAH!"
    • Episode #40 sees Ryusei challenging the Taurus Zodiarts to a game of golf. However, it was preempted a week. What for? Actual golf.
    • Tachibana telling Ryusei during the Cygnus arc about how unlikely it is to find a good Zodiarts is this with the reveal that he is Virgo, and also that he has been a good guy for the whole series. Of course, he had questionable methods, probably due to that pesky switch, but it still counts!
    • #43. Apparently Doctor Maki finally caught the cosplay/cuisine bug from Chiyoko.
    • Back in Kamen Rider Blade, the case of Tachibana/Garren being mistaken for a traitor even spawned the Ondoru-go meme. Now that his actor's back as Hayami Kouhei, he's doing the exact opposite as a Fake Defector.
    • There were rumors for Kamen Rider Decade that Tachibana from Kamen Rider Blade would appear as a sort of mentor. Welp, he appeared as a other Zodiarts.
      • With that in consideration, there was also a Tachibana in Fourze, and he was an actual mentor to the heroes. Okay, Evil Mentor, but still.
    • Notice how Gentaro insistently wouldn't teach Nadeshiko the Secret Handshake in Movie Wars Megamax, developing a crush on her and yet not wanting to befriend her like normal? He's basically acknowledging the FriendZone!
    • Fourze's Magic Hand. Gee, what do we have here?
    • In Movie Wars Megamax we have a Mad Scientist who's been doing his own research on the side, including experimentation on himself, so he can rebel against the evil organisation he's been working for. And the finale involves our heroes going after him as his ship takes off. If it all seems familiar... maybe it is.
    • The Net Movies for The Movie revealed that Virgo's suit actor is a guy. Let that sink in for a moment.
  • Ho Yay: Tomoko is initially shown to have this towards Yuki, ever since her performance for the Queen Festival, as seen here. It's also telling that they share the same interests.
    • The Yuki/Tomoko Ho Yay gets even stronger in the DVD-exclusive special quizzes, where they keep telling each other "I love you" and, when they're partnered together in the Kamen Rider X quiz, spend most of the time snuggled together and giggling.note 
    • Why is there no mention on the Gentarou - Kengo - Ryusei dynamic here?
    • Forget that. If you want to look at it that way, episode #47 is rife with Gentaro/Kengo fodder.
    • Ohsugi is crossing the Despair Event Horizon because Sonoda isn't around anymore. What does he do? He tries to give Gentaro detention, for no reason other than because he wants some "company". Huh. Gentaro gets a bit shocked by this...And so do the other students.
      Ohsugi: Come with me to the staff lounge. You're my conversation buddy now.
      Gentaro: Why me?
      Ohsugi: I'm lonely!
      (Gentaro stares at Ohsugi while he brings out a photo of himself with Sonoda attached by tape)
      Ohsugi: Sonoda-sensei! My beloved...How long is she going to be sick?
    • Not to mention the way Ryusei regards his sick friend Jiro doesn't seem to just be friendship.
    • #32 has Ryuusei trying to prevent Yukina Takamura from getting close to Gentaro. I wonder what that indicates?
    • In Megamax, Shun tries Hint Dropping on Miu, which she completely turns down instantly. Shun goes crying into JK's arms.
    • More from Ohsugi; when Gentaro finally gets into a school uniform, Ohsugi couldn't stop teasing him, even calling Gentaro "cute".
  • Hollywood Homely: Ohsugi. No, really.
  • Holy Shit Quotient: All 12 Horoscopes are going to appear in the movie.
  • Lawful Evil: Yuta Sugiura/Taurus Zodiart, he's not only obsessed with enforcing order, but is also willing to give those who oppose him a fair chance against them in a competition of their choice. Even his powers reflect this, with his ability to magically force others to obey signed contracts.
  • Memetic Mutation: Ryuusei: Expert CockblockerExplanation 
    • It's also pretty common to compare chest sizes for all Female Zodiarts—whether the switchers are female, or the Zodiarts is female-looking. Two important things to note are the chest sizes of both Aquarius and Virgo belonging to Most Common Superpower, and Scorpio Zodiarts going through A-Cup Angst.
    • Cancer's crabdance.
    • A photoset on Tumblr of Yuki explaining the school cliques to Gentaro has led non-fans to call the series "Asian Mean Girls". (Though some fans aren't too happy about that.)
  • Moral Event Horizon: Hiroki Makise, the Pyxis Zodiarts, crosses this by blowing up the locker serving as the Rabbit Hutch for no other reason but to make Yuki cry, knowing full well it's vitally important to her (and after that calling her 'damaged goods'). If that didn't send him over this, trying to murder a bus full of innocent people certainly does.
    • What's worse? Those innocent people were the girls he stalked before he went after Yuki. There must've been around 20 girls that were in that bus (Miu being one of them). Now factor in on how he went giving Yuki all those letters, gifts, and voicemails...God, I feel chills down my spine...
    • Misa Toriizaki gets one for forcing Eguchi to become the Cygnus Zodiarts despite Eguchi knowing what would happen to him. Made worse when the Ugly Ducklings also go with it, chanting "Cygnus!" as Eguchi screams in terror and then those Ducklings start worshiping him.
    • It will seem pretty hard for Ryuusei to be likeable for effectively becoming the Hero Killer and causing some heartbreak in Kengo. Especially considering the other option he had. Even he believes he crossed it and tries to redeem himself. He succeeds and even becomes Gentaro's friend.
    • Rem in Movie Wars Megamax crosses this line when he takes Nadeshiko and turns her into the SOLU Switch, pretty much killing her, even going as far as to state that he "killed" her.
    • Virgo Zodiarts crosses the MEH three times in one episode when she's revealed to be Emoto. The first MEH is leaving Rokuro for dead on the moon. The second is invoking the Heel Face Door Slam on Sugiura. And the third one that kicked him far past the MEH is sending Tomoko to the Dark Nebula. He doesn't know when he's crossed it however, and the next episode after, he threatens the KRC with death unless they leave the club, then sends Ryusei to the Dark Nebula after he reveals that he's also Tachibana.
      • SUBVERTED! he actually was a double-agent, and he didnt send then to the dark nebula, but hide them in the M-bus to protect them, including Tomoko and Ryuusei.
    • Libra and Leo both cross this when they downright force Yuki of all people to become a Horoscopes.
    • The reveal of Gamou's endgame pushes him across it.
      • Though, if you wish to interpret it as such, all three Zodiarts crossed the horizon when they kill Emoto.
      • Gamou really crosses this by not caring one bit that Libra gave his life for his.
    • Gemini when she tricks the Kamen Rider Club into nearly killing Yuuki. She'd win in 10 hours anyway, she outright says she did this For the Evulz.
  • Most Wonderful Sound: The Switch-Activation voice for the Barizun Sword is a choir. And putting other right-arm switches into it will trigger choir versions of their pre-existing sounds!
  • Narm: When the Aries Horoscopes is revealed to have evolved from...a Rabbit Zodiarts. (Yes, there's one.) Not only is it never shown physically in the flashback, but the silhouette of a rabbit, bunny ears and all, is waddling in a very distinct fashion.
    • Sometimes when Gentarou overacts, he gets one of these.
  • Narrowed It Down to the Guy I Recognize: So far we've had Masanori Mizuno (Tomica Hero Rescue Fire's R-5) as Toshiya Miura/Orion Zodiarts and Hikari Kajiwara (Kamen Rider Blade's Amane Kurihara) as Ritsuko Usaka/Altar Zodiarts. On the other hand, detention teacher Takashi Sakate was played by Satoshi Jinbo (Kamen Rider Ryuki's Hideyuki Kagawa/Alternative Zero), and he wasn't a Zodiarts (though his son was). Then there are the unusual cases:
    • Principal Kouhei Hayami is played by Kousei Amano (Kamen Rider Blade's Sakuya Tachibana/Kamen Rider Garren), and in his first appearance he displays many of the same mannerisms as the Scorpio Zodiarts. He's actually Libra.
    • It was announced that Nao Nagasawa (Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger's Nanami Nono/Hurricane Blue) would join the cast around the same time the Virgo Zodiarts first appeared in the show, causing many fans to think this trope would be in effect. Her debut episode instead has it look like she's the Pegasus Zodiarts, not Virgo. She was neither.
    • Kasumi Suzuki, who played child villainess Rije in Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger, returns in episodes 25-26 as the Coma Zodiarts.
    • Zigzagged again with Runa Natsui (Samurai Sentai Shinkenger's Kaoru Shiba/Princess Shinken Red) who appears in #30-31 as Ryusei's old classmate, who's just one of Aries Horoscopes' dozens of victims.
    • Averted entirely with returning antagonist Makise, who had nothing to do with the Aquarius arc eventually.
    • Dr. Maki from Kamen Rider OOO reappears in #43 as Yuki's father, and yet he's not even close to the villain for that arc...Well, unless you count Yuki's doppelganger as a pseudo-daughter.
  • Never Live It Down: Yuki accidentally has caused trouble for the Kamen Rider Club about twice (both coincidentally involving slipping too much information to Ohsugi), and yet people hate her like she's done this on purpose multiple times.
  • One-Scene Wonder: More like two episode wonder. Hiroki Makise had garnered himself quite the attention despite only appearing for two episodes. Just look at all the Fridge Horror surrounding this guy! He's the entire reason why this show's Nightmare Fuel page was made! Makise is the go-to person in Kamen Rider history for messed up people. He was so popular it seemed, that he returned for a later arc, though rapidly toned down.
    • Nadeshiko is also very popular with the fanbase for her relationship with Gentaro.
    • We can't forget Yuki's parents, can we? Bonus points for who her father, who played Dr. Maki in the previous Kamen Rider series.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: Looks to be the premise here. Usually, everyone listed down below were the Scrappy at one point, but then have a moment to readjust themselves. This is usually because they're the Victim of the Week.
    • Miu needed a threat to her life for her Hidden Depths to surface.
    • JK realized the need and worth of true friendship the hard way.
    • Shun threw off the Freudian Excuse and taking his life into his own hands.
    • Misa manages to spare herself for some people by realizing the error of her ways and disbanding the cult.
    • Ohsugi-sensei also gets redeemed by not only deciding to return the Net Switch he confiscated, but also deciding to help out the Kamen Rider Club.
    • Yukina was able to let go of Gentaro and just settle for being friends.
    • Yuki finally makes up for her Swiss Messenger status after her Break the Cutie phase in #43-#44.
  • The Scrappy: JK. His actions toward Gentaro in #6 were the cause.
    • Shun gets the same reputation in the early episodes. He's already a Jerk Jock, has an obvious It's All About Me behavior, and his sheer rage towards Gentaro and co. simply existing around him pushes him to directly cockblock Fourze AS HE IS ABOUT TO DEAL THE FINISHING BLOW TO A RAMPAGING ZODIART. He gets some redemption toward the end of the following episode, though, when he confronts his Freudian Excuse and uses the Power Dizer to hold the Scorpion Zodiart off while Gentaro defeats the Monster of the Week. He's shown to be trying to become a better person afterward.
    • Misa Toriizaki for what she did to Eguchi. She gets cold on Eguchi even though the others praise for his good deeds in #24, and then forces Eguchi to activate his switch that was on Last One for the sole purpose of making Cygnus emerge and forces the Ugly Ducklings to trap him so he wouldn't be free. Thankfully, The Dog Bites Back, uses her as a Human Shield, and breaks her so hard that she realizes that leading a cult is a bad idea, and thus disbands it.
    • Ohsugi-sensei can slowly become one in #29. His reasons for hating Gentaro? Because he made Sonoda-sensei leave (he didn't). He relentless pursues Gentaro, Kengo, Yuki and Ryuusei and finds out about the Rabbit Hatch. He confiscates the Net Switch and threatens to destroy the KRC!
    • Yuki Jojima for some, for she's been the Swiss Messenger twice in the entire show's run, and the fact that she's just too energetic for some people.
    • Some people consider Yukina Takamura to be this. Why? Well, due to her being a Clingy Jealous Girl to the point where she took away the Fourze Driver and refused to hand it back despite there being a monster that's going to kill her.
  • Squick: Tomoko freaks out so badly at being caught without her makeup on that she'll cover her face in mud from a drain. Seriously, whoa.
  • Tear Jerker:
    • Nadeshiko's death in Megamax and Gentaro's subsequent heartbreak as he sees the girl of his dreams die in front of him and after he accepted that he liked her even if she was space slime. This is one of the only times he goes into Heroic BSOD.
      • And then much later, it's revealed he has the Super-Rocket switch and says "Nadeshiko..."
    • Gentaro's death in #31, made even worse because Ryuusei's identity as Kamen Rider Meteor is revealed and Kengo crying out "KISARAGI!" in vain. And it gets worse in #32 when Kengo trying to use the Medical Switch has no affect in bringing him back to life.
    • Made even worse due to the fact that Gentaro wasn't mad at all. He was actually happy that he was finally able to get Ryuusei to open up and be able to help him out even if it meant he was going to have to die in his place. GOD DAMN YOU.
      • During the scene where Kengo checks up on Gentaro, you see Shun in the Power Dizer with Berserker Tears. He was so enraged on seeing Gentaro, who helped him see the light, dead by a person that Shun saw was himself in the past. No wonder Shun wanted to kill him.
    • The end of #38 has Erin forgive Yuki for causing so much grief after learning what happened in the previous episode but can't accept Gentaro's sign of friendship since they're a Kamen Rider and Zodiarts. To this, Gentaro defeats her in battle and then Virgo whisks her away to get her memory wiped. She's last seen where she was first seen in #37, but she asks who Gentaro and Yuki are.
    • #41 has The Kamen Rider Club splitting up thanks to Virgo. Ohsugi departs but tells them about one regulation: Don't die. They're very simple words, but it proves that Ohsugi sensei is also a member of the club, and it makes one's heart break.
    • #43 and #44 has everything involving Yuuki, but especially when Dark Yuuki tricks the Kamen Rider Club into thinking Yuuki is the impostor, and she's lost so many memories she can't even remember their names to be able to tell them she's the real one!
    • #47, Kengo's going to leave for space and meet up with the Presenters and Gentaro and Yuki cry because this'll be the last time they see him. And then, the Rabbit Hutch gets destroyed, the KRC gets beaten and bruised—including Ohsugi-sensei—and then just as Kengo is about to become Kamen Rider Fourze, Gamou gives him a Rider Kick and crushes the Core Switch killing Kengo.
      • More importantly, When Kengo realized who he was, he lost all of his emotions. He reverted to an empty emotionless doll who speaks in Creepy Monotone and states that friendship was "processed data", Gentaro was stated as "illogical existence" and that he called himself nothing more than data. Just seeing Kengo losing all of that Character Development is heart-wrenching...and then it's revealed to be an act because he believe that's how he's supposed to talk and he doesn't want to leave his friends.]
      • "You and I are friends...We may be apart but it's not so bad! Go on to see the Presenters! You're representing everybody on Earth! So even if you're in the farthest parts of space...We'll see you wait for us...(cue Kengo hugging a sobbing Yuki Jojima)
    • The promo for #48 shows that it will keep a Tear Jerker feeling. To see a series that was most lighthearted to end like this is kind of strange.
      • It does. First, the Rabbit Hutch explodes. To witness the destruction of the place where the Kamen Rider Club developed as a group... well, to someone who followed the series from beginning to end, it's like watching a second home being destroyed. Then we hear Kengo's letter to the group, and... cue the waterworks.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: When we get our first Switcher who already has a split personality, the Zodiarts actually says "I'm free of him" upon entering Last One stage, with the comatose human body left behind...the split personality had remained in the human body and could awaken it. It didn't happen then, but this sums up the creation of Gemini Horoscopes later on.
    • Due to his fighting style, Ryusei would fit a Chinese Zodiac theme much better.
    • Foundation X members show up in the Kyoto arc, and yet they don't break out Gaia Memories or Cell Medals like they did in Movie Wars MEGAMAX.
    • The Fourze plot of the MEGAMAX movie would have made a great long term arc for the show itself. It's a shame it was crammed into such a short movie.
    • Was anyone wishing that Capricorn Zodiarts used that brainwashing music against Fourze and Meteor to do what he wanted? Or maybe use them to work for the bad guys?
    • Ryusei's rivalry with his friend Jiro could be much better exployted if he became one of the Horoscopes after waking up from his coma.
    • Ohsugi-sensei's role as faculty adviser would've been great if he could've been used to find out who most of the teacher Zodiarts were.
    • Hand Switch never got used in battle.
    • Gentaro's parents could've been used as Foreshadowing seeing as Gentaro didn't now what job they did and could've been involved in the plot.
    • The whole show stars a Kamen Rider themed after space. Yet they didn't even mention the original space-themed Rider.
    • Gentaro hardly used the switch combos in his Cosmic State.
  • Two Episode Wonder: Despite just being another Monster of the Week, the fact that Makise's entry is twice the length of any other Zodiarts and he's got an entire section in the Fridge Horror entry shows how much of an impact this psycho has made in the show.
  • Uncanny Valley: The Coma Zodiarts' Limp and Livid fighting style is deliberately filmed and played backwards, a technique often done in horror movies.
  • Unfortunate Implications: The Foodroids' robot mode is called "Roid Mode". Consider the pop cultural meaning of the word "roid".note 
    • Taken further with the Zodiarts Switches giving the people who use them withdrawal symptoms.
  • What Do You Mean, It's for Kids?: Go look at a few episodes. Then come here and read this series' Nightmare Fuel and Fridge Horror sections. Does this seem like something your kid should be watching?
  • What The Hell, Casting Agency?: There's a very strong case for Kengo's actor, capable of several stunts and fight scenes, as the sick guy. However, Kengo gets to bust out martial-art movies in Movie Wars Ultimatum.
  • The Woobie: The Kamen Rider Club has their moments.
    • Tomoko. When Gentaro and Yuki enter her house, the mom is pleased to see her daughter having normal friends, and her room has more stuff related to insects than the occult. She even has a cute little figure of a girl holding a duck hidden under a Gothic matroyshka doll to probably hide the fact that she's very shy and alone. Not to mention how she confesses that she just doesn't feel like she belongs anywhere on Earth and only joined the Goths so she could escape to the moon. When she goes to the moon (after Gentaro transforms to Fourze and drags the girl to the Rabbit Hutch) she's crying about how easy it was to get there.
    • Shun being a Kamen Rider version of Andrew from The Breakfast Club counts. He tearfully confesses to Gentaro that he's actually jealous of him, because his club actually has fun being together. Shun, on the other hand, has to be constantly told by his father on what to do (ranging from dating Miu for being Queen, deciding his plays and forcing Miura to be on the bench) and feels so bad about all of this because in the end, everyone ends up being pissed off at him. As he ends his spiel he asks Gentaro "Is what I'm doing wrong?" before Gentaro replies back with his Inelegant Blubbering.
      • And then in #25-26, he tries his hardest to go to Prom with Miu because he generally fell in love with her. Miu, however, wanted to ask Gentaro out. Gentaro tried to get the two together and they did try to dance...until Shun realized that the fighting Zodiarts was more important. In the end, Shun removes his coat and puts it around Gentaro so he and Miu could dance together...while he walks off and looking like he was about to cry.
    • The events at the end of #11 and in #12 seemed to make Yuki one. She asked a favor from the Pyxis Zodiarts to find the missing locker that connects to the Rabbit Hatch, and then—accidentally—lets the Zodiarts destroy it with the redirected missiles of Fourze's Launcher Switch. It turns out in #12 that the locker which was destroyed was a different one and that everything ends OK.
      • Then that was taken Up to Eleven in Episodes 43 and 44. Two words: Gemini Zodiarts.
    • How about Kengo? The guy's father is dead, we have no idea about his mom, and he got stuck on the moon due to sheer accident that was mostly blamed on Yuki, and he cries that he doesn't want to die alone on he moon when he believes that no one will rescue him. And you need to give this guy a hug in #32 as he tries to revive Gentaro after Ryuusei kills him.
      • And then there's episodes 45-47 where everything just goes Up to Eleven for him as well.
    • Miu becomes a small one in #25. She's graduating, and feels somewhat sad that she won't be able to be Club President of the KRC anymore, and also gets upset at how Shun is able to brush it off so easily and focus on prom. It's also made even worse when she got extremely angry at Shun for setting Gentaro up so she could go to the prom with him, when she really wanted to go to prom with Gentaro.
    • Subverted with Gentaro. When Shun asked where his parents were Gentaro calmly states that they died in a traffic accident while he was in third grade while happy music is in the background. He states that is his parents were the one who taught him about making lots of friends and he continues to do so.
      • With the events following Episode 31, let's hope he doesn't have a mental breakdown for dying.
      • It's played straight in Megamax when just as he's about to give Nadeshiko the Secret Handshake, she's being sucked up and transforms into a switch. All Gentaro can do is scream, "NADESHIKO!!!!" and go into Heroic BSOD mode.
    • JK gets this treatment in #35-36. His whole party attitude is just a way to hide the fact that he's just trying to keep his dream of being a rockstar alive because he's not a good of a singer. And then his old friend is Capricorn Zodiarts whose music can give him a better singing voice and then he tells Gentaro that he's afraid of losing his dream, citing that his friendship doesn't matter at that point because "after high school, you don't see your friends anymore".
    • Jerkass Woobie: Ryuusei Sakuta. He holds an arrogant prideful attitude, but that's only because his best friend told him that friendship was stupid and ridiculous and then got stuck in a coma after using a Zodiarts Switch. Even though the same friend hated friendship, Ryuusei goes out as Meteor to find a way to save him, although in #27, he's lost that ability to do so due to his arrogance. He thinks Gentaro is too naive about friendship but that's only a way to deny the fact that he couldn't do anything to save his only friend. Someone please punch him in the face and then give him a hug.
  • Woolseyism: In #27, the Cancer Zodiarts (carrying on a joke from earlier) calls Meteor "Planetarium-yarou"; Over-Time rendered this as Captain Planetarium.
    • Also, earlier that same episode they managed to preserve Cancer's Hurricane of Puns.List 
    • The popular Fan Subbed version of Gentarou's Catch Phrase as "It's space time!" caught on like wildfire with the fandom despite not being an actual translation.

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